Shelves with vinyl and CDs

132 E St., Suite 360
Mansion Square
by appointment
(530) 750-7900
Michelle Haunold
Jan 23rd, 2007
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Credit Card

Gearhead Records and Stuff was a retail store located in Woodland that carried a variety of new & used CDs, LPs, clothing, bags, accessories, jewelry, belt buckles, stickers, magazines and other similar items. They carried a wide range of labels and products in addition to their own Gearhead Records line. This included Sailor Jerry, Lucky 13, Dionysus, Dirtnap, Get Hip, Acetate, Steel Cage, KDVS Recordings, Swivel Industries, Razorcake, and more!

They opened their doors on January 23rd, 2007.

Gearhead Records recently moved to a smaller location in downtown Davis on the third floor of the Mansion Square business center. Michelle concentrates more on web based sales at present.

A variety of bags, and hand-made stuff Banner out front Owner Michelle Haunold stands next to the t-shirt rack Heather Klinger; clerk and music buyer at the counter as the store is being put together Flyer for the store Shelf full of rare records, various items and girly shirts


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