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Disbanding Statement

The following statement was made during public discussion during the October 16, 2008 meeting of the ASUCD Senate by ASUCD Senator and former GO party Chair Chris Dietrich:

October 16, 2008

To Members of the ASUCD Senate, and Members of the Public:

Tonight we are officially announcing the disbanding of the GO Slate. Since our establishment in 2007 we have worked hard to serve the student body and provide tangible changes for students. However, over time we lost many of GO’s core members and we were unable to recruit new ones because so many people are disillusioned with their student government.

This disillusionment is largely the result of the slate system that has plagued ASUCD politics for years now. The titles, “GO”, “L.E.A.D.”, and “Independent” have unnecessarily promoted a culture of conflict in ASUCD elections, and sometimes within the ASUCD Senate. This conflict, while it is sometimes beneficial to ensure that wise policy is pursued, but other times it has only served to create animosity and unnecessary drama. It is also clear that the slate system has not truly represented the entire student body and there are many groups that have been left out as a result.

This job that Senators hold of representing the student body is a challenging one and I urge all of us regardless of our affiliation to work together to continue our work for the students of UC Davis. But, in order to truly be a representative body we will need to look beyond the slate system of the past and find new avenues to increase representation in this body.


Chris Dietrich Jesse Rosales GO Party Chair GO Member ASUCD Senator ASUCD Senator

About Us

GO is a former slate for the ASUCD, the undergraduate student government which disbanded on October 16, 2008. Their origins are mainly from Student Focus, but they officially branched off from that slate on May 3, 2007. On May 10th, the California Aggie wrote an opinion piece about the new slate. They responded with a letter to the editor on May 15th. On September 28, 2007 the California Aggie reported that GO members were asked to leave the student dorms because they were soliciting their slate to freshmen. According to GO officials and supporters the Aggie misconstrued the situation and misstated the people involved. On Feburary 22nd, 2008 after the Winter election was over the Aggie got around to mentioning that it thought that GO was running a record low number of candidates. Although the number was 3 fewer than GO ran in the Fall, in recent memory there have been other two and one man slates, so it is an interesting interpretation. Vaguely Independent presidential candidate Joseph Bleckman was not asked to weigh in the article, but politely disagrees with statements made by one of the rival presidential candidates who was quoted in the article. Bleckman offers his own wiki comment, "I suppose that all sides in ASUCD will always be skeptical of their opponents qualifications, but I hope that as ASUCD President, if elected, I can build a peaceful dialogue for all to be a part of. I'd like to work on uniting the campus."

GO is spelled in all capitals - it is not an acronym. Their color is green.

GO previously had the following three elected senators:

In addition, the following former senators are affilliated with GO.

Go ran the following 2 candidates for the ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2008 ASUCD Election

GO ran the following five candidates for the ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2007 ASUCD Election.

The first GO party chair was Natalia Farhad Motamed. The co-chairs for the Fall 2007 ASUCD Election were Eric Friedman and Alexandra Frick. The Chair during the Winter 2008 ASUCD Election was Cem Turhal. The new Chair is Chris Dietrich.

GO Accomplishments

The accomplishments with an asterisk next to them were achieved by former Student Focus Senators that now affiliate themselves with GO.

  • Initiated the Project to add additional outlets in the 24 Hour Reading Room.
  • Lobbied Student Housing to put security cameras in the Dining Commons by the lockers, to reduce theft.
  • Authored SB #63 that bought more serving trays for the CoHo.
  • Authored SB #52 that provided funding for the annual Advising Services Award Ceremony.*
  • Lobbied Campus Unions to keep Griffin Lounge open 24 hours during finals week, Spring 2007.
  • Hosted the first ever Science and Engineering symposium.

There has been much discussion lately about the accomplishments and job performance of GO and LEAD Senators. The bottom line is who will actually do their job once elected into office.

An effective objective way to measure the job performance and reliability of Senators is to look at their record; the number of Bills, Resolutions, or Constitutional Amendments they authored and introduced during their term.

While there are many ways to measure the job performance of an ASUCD Senator, given the amount of time it takes to author and research legislation, it is reasonable to conclude that those Senators who author legislation excel at their job as an ASUCD Senator.

Legislation authored By Fall 2006 ASUCD Senators:

GO Senators: 10 (SB #37, 52, 64, 73, 74, 6. SR #11. CA #21, 22)

LEAD Senators: 6 (SB #28, 67, 75, 5. SR #8, 2

Total: 16

Breakdown by Slate affiliation; Fall 2006:

GO: 62.5%

LEAD: 37.5%

For Perspective:

Steven Ostrowski: (SB #84,6,7,8,9,10,12,21,30,31,32,22,51, SR #4...and this is an incomplete list, not counting CA's)

Total Ostrowski Accomplishments: 14+ bills.


Mission Statement

The mission of GO is to tirelessly advocate on behalf of all students at UC Davis. We are an agency that facilitates student involvement and we are empowered to make decisions about the future of UC Davis. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, we lead with integrity, and we selflessly serve the student body.

Above all, we stand for the unity of all Aggies. We seek to create opportunities and build relationships among the students of UC Davis, the campus and the city communities and other UC Campuses. By supporting the goals of student organizations and upholding campus services, our aim is to strengthen and enrich the quality of the student experience at our university.

Vision for UC Davis

  • We envision a student association composed of dedicated leaders that take responsibility for their jobs as representatives and take initiative to complete projects and produce tangible results for undergraduates right here on campus.
  • We envision a student association that is cohesive and united, an association that manages operations efficiently and is accessible and accountable to all undergraduates.
  • We envision a student association that holds the UC Davis administration accountable and works with administrators to ensure that students have the best possible quality of life at UC Davis.
  • We envision a campus united under the spirit of dedication to our university, with Aggie Pride as our highest value.


  • We empower and engage students. That is who we are. That is our mission.
  • Motivated students are the biggest asset we have and our goal is to identify strong leaders on this campus that have the drive to work for the greater good of the undergraduate students.
  • With strong motivated students, we can accomplish anything. We can turn our student association into a powerhouse that runs efficiently and works tirelessly on behalf of the student body.


  • We are a collection of students from different backgrounds.
  • We are leaders in our communities.
  • We are liberals, moderates, and conservatives.
  • We are Engineers, liberal arts majors, Animal Science majors, BioSci and Chem majors.
  • We want to get a bachelors degree from one of the top universities in the world.
  • We work hard and we play hard.
  • We are united by our common desire to see undergraduates succeed and our student association flourish.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards, we lead with integrity, and we selflessly serve the student body.


Mark Klebanov is credited with developing the first conceptual idea and the name "GO" in the Spring of 2006 during a pre-Greek Week meeting with Sigma Phi Epsilon president Chris Herold while they discussed the recent turmoil affecting ASUCD officials and bi-partisan politics, however, due to the fact Mark graduated in the Spring of 2006 his original idea never got off the ground. Mark's original idea for GO was to make it a marketing/outreach tool for students to become active in ASUCD politics and increase awareness of the services that the greater ASUCD provides. Mark never intended GO to become the replacement for Student Focus rather a third party option. Both Chris and Mark worked together on the Business and Finance Commission for almost a year and half, Chris later became its Chairman.

On another note Mark's intent for GO was that is represent the following acronym, "Get Opportunity". GO's official color Green was also part of Mark's original idea to act as a beacon for students to get involved.

GO topic was put back on the table following the Winter 2007 ASUCD elections. The five elected Focus senators felt that a change was necessary, and they began to meet weekly to devise a concrete plan to follow through on the project. Currently, neither Chris nor Mark have ever officially been affiliated with the party.


October 29, 2007

Contact: Eric Friedman, Co-Chair.

Alexandra Frick, Co-Chair.

Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding with the University Registrar, Fall 2007 GO Candidate Brain Goldberg informed ASUCD Elections Committee Chair Jeremy Ross and Student Government Advisor Michael Tucker that he will no longer be running as a candidate for the ASUCD Senate under the GO slate.

Goldberg was placed on academic probation due to family issues he was experiencing in the Spring quarter of 2007. He immediately retook the courses he did poorly in over summer session two and passed both of them with a “B” average. Goldberg believed that he was no longer on academic probation after he rectified this issue.

However, Goldberg was just informed that the classes he took over the summer have not been recalculated into his GPA. The University Registrar still classifies Goldberg as being on academic probation, even though he retook his classes. Due to this oversight, Goldberg felt it prudent to withdraw from the race.

Co-Chairs Friedman and Frick have released the following statement:

“We are very disappointed that Brian won’t be running this quarter, as he was an exceptional candidate and has great potential to be an effective Senator. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. GO is committed to working with Brian to accomplish his platform goals, regardless of his withdrawal from the election. Erika Perez is already speaking with Brian about getting his ASUCD sponsorship committee off the ground and we are currently in contact with Siscast about enhancing the ASUCD Book Exchange.”


Fall 2007 Platform

John Dreyer

  • Work with the Education Abroad Center to Increase Education Abroad Awareness
  • Work with the City Of Davis to Increase Downtown Entertainment Zones, such as Bars, Clubs, and Hookah Bars.
  • Work with Student Housing to Incorporate ASUCD and Student Club Outreach to Freshmen During Fall Welcome
  • Raise Money for Cal Aggie Camp, ASUCD's Philanthropy, through Benefit Concert.

Brian Goldberg

  • Create an ASUCD Sponsorship Committee
  • Work with the University to Share the Cost of Picnic Day
  • Incorporate Student Clubs in Entertainment Council Promotions and Marketing
  • Raise Money for Cal Aggie Camp, ASUCD's Philanthropy, through Benefit Concerts

Andrew Kim

  • Provide Students with Incentives to Attend Summer School, such as Cheaper Parking Permits
  • Work with the ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission to Host More Quarterly Academic Seminars
  • Create an ASUCD Event Planning Committee

Becca Lovell

  • Raise Money for Cal Aggie Camp, ASUCD's Philanthropy, through Benefit Concerts
  • Work with Campus Violence Prevention Program to Increase Awareness of Violence and Assault On Campus
  • Work with Campus Recreation to Incorporate Computers, Printers, and Additional Retail Operations in the ARC Lobby
  • Promote Aggie Pride through Meal Deals at the Coffee House

Erika Perez

  • Boost Campus Pride by Distributing UC Davis Marketing Materials to ASUCD Units
  • Provide More Funding for Pre-Game Festivals before Football Games
  • Promote Diversity and Multicultural Awareness through Themed Athletic Events
  • Recreate the ASUCD Off Campus Housing Rating Magazine

Jesse Rosales

  • Work with the Ski Or Snowboard Club to Throw a Rail Jam at Toomey Field.
  • Work with Aggie Pack to Create A Rooters Bus For Away Games.
  • Outreach to Ag Majors by Fully Funding Ag Science Field Day


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2007-05-04 20:47:46   BUT I SO WISH I WAS AFFILIATED!! —MarkKlebanov

2007-05-04 22:44:31   This slate, GO, was founded upon the ideas and goals of its current Executive staff. The only element that we have expanded on is the name: GO. Our color(s), bylaws, structure and all else, was developed by our members. Mark - you can totally join our facebook group :) —Motamed

2007-05-05 12:08:09   Just trying to get credit where credit is due, oh and by the way I did come up with the idea for the green and white color scheme. Love Always, Mark. —MarkKlebanov

2007-05-05 13:21:57   The name of the slate was a secondary solution to the primary problem, which was lack of internal structure. Mark may have thought of using the name 'GO' for a campus political party, but the bylaws, mission statement, officer structure, criteria and expectations were created entirely by the current members of the group. I believe that creating a foundation for the party is the most important and difficult part of the process, and the only way to put any legitimacy behind the title. —AlexandraFrick

2007-05-06 17:21:03   Yeah the internal issues of ASUCD were always my intentions for the creation of a new slate to directly reflect a progressive movement within student government which had since been losing confidence among the general student population. The idea of GO was directly influenced by these deficiencies, and I am glad to see it has been established, my hope is that this slate does not just become another party like UNITE or STUDENT FOCUS but rather embodies the progressive change needed to create a more effective ASUCD. GO was more than just a catchy name myself and Chris discussed, it was an idea to institute real change. —MarkKlebanov

2007-06-02 16:31:55   So... are there plans for a Red T-shirt with the word STOP on it? Haha just kidding. —Tushar

  • LOL, Tushar you know that is what LEAD will turn into when they are brought down in some future controversy. Based on past experience, I can say that it is only a matter of time before this happens. - Paul Amnuaypayoat

2007-10-02 08:06:56   I disagree with the notion that GO should have informed the Executive Office but I also find their actions so far to be extremely shady. Another realization I have come to is that every GO member I have spoken to believes that Cal-Aggie Camp should be cut. I find this selfish that GO members would complain that student money should not go to philanthropy. Do they recall that millions of Californians' tax dollars funds UC Davis? It's a narrow-minded opinion imo but I am willing to give GO a chance and attend their meeting. —GregWebb

2007-10-02 08:34:23   I don't think Senators should have to check with the exec office or LEAD either, but the point was if Friedman really meant that all ASUCD people were invited, he might have wanted to notify other people in ASUCD. —JamesSchwab

2007-10-02 23:59:12   I went to the GO meeting and was very disappointed in the slate. I liked all the candidate I talked to, not sure if they would be great senators but they are driven people.

I was disappointed when I asked if I could ask the candidates questions directly. (GO said no) I sorta understand that they are probably unprepared for that but GO wouldn't even reveal what they stand for, only that they are change. They will release their platform next week because they fear that people might steal their platform. I spoke out against this policy of using platform ideas as political bargaining chips to get elected. I told GO that the bottom line should be working to achieve goals, regardless of who works to do so. GO's ambition seems to be taking over ASUCD, not making over ASUCD. GO is supposed to be change but it still feels like Student Focus.


2007-10-03 10:15:05   Last i heard, Natalia Farhad Motamed was no longer the GO party Chair. I believe they have a new Chair now. Maybe someone can clear that up? —WeMo

  • I think Frick, Harris and Friedman are all co-Chair.

2007-10-08 23:44:45   GregWebb, you're last comment was incomplete and therefore misleading. I attended the same meeting you did, and in response to your speaking out "against this policy of using platform ideas as political bargaining chips", GO Executive Alexandra Frick made it clear that the goal was to elect officials who had put real time and effort into policy creation and implementation, not those who feel no moral unease at taking others' ideas. The platforms GO Candidates are running on represent the culmination of countless hours of preparation and planning; the platforms are solid and true to the mission statement of GO; most importantly, these are goals all members of the GO community share and plan fully on making a reality, whether or not every candidate is elected.

Bottom line: GO asserts itself as a new and self-aware student body organization. With its own ideas, dedicated candidates and driven supporters, GO aught to be given more credit than your partial and misleading comment intimates. I encourage anyone who doubts the legitimacy of GO to talk with a GO official at any level and learn firsthand where GO fits in within the ASUCD. —Dover

  • If I wanted to get something done, for students, I wouldn't mind sharing my ideas with LEAD. They get things done and unless GO somehow wins all 6 seats, you're going to have to work with LEAD to accomplish things. Students first, that's all I was saying. - GW

2007-10-11 17:25:05   A Coho meal is already a deal....the CoHo is a nonprofit and everything is sold at a price that is includes the cost of the product, labor and a very slim mark-up. So, any further deals, would mean the CoHo would lose money. —JamesSchwab

2007-10-11 23:55:34   Is anyone else here bothered by the capitalization on this page, I dunno, I have terrible writing practice with run on sentences, but this is rather silly looking. —DavidPoole

2007-10-13 02:02:20   Schwab: Like most LEAD officials, your assertions are complete speculation and not based in reality. It's very presumptuous of you to say that offering meal deals would lose the Coho money. We already offer deals during finals week. These deals are included in the Coho budget. We could budget for additional deals. Where would the money come from? While you are correct in stating that the Coho is a non-profit and is never budgeted to turn a profit, you failed to mention that the Coho generally ends the fiscal year with a large surplus. What was it this year Paul? $30,000? So, we could use that surplus to give students more of a break instead of having that surplus go to our savings account, which has a balance of about $800,000.

Also, we may not have to use this surplus. Are you familiar with the principles of economics? If you cut prices, demand will increase. So, this may offset the temporary decrease in prices.

Being a Coho sup, I'm sure that you would agree that this is absolutely possible.

Eric Friedman

2007-10-13 10:57:21   Supporting Cal Aggie Camp means supporting it, ASUCD already provides a healthy subsidy for concerts on campus. To put this in economic terms for Eric, that means that most concerts on campus don't turn a profit for ASUCD. That is not EC's fault, they are not designed to turn a profit but to create low cost entertainment on campus. Furthermore, Cal Aggie requires tens of thousands of dollars, far more then could be raised, fundraisers for the camp have been promised in the past with little to no followthrough.

The CoHo surplus is going to be essential for the next few years as the renovation will drastically cut services and income. So I wouldn't make light of it.

I am wondering how an events planning committee would be different from lets say an entertaiment council.

Also, the university does pick up the bulk of the check on picnic day, so that item is misleading.

And as much as I enjoy Hookah, city ordinances prohibit any type of smoking bar...

I could go on but I have things to do today. It is frustrating to see so much hard work being put into issues that are unrealistic, unnecessary or misleading. None of these candidates has any ASUCD experience, (Andrew Kim has been to one IAC meeting) and it shows in the issues that they really don't understand how the association works. —AndrewPeake

2007-10-13 11:11:46   Andrew, thank you for your opinion. I think that most students would disagree with your assessment of the GO candidates. Do you think that Chad Roberts, Erin Harrington, or Jonathan Duran have any ASUCD experience? Did you have any ASUCD experience before you ran? I can tell you first hand that being on a commission does not count as having the experience necessary to be a senator. You need to be a "doer," a go-getter to be a senator. All of our candidates have leadership experience in their respective student organizations. They have experience working with budgets, putting on events, and implementing projects. This is what counts when it comes to being a senator.

You must be pretty jaded. Just because an ordinance exists doesn't mean it can't be changed. As an outspoken activist, you should know that. If you interested, you should join us.

Picnic Day is currently subsidized by ASUCD fees. Wouldn't it be nice if the university shared the cost of this?

Andrew, how much of your platform did you accomplish? Where are those gender neutral bathrooms? —EricFriedman

I maybe jaded, but I at least I am not dumb, (Oh, Harrington was an B and F commissioner for a year or so, while Jonathan was a representative at his community college, Chad sits on liason committees and leads on IFC) I don't know what a "doer" is but I know LEAD runs people that have actual relevant experience.

I am an outspoken activist, and smart enough to realize that there are much bigger fights to pick with the city then smoking ordinances, I have been working with Lamar and others to make sure students can display political signs in their apartments and receive interest on their security deposits. I figure cash and speech are two pretty important things (not necessarily in that order though)

Have you looked at the Picnic Day Budget? Were you at budget hearings? Have you had your head shoved someplace whenever we talk about picnic day? Picnic Day is payed for by ASUCD and the UC Davis Administration. A combination. So they do share the cost.

Oh, I accomplished my platform. And am proud of my term. Andrew Peake

2007-10-13 11:26:32   So say the coho does have a $30,000 annual surplus. They do about 15,000-20,000 transactions a day....divide that surplus up over a year. That's a very tiny price decrease. I am familiar with economic principle, especially a 1 cent discount going to increase business? —JamesSchwab

2007-10-13 11:45:05   Calm down Andrew. We don't want a repeat of last years candidate forum.

I am not resorting to dirty politics and baseless allegations. I am sticking to the facts. Your behavior is unacceptable. You are the only senator to curse and physically threaten others during senate meetings. You need to learn to control yourself. Your behavior will not serve you well in your future. Students: Andrew is an example of candidates LEAD puts forward. Loose canons.

We are not just talking about a smoking ordinance. We are talking about reforming the city's zoning laws to allow for more entertainment venues. Nightclubs, bars. These are goals that all students can appreciate and support. And, it takes persistence to get this done. All of our candidates have proven to be persistent.

Where are LEAD's fall platforms?

Schwab: you know that it's possible. Becca will be taking with Sharon about it. I encourage you to speak with Becca. —EricFriedman

"LEAD will run people that say dirty words? Oh, my horrible, and Eric, I don't usually back the city on things, but there is no need to change zoning laws for more entertainment. It is not the zoning, it is the fact that the market won't support nightclubs in Davis. Cantina didn't close because of city zoning laws, it closed because it wasn't doing good business. It is the same with 24 hour places, there is no city ordinance concerning them, it is just the fact that a 24 hour coffee shop isn't profitable. What would you change about the zoning anyway? Oh, and I prefer passionate to loose canon, but in a pinch I will accept either term- (See I made a whole paragraph with no swearing, aren't you proud?) Andrew Peake

2007-10-13 13:01:51   Eric, I also forgot to mention that minimum wage will be going up again in January, which may mean a price increase. That's great that Becca is going to talk to Sharon, but I would bet that Sharon would say no to any reduction in pricing. With the future loss of revenue from the remodel and the wage increase, whether or not a price decrease is possible would be bad policy. IF a decrease is possible, the savings per customer would be very small, maybe a handful of pennies. Lastly, the mission of the COHO is to serve homemade food at the cheapest price, and Sharon has been successfully doing that for a couple decades now. Having worked with her on the renovation committee I know how sensitive she is to prices and her desire to keep them low. She has worked hard to keep prices as low as they can be. —JamesSchwab

2007-10-13 14:59:42   If Sharon couldn't find it in her budget to offer meal deals for select dates, then we could find money elsewhere. The entire association ran a large surplus last fiscal year. Many units, and commissions didn't use the money they were allocated. I know ECAC didn't use half it's budget, neither did Campus Center for the Environment. Also, we allocated grants that weren't used (human corps, SODA). Again, if the Coho couldn't find it in their budget, then there's definitely money elsewhere.


2007-10-13 15:19:39   Andrew: I don't know why Cantina closed. They may have ran a bad business, they may have had their rent increased, I don't know. But, I do know that we have the market for such businesses. 30,000 students? Half the population of Davis in the 18-29 demographic? We have the market. We need to make it easy for people that want to open "entertainment" businesses, not deter them. The guy from deadzone tried to open a hookah bar, but he got bogged down in city bureaucracy. The city codes are very specific about what type of businesses are desired downtown, and establishments that sell alcohol or establishments that might produce "noise" are not desired. The city needs to realize that this is a college town. —EricFriedman

Eric, there are two new establishments opening on 3rd street this year that will serve drinks, 3rd and U cafe, and Burgers and Brew cafe. I am far from a free market guy but i realize that the limits of student government can do to create new business in a city. If the market demands a bar, it will supply a bar. The city has an interest in the maintiance of business downtown due to revenue gained from taxes. I think it is manipulative and dishonest to include this item on your platform. A student government has no control over this! GO has no control over this! What do you want to do? Change the requirements to get a liquor liscense? This is on your platform because it looks good. GO wants to make it easier for you to have a good time in get to use rhetoric like "the city needs to realize that this is a college town." But all you have is rhetoric and in the end it is manipulative and dishonest to include a goal that you have no control over. I remember last year you wanted a 24 hour coffee shop, and it never happened. This will be the same. Andrew

2007-10-13 21:21:31   I was able to get the MU to remain open 24 hours during finals week. This was an integral part of my platform, and I got it accomplished. Getting a 24 hour coffee shop of course requires an entrepreneur to open a business. Hopefully when I graduate and make lots of money, I'll be able to finance such an enterprise.

The city issue is called advocacy. We will engage in advocacy. You might have heard that term before. People go to the capitol to advocate for a change. We will make this a part of our advocacy agenda. Of course ASUCD doesn't have any control over the way the city zones or grants permits. But, when has this stopped you Andrew? ASUCD has no control over granting Sudexho workers university jobs, but you and Ivan passed a resolution and engaged in advocacy. ASUCD has no control over whether or not the regents reinstate the study abroad program in Israel, but we still passed a resolution and I have been participating in advocacy. Getting the city more friendly to entertainment establishments is no different. It is part of GO's long term advocacy agenda. We believe in it and we will follow through. This is an important issue that will make a difference in students' lives. It isn't just rhetoric. It's an honest effort to change the status quo. I'm sorry you don't agree with that.

But, really, stop the hypocrisy. It's doesn't make you look good. —EricFriedman

Advocacy works when you have a specific goal. That means a specific law or policy you want to change. What specifically does Mr. Dreyer want to change in our city government? Andrew

2007-10-14 15:07:26   I dont think you guys at GO want it to sound like this for Becca Lovell's platform: "Work with Campus Violence Prevention Program to Increase Violence and Assault On Campus" —DonGibson

2007-10-14 20:08:23   If you want to talk more about this, talk to me or John in person.


2007-10-14 20:08:54   thanks Don. I wonder who on earth changed it? —EricFriedman

2007-10-14 23:06:42   CoHo ran a $10,000 deficit this year, which includes a $20,000 transfer to the Coffee House reserve. If you disregard their reserve transfer as an expense, they ran a $10,000 surplus.

In response to rising input prices, the Coffee House increased meal prices for the school year. Also, ASUCD does not use general fund monies to subsidize the CoHo in the annual budget, so it doesn't matter how much Human Corps or SODA had left. More importantly, we only barely broke even, and probably will transfer less that $10,000 to Capital Reserve from last fiscal year (putting this in perspective, we have a $10,000 transfer to capital reserve in a $10,500,000 budget.)

Also, we all know that Senators don't have direct control over most aspects of student life, but they have great ability to create change on campus. Ivan and Andrew have no more control over Sodexho workers than Eric had over Griffin Lounge, than Kareem had over the library, or than Dwaimy had over the diversity requirement.

Good luck altering the off-campus free market, though. While you convinced the MU that students would benefit from later hours, you'll have to convince local businesses that they'll turn a profit staying open much later. —PaulHarms

2007-10-14 23:13:28   Oh, and rumor is that the University does put at least $38,000 into Picnic Day annually (compared to our budgeted $15,000), not to mention the opportunity cost of renting out so many venues to other events. —PaulHarms

2007-10-15 03:21:58   Last Spring the Coffee House had daily promotions. I believe it was a regular thing last year where, for a single month during the quarter, there were certain specials like "Taco Tuesday" where a customer could purchase smaller tacos for $1.00. I believe Wednesday constituted cheap hot dogs and a free drink at the Deli, and Fridays meant a $0.40 discount on salads. They could re-name the discount days to "Aggie Pride Discount Days." —AndrewBianchi

  • They were meant to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the CoHo, but they lost money for the CoHo. -JamesSchwab

2007-10-15 15:24:17   I have to say, after having read through every comment on this page, I truly agree with almost everything AndrewPeake has said. Let me elaborate, quoting AndrewPeake:

Q: "Cal Aggie requires tens of thousands of dollars, far more then could be raised, fundraisers for the camp have been promised in the past with little to no followthrough."

A: That's correct, which is why the GO candidates this year are promising 'follow-through', a.k.a. tangible results.

Q: "The CoHo surplus is going to be essential for the next few years as the renovation will drastically cut services and income. So I wouldn't make light of it."

A: GO is taking the Coffee House budget very seriously, in accordance with your suggestion. So seriously, in fact, they are including it on their candidate platforms.

Q: "The university does pick up the bulk of the check on picnic day."

A: So why not pick up the entire weight of the check, and enable the ASUCD to spend thousands of dollars on other constructive projects? Good thinking Andrew!

Q: "As much as I enjoy Hookah, city ordinances prohibit any type of smoking bar."

A: Of lobbying is the answer! Thank you for reminding us that, of course, we live in a democracy afterall! The voice of the people will be heard and represented.

Q: "I maybe jaded, but I at least I am not dumb...but I know LEAD runs people that have actual relevent experiance."

A: Well then, Andrew, 'I at least I' know you're *not* dumb, and I can count on your relevant experience to judge your candidate's 'relevent experiance'.

Q: "I figure cash and speech are two pretty important things."

A: Cash and speech are definitely important things, agreed, but to the GO slate action and change are far more important. GO: action and change. LEAD: cash and speech. You have definitely summed up the political situation this fall.

Q: "There is no need to change zoning laws for more entertainment."

A: You are right, there is no 'need'. But why not? The capacity to and the 'want' is all there.

Q: "I am far from a free market guy."

A: This has become evident thanks to your closed-market outlook on the ASUCD. Why shouldn't GO balance the forces in the senate? Let the voters speak freely, and the market will demand the candidates with the most to supply.

Q: "I don't know what a 'doer' is."

A: Of course you don't, Andrew, you're a talker. For future reference, look to any of the candidates running under the GO slate this fall.

I encourage anyone with the time and/or interest to go and talk a while with as many of the GO (and otherwise slated) candidates for Fall 07 as you can find. Ask what inspires them, and why they think they will be the better choices for ASUCD senators. I think you'll find that they are all extraordinary "doers", and have the potential to do a lot more, and GO further than anyone anticipates. —Dover

  • Good comments, Ben. —BrentLaabs

    Dover, That was probably the funniest thing I have read in a while. I never thought quotes out of context could be so much fun!-Andrew

2007-10-18 09:19:58   Andrew Peake, I admire your "balls to the walls" approach on student government, but quit being a little bitch.

Eric Friedman, try not to make too many false promises. You had mentioned on your platform about getting a 24 hour cafe erected in Davis and it never happened.


2007-10-25 19:58:54   isnt there a gpa requirement to run for senate? Cuz if there is i cant seee how Brian is anywhere close! Rail Jam at toomey? i think itd be smarter to have it a large parking lot or whatever.i vote jesse. —AlexJohnson

  • Alex, I believe the GPA requirement is a 2.0 or above, which is really the Academic Probation threshold. I am assuming Brian had confided in you his current GPA, since you indicated that you know it is lower than normal expectations. Paul Amnuaypayoat

2007-11-07 17:03:01   According to Becca Lovell, "The diversity on this campus is amazing!" Yeah... amazing in how bad it is. —BrentLaabs

2007-11-12 09:27:49   If bill writing was about being useful and successful, than Steve Ostrowski was the most useful, successful person in ASUCD, ever. —JamesSchwab

2007-11-12 09:38:53   bills SB 75 and CA 22 were withdrawn by Friedman himself, along with CA 21 being failed by Senate —JamesSchwab

2007-11-12 12:48:18   irrelevant. The purpose is to illustrate the amount of time and effort put into one's job. They were withdrawn cause IAC didn't meet quorum at the last meeting of the year. They'll be introduced again. —EricFriedman

That is actually incorrect Eric. IAC did meet quorum at the last meeting of the year an we were able to vote to table a Ballot Initiative written by Steven. You withdrew your bills at that meeting after saying that you would rather have the fall IAC membership voting on the bill than the spring membership. ~MattShannon

2007-11-12 12:51:33   How long does it take to write a bill? It should average no more than half an hour for a bill, one hour for a resolution. So are you really saying that GO's total accomplishments boil down to less than a full day's work over an entire year, and that LEAD has only spent a few paltry hours of work in the same time period? Perhaps measuring accomplishments simply based on bill-writing is not a good idea...

Another point: some of those bills were written while our GO Senators were members of Student Focus. I think accomplishments on this GO page should be limited to the actions of Senators after GO actually existed. Their total individual accomplishments, under Focus and under GO, should still be listed on their individual Public Official pages. If GO objects to this, I propose merging the Student Focus and GO wiki pages.

I do want to say that it has been a pleasure serving in ASUCD with Alex Frick and Mara Harris, and I will miss them around the Senate Table. —PaulHarms

2007-11-12 12:56:36   how would you measure the job performance of a Senator Mr. Harms? I must say that it has been absolutely revolting working with you and I wish you luck in the future. People that have no backbone need all the help they can get. —EricFriedman

2007-11-12 13:49:24   Eric- Why would you pick on someone who was not born with a back bone? That's messed up. Paul went through years of surgery to add his adamantium backbone. The unfortuante side affect of vicious claws and bad temperment do keep the units in line though. —JamesSchwab

2007-11-12 16:52:34   I think it would be more appropriate to look at the number of bills that have been successful, not the number of bills that have been written. One could sit and write bills day after day, regardless of how worthwhile they are, and it wouldn't have much bearing on how effective they've been as a legislator. —JeremyOgul

2007-11-12 17:38:20   I've written more bills than the current GO and LEAD senators and candidates combined. That isn't a position that I'd like to be in — I think the senators should actively seek out more things to do. This is true especially given the fact there was over $1,000 in Senate Reserves last year that wasn't spent, and should have been spent on the students. However, writing bills, or even writing successful bills, isn't everything. Sometimes it's coordinating with the administration, or testifying before Assembly committees for education law. It's here that LEAD excels. So GO wrote more legislation. Big deal. GO's "D-" in legislation isn't much better that LEAD's "F", but LEAD's advocacy far outshines the work of the GO senators. —BrentLaabs

2007-11-18 23:22:51   I'd just like to say that Brian's idea for the "ASUCD Sponsorship committee" was introduced to him by the director of the Entertainment Council, Emilia Varshavsky. If anything, Emilia should be credited for this idea because she was the one who saw it necessary that ASUCD have a sponsorship committee which can help finance ASUCD and University related events. —EmilyTung

2008-02-21 14:39:36   The GO website reminds me of for some reason... —GregWebb

2008-02-21 19:56:34   Ahaha... from the current GO web site: Eliminate racism, corruption and intimidation from the ASUCD. Now, I have known for a long time that ASUCD has had its large share of problems, but what are some of GO's examples of racism in ASUCD right now? The only example I can think of off the top of my head is that some members of ASUCD have supported affirmative action in the past, which is a racist program. But even then you can only attribute that support to a few individuals within ASUCD, and thus I am not sure that racism is a real problem for the association. Could someone share some more recent examples of racism that is the responsibility of ASUCD? —PaulAmnuaypayoat

  • Actually, to clarify, that was attributed to the Joe and Andrea ticket on the site. But in all seriousness, I don't think racism in ASUCD was ever an issue back when I was living in Davis. Have things really become so bad within ASUCD that racism is a real issue that has to be addressed? If so, then I could see why the interest in candidacy this quarter could be so low... - Paul Amnuaypayoat
    • I'm not sure why the GO webmaster mentioned racism either. I assume he meant that that was what Andrea and I meant by discrimination, but that wasn't what we meant. I view discrimination being to a large extent regarding the conscious and unconscious biases that people have, as well as aspects of their behavior that alienate certain groups of people, whether it is done on purpose or not. —JoseBleckman

2008-02-21 20:19:17   Last time I checked Paul racism within ASUCD wasn't a problem, and if it is I'm not aware of it and everyone is being quiet about it. —MattBlair