Icekrimski Cafe specializes in Gelato, but is not the only place to find it

Gelato (Italian for "frozen") is Italian style ice cream, different from American style because it is not whipped with air, as ice cream is. Gelato is also made with proportionally less cream than whole milk, so it has less butterfat than ice cream. Because gelato in the United States is usually a gourmet food, it tends to be smoother and denser than average ice cream (just like gourmet American style ice cream). When gelato is made poorly it tends to be hard and full of ice crystals. When it is made well, it is smooth and light — a fine dessert.

You might also be interested in ice cream or frozen yogurt.


Grocery stores


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2007-10-03 19:47:39   The Konditorei page says that Bistro 33 also serves gelato. Is there a gelato-loving-Bistro 33-visting person out there who can confirm this? If so, they should be added to this page; if not, they should be deleted from the Konditorei page. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-03 19:56:22   Icekrimski is too expensive. Especially if you want to eat in the theatre. It's got more flavors, but that's all it has going for it. Zia's is nice, cheaper, and goes great after a sandwich on a nice sunny day. Konditorei gives you the most for your money by far, in a large glass. —EdWins

But Zia's closes very early. I'm usually looking for a post-dinner dessert, and Zia's is no help there. Same with Konditorei —CovertProfessor

2010-03-24 21:58:42   Help! I need a place for decent green tea gelato now that Crepe House Uni is no more —LeeY

2010-03-24 22:01:31   Try hazelnut gelato (kid's scoop size is enough) in a cup of coffee at Konditorei - much better and more satisfying than any Frappachino drink. —LeeY