Golden Heart Awards are given by the City of Davis to outstanding 7th-12th graders and were created following the death of Andrew Mockus in April of 1992. Typically, up to five teens are selected based on recommendations by school counselors and teachers. The award is defined by two categories: service to community and overcoming personal challenge. Nominations are due around January.

List of Past Winners

Service Award Recipients
Personal Challenge Award Recipients
Honorees: Elizabeth Lawson, Nicolette Daskalakis and Monica Berry; Winners: Kalani Ratnasiri and Deanna Cheng
Honorees: Michael Yen and Allison Orr Winner: Rachel Leland
Honorees: Colette Roblee, Hannah Purkey and Joanna Fung; Winners: Miley Mead, Denice Cox and Briana Sherlock
Honorees: Daniel Stratton-Quirk, Alexis Ortiz, Maureen Bockrath and Kessy Paulson Winners: De'von Pierre, Ahsley Dunback, Chrissy Downing and Andrayla Armstead
Honorees: Anna Sparrevohn, Elliot Reinhart and Esumi Fujimoto; Winner: Eliana Lee Jolkovsky
Honorees: Caitlyn Bolinger and Ammed Juarez Winners: Brandon Kitchen, Carson May and Rasheera Dopson-Robinson Perkins
Winner: Hanna Lee Jolkovsky
Tanvir Kapoor, Colin Borges, Annalisa Ching, Euma Matthews, Kari Archie & Nicollette Gmoser-Daskalakis
Kenneth Cha, Destiny Wilcox, Stephen Canning, Yenia Flores, Dmitry Neronov & Sunny Suh
Alena Mandel


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