Front entrance from Davis Commons Back Entrance of GAP Kids

500 1st Street , in the Davis Commons
Mon - Sat 10am - 9pm, Sun 11am - 7pm
(530) 750-2706

Located in the Davis Commons shopping center, Gap is one of but a handful of major clothing retailers in Davis.

The first Gap store was opened by the Fisher family on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco in 1969.

Gift Cards are available for purchase.

Gap is the largest specialty retailer in the United States and offers a range of classic and trendy clothing options that are particularly appealing to many young adults, and quite often, students. Gap was founded in San Francisco in 1969 and also operates the brands Banana Republic and Old Navy. They do not carry clothes for larger people, even those of reasonable weight with large frames. Very few of their tops fit large chested women (DD and up).

The Davis Commons location offers a selection of clothing in Women's, Men's, Children's and Baby lines. There are frequent sales and promotions, and bargains can always be found on the clearance rack. The store is bright, plays entertaining music, and is staffed by a friendly group of employees who are mostly students at UC Davis.


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2011-02-19 20:25:28   I love the customer service here. No matter when I go, I consistently receive friendly and helpful customer service. I don't know how to explain it, the sales people here are awesome. —ChocolateFrogs

2013-01-20 17:21:43   Is this going to be one of the GAP stores closing across the country? I heard on the news they were closing about 100 of them. I hope this one doesn't go. —TheBlackSnorlax

  • They recently posted to Facebook about a remodeling of the store, so I don't think so. —cp

2013-04-16 01:09:48   A day ago, I had to return some shirts I bought (they fit great in the store, but really were too tight in a biking position). This store was incredibly helpful — one employee talked about how they changed their shirt cuts and the other took care of my return. I was incredibly impressed by both employees. Great customer service! —VinceBuffalo