A KDVS DJ donning the suitThe Giant Teddy Bear Suit is a costume of sorts that has a long and storied history in Davis. It has been passed on from person to person throughout the years, worn by many a folk affiliated with KDVS, for example. Daniel Berliner (an active community member in several circles starting around '03/'04 and ending around '07/'08) made the suit with some friends. Rob Roy wore it for a long-lost Sterling Riot music video shot at The Grad with Elise Kane in the '05-'06 school year. Seann Johansson of Mucky the Ducky is in possession of it as of 2015.





Photos by year


Elisa Hough (in the lion suit) and Seann Johansson at the ARC Pavilion


Seann Johannson at Ali Baba's