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Farm Location
12255 County Road 84A
Capay, CA 95607
(530) 787-3187
Jeff and Annie Main
Payment methods
Cash, Davis Dollars

Although Good Humus Farm is not in Davis, it is none the less an indispensable part of Davis. This is one of the farms our food comes from. The farm comprises 20 certified organic acres in an area called The Hungry Hollow in the Capay Valley. Good Humus has been growing and marketing organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers in the Sacramento Valley since 1976. They believe strongly in strengthening local communities and have given much to Davis.

Jeff and Annie Main are some of the original farmers and organizers of the Davis Farmers market, and can still be found there on Wednesdays and Saturdays every week.

Jeff and Annie came to Davis as students at UCD and lived in the Agrarian Effort Co-op.


In 1993 good Humus started its Community Supported Agriculture program. This is essentially subscription produce delivered to drop off points in Davis. Good humus drops of at the Natural Food Works on 4th Street on Saturday and the Davis Waldorf School on North Sycamore on Saturdays. They also deliver to Woodland and Sacramento. Call the farm for more details.

Agricultural Easement

"An agricultural easement is a legally binding way to ensure our farm remains a farm for generations to come." - from their website.

To make sure that the land that is now farmed by the Main's remains a farm in the future, Good Humus is partnering with the communities of Yolo to purchase the non-agricultural value of the land. This ensures that the land will remain in agricultural use in the future, supplying Yolo communities with food for generations to come.

You can donate to the fund on Good Humus' webpage.


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2007-02-10 22:41:47   Good Humus is also working to preserve their farm land in a trust so that it can't be sold and built up as a parking lot or condos in the future. Can someone who knows more about this effort post some info, including how to help them out? —JoRo

2007-07-29 13:47:19   The CSA is fabulous - split it with a couple of other people and you'll still have plenty of food. They have fundraisers occasionally to benefit the land trust - check their website. —rachelss