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Davis does not have as open an issue with gangs as some other cities in California do. This is not to say that there are no gang members or gang activity in town. In 2010, police records revealed that there are 121 active, validated gang members in Davis. Other estimates are more conservative due to differering opinions as to what constitutes "active" membership. Officer Keirith Briesenick has estimated that there are only 20-30 active gang members living in Davis.1 Gangs are known for marking property with tags or Graffiti.

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SUR 13

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2008-02-10 15:30:12   There has been more graffiti around lately, this needs to be combated. The graffiti above is short for Sureneo, and the 13 stands for the letter M, which is a throwback to the Mexican Mafia. People hear about Davis and how it's an easy town to get over in, so they come and try. Most of the problems come from wannabe kids @ DHS, and from out of towners —StevenDaubert

2011-11-05 12:03:21   This is a very serious issue!!! —AshleyHamidi