Gary_Lee_Yoder is a musician who grew up and still lives in Davis.

He is most often associated with his work from the 1960s, but he continues to perform on occasion as a solo artist. Two of his bands, Oxford Circle and Kak, were originally formed in Davis but received most of their following in the San Francisco Bay area. He was also a brief member of the legendary Blue Cheer band.

He had his band perform at the Davis Farmers Market on Wednesday evening April 27, 2011. This band for a few years has been called "Gary Yoder and Friends." Lately it's been playing at the Farmers Market once a year. Most of the musicians have been playing with him for about thirty years. This time, since his drummer has been seriously ill, he had a volunteer drummer named Jimmy Blazier. When Jimmy was a teenager he drummed for Green_Day. As he lived with his parents he couldn't move to continue with Green Day and so he missed their big commercial success.

Gary's music has been featured on KDVS.

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2011-04-29 20:47:07   A few years ago Gary told me that a British Rock magazine had rated Oxford Circle as the fifth top psychedelic rock bands of all time. "They didn't know that Oxford Circle was a women's dormitory".