Davis is not blurry. If you disagree, then you may need to find an optometrist and get glasses. Or perhaps you've got perfect vision but want to look like Harry Potter or Ted (one of the Fab Five). Or maybe you're collecting stigmas, and want to be called "four eyes" or "goggle face". Whatever your motivation, glasses can be purchased without leaving the confines of Davis:

There are also a number of online retailers that sell glasses. You need to get your prescription from your optometrist, and take some measurements on the glasses to make sure you're getting ones that are around the right size. They're often much cheaper than optometrists, which are generally priced for people with vision insurance that will cover most of the costs. TomGarberson recommends coastal.com; you can often get free or half-off frames, depending on the sale, and either free basic lenses or cheap upgraded lenses (composites, coatings, etc.).