This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Gearhead Records


The Gearhead Logo

Gearhead has now split into two businesses; the label is run by Michelle Haunold in Woodland, Ca; Mike LaVella in Oakland, runs Gearhead Magazine.

Gearhead began as a magazine, and the first ten issues came with a 7inch. They made a decision in late 1999 to stop releasing the magazine with a 7inch and start Gearhead Records. In 2000, the label put out nearly a dozen records, and the last issue of Gearhead Magazine came out before it fell to the side for awhile, & then started up again in 2004.

Gearhead Records on Myspace

Gearhead Records is now opening Gearhead Records and stuff a record store with a variety of music, clothing and merchandise, opening January 23rd, 2007.

Catalog #       Artist                   Title                                     Format
RPM 011         V/A                      "Runnin' On Fumes"                        CD
RPM 012         V/A                      "Gearfest"                                CD
RPM 013         "Demons"                 "Come Burst!ng Out!"                      12" & CD
RPM 014         The Hypnomen             "Trip With Satan"                         10" (OUT OF PRINT) & CD
RPM 015         Red Planet               "Let's Get Ripped"                        7" & CD EP
RPM 016         Red Planet               "Revolution 33"                           CD & LP
RPM 017         "Demons"                 "Riot Salvation"                          LP (OUT OF PRINT) & CD
RPM 018         The Sewergrooves         "The Race is over"                        7" (OUT OF PRINT)
RPM 019         The Dragons              "Whoa Yeah"                               7" (OUT OF PRINT)
RPM 020         The Pinkz                "Something About You"                     7"
RPM 021         The Pattern              "Non-Stop"                                7" (OUT OF PRINT)
RPM 022         NRA                      "New Recovery"                            CD
RPM 023         The Hives                "A-K-A-I-D-I-O-T"                         12" & CD (OUT OF PRINT)
RPM 024         The Hives                "Hate to Say I Told You So"               7" & CD (OUT OF PRINT)
RPM 025         Mensen                   "Delusions of Grandeur"                   CD & LP
RPM 026         The Nads                 "Saigon Hooker"                           7"
RPM 027         Puffball                 "The Super Commando"                      CD
RPM 028         Red Planet               "Let's Degenerate"                        CD & LP
RPM 029         The Hard Feelings        "Soul Party"                              7"
RPM 030         The Hives                "Barely Legal"                            CD & LP (OUT OF PRINT)
RPM 031         The Dukes of Hamburg     "Some Folks"                              LP (OUT OF PRINT) & CD
RPM 032         "Demons"                 "Stockholm Slump"                         CD & LP
RPM 033         The Hellacopters         "High Visibility"                         CD & LP
RPM 034         The Hellacopters         "Cream of the Crap Vol. 1"                CD & LP (Double Disc Set)
RPM 035         Mensen                   "Oslo City"                               CD & LP
RPM 036         The New Bomb Turks       "The Night Before the Day the Earth
"          CD & LP
RPM 037         The Hypnomen             "Altamont Boogaloo"                       7"
RPM 038         The Maggots              "Let's Go in '69"                         7"
RPM 039         The Demonics             "Dune Buggy Gang"                         7"
RPM 040         The Hives                "Veni Vidi Vicious"                       LP
RPM 041         V/A                      "Smash Up Derby"                          CD
RPM 042         "Demons"                 "Demonology"                              CD
RPM 043         The Riverboat Gamblers   "Something to Crow About"                 CD & LP
RPM 044         The Dragons              "Dirty Bomb/Save a Smile"                 7"
RPM 045         The Dragons              "Sin Salvation"                           CD & LP
RPM 046         New Bomb Turks           "Switchblade Tongues, Butterknife Brains" CD & LP
RPM 047         V/A                      "Greaseball Melodrama"                    CD
RPM 048         The Turbo A.C.s          "Automatic"                               CD
RPM 049         Lazy Cowgirls            "You b/w When it Comes to You"            7"
RPM 050         The Riverboat Gamblers/
                Electric Eel Shock       "Split 7inch"                             7" (LTD PICTURE DISC)
RPM 051         V/A                      "The Thingmaker"                          CD
RPM 052         NRA                      "Machine"                                 CD
RPM 053         The Million Dollar
                Marxists                 "Give it a Name"                          CD
RPM 054         The Dragons              "Rock n' Roll Kamikaze"                   CD & LP (LIMITED WHITE VINYL)
RPM 055         The Wildhearts           "Riff After Riff"                         CD & LP (LIMITED RED VINYL)
RPM 056         Red Planet               "We Know How It Goes"                     CD
RPM 057         Gitogito Hustler         "Wonderful/Romantic"                      7" (LIMITED PINK VINYL)
RPM 058         Gitogito Hustler         "Gitogito Galore"                         CD EP & 10" (LIMITED PURPLE VINYL)
RPM 059         Rock n Roll Soldiers     "The High School Sessions"                12" EP (LIMITED GOLD VINYL)
RPM 060         Electric Eel Shock       "Go USA"                                  CD & LP (LIMITED BLUE VINYL)
RPM 061         V/A                      "Welcome to Gearhead Country"             CD
RPM 062         GitoGito Hustler         "Love and Roll"                           CD & LP (LIMITED BABY BLUE VINYL)
RPM 063         Pink Swords              "Shut Up and Take It"                     CD & LP (LP CONTAINS BONUS TRACK)
RPM 064         Lords of Altamont        "Lords Have Mercy"                        CD
RPM 065         Black Furies             "Death Trip Saturday Night"               CD
RPM 066         Spunks                   "Russian Roulette b/w Can-Nana Fever"     7" (LIMITED YELLOW VINYL)
RPM 067         Bottles and Skulls       "Scream Scream b/w Dead in the USA"       7" (LIMITED RED VINYL)
RPM 068         The Turbo A.C.s          "Avenue X"                                CD
RPM 069         Rock n Roll Soldiers     "The Weak Blame the Strong"               12" EP (LIMITED GREEN VINYL)
RPM 070         Electric Eel Shock       "Beat Me"                                 CD & LP (LIMITED MAGENTA VINYL)
RPM 071         I Walk the Line          "Desolation Street"                       CD
RPM 072         DT's                     "Lights Out"                              7" (LIMITED WHITE VINYL)
RPM 075         White Barons             "Up All Night with the White Barons"      CD & LP (LIMITED WHITE VINYL)
RPM 076         Spunks                   "Yellow Fever Blues"                      CD & LP (LIMITED BLUE VINYL)

Newest Releases RPM 064 Lords of Altamont RPM 070 Electric Eel Shock RPM 061 V/A Welcome to Gearhead Country RPM 062 GitoGito Hustler