The 5th floor of Gilmore Hall, known as the "[Gilmore] Penthouse"1, is notorious for being a party floor in the dorms. Every year, the new floor of freshman has to live up to their predecessor’s reputation. The time capsules hidden behind the phone jacks in each dorm room are testament to the crazy times on G-5. Past time capsule have held photographs, bongs, pipes, underwear, DC plates and other fun stuff..

It is a floor tradition to have a keg on the floor once during the year. The freshmen of 2005 kept theirs in the men’s shower.

The freshmen of 2005 have already lived up to the high penthouse standards, thanks in part to the absence of an RA. Drinking games in the lounge are a favorite pastime, along with sun-bathing outside and smoking on the balcony. The floor started out with 51 students and ended with 48.5 students due to getting kicked out, leaving etc.

Some Gilmore folk tend to stick with Gilmore folk throughout their college careers.

Many of the current and past residents of 720 have lived in G5.

G5 is also known for getting hellishly hot during the warm summer months and has a stairwell that smells like pot, thanks in part to the 2005 freshmen.

This page could be renamed Malcolm 5 and be the exact same, sparring the "720" residents, and changing the year on the absent RA comment.


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2007-06-18 09:40:26   Those deluded freshmen who liken the top floor of any Segundo building to a penthouse have smoked far too much pot. —KaiTing

2008-06-02 11:44:59   '07-'08 definitely lived up to the G5 reputation. —msoudz

2009-01-04 20:07:28   I lived on Gilmore 5 20 years ago. It was fun, it was hot, but it was in no way a penthouse. And if the panels behind the phone jacks where we wrote drunken messages are still there, it hasn't undergone much of an upgrade since then. If memory serves, the comment about smoking too much pot might not be far off. —jlm93


1. The 5th floor of *all* original four Segundo towers are convinced (year after year) that they are the "Penthouse", and that they're somehow unique.