Director: Calvin Lymos Location: UCD Campus, Music Building 115 Times: Wed and Fri 5pm -7pm Requirements: None. The choir is not transitioning into a student run organization as it once was in its beginning days. It is available for 2 units for 2010 Winter Qtr and Spring Qtr, but most likely due to budget cuts that affected the music department, it will continue to be a club from now on. All students or non-students are welcomed!

The choir is mostly led by director Calvin Lymos, who has an incredible passion for students, music, and for the Lord. The environment is very welcoming and friendly to all levels of singers. The choir is also led out by some students who volunteer to teach and write songs for the choir. There are various opportunities for performance every quarter. Come join us and spread the word!

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as I understand, there are no auditions for the Gospel Choir either —KristenBirdsall