George Augustus Weber was born 13 January 1835 in Ohio, and came to California in 1853 via the overland Nevada route. He arrived in Davis in 1859 and first worked for Johnathan Sikes. Later he was a stable keeper at the old Solano House, and then he worked for William Fredrich Dresbach in Dresbach's general store. 

By 1869, he had become a successful businessman and property owner, including farmland at the intersection of Russell Blvd. and County Road 99W. The financially secure Weber then proposed marriage to the 19-year old Ann Hunt that same year. They had four daughters: Mary A. (Mrs. W. J. Montgomery), Ida Madora, the wife of William Greive (16 August 1874-5 April 1940), Harriet Elisha "Hattie" Weber (10 October 1872-14 December 1961), and Gertrude Frances Weber, the wife of Aley Green Brinley (27 September 1885-17 March 1961).  Weber also opened the Yolo Saloon, originally on the northeast corner of First and B Streets, and then relocated to the southwest corner of 2nd Street and G Street.

The Webers originally settled at 223 C Street until 1880. He later owned a large Victorian home on the northeast corner of 2nd Street and E Street. Weber's daughter Hattie Weber continued to live in the home until her death in 1961. The house was then inherited by her nephew, John W. Brinley, who demolished it and constructed the Brinley Building in its place. 

He died 20 August 1914, and was interred in the Davis Catholic Cemetery.