Western Davis
Days & Hours
Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:30
Ages accepted
6 months - 8 years
Child Care Provider
Galyna Monastyrska
(530) 231-5033

The licensed family preschool & day care which is run by Galyna Monastyrska, a certified teacher with rich experience in early child education.

They consider their mission not just to help Davis families with child care, but first of all to help kids make a good start in their world-exploring journey. Their curriculum is designed to prepare the kids for their next educational steps. They work to create a healthy and safe environment that allow children to be creative, stimulated and curious.

They offer children developing activities, which include but are not limited to

  • "Let us be friends" - Social skills building
  • "Funny ABC" - Literacy Skills Alphabet/Sounds
  • "One, two, four ... (Oops, where is three?)" - Numbers & Counting
  • "I like to listen to music ..."
  • "Yoga class" - physical exercises
  • "Guess what I have drawn" - Arts & Crafts
  • "Nature exploring"
  • Story-telling

They provide healthy home cooked meal.

Enrollment is open, and they may be contacted via web-site or by phone.

Some fragments of reference letters regarding Galyna's experience:

"Galyna has unsurpassed experience with children of various ages as we have seen with our kids and her own kids. She has unique talent in communication with them and a keen sense for their needs."

"I enjoyed seeing my daughter eagerly learning alphabet, colors and numbers. My daughter has been completely captivated by drawing, baking, doing creative projects and reading books under Galyna’s constructive and impressively organized guidance."

"As parents, we have benefited from Galyna’s experience of child raising because we learned many important skills such as establishing harmonious day schedule (meals/play/walks/sleep) and ways to communicate with our daughter, especially in difficult/conflict situations. For example, we learned to better differentiate times to be firm or lenient, see cues of tiredness as a reason for tantrums, find methods to establish naps and adjust meals. "


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