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City of Davis Governance Task Force

This is probably the first part of the solution to Davis Apartheid. The next part will be lobbying the City Council to implement the recommendations.

From August 2004 to March 2005 the Task Force will study issues related to governance, the structure of city government that best represents the citizenry, and the most appropriate democratic political processes to ensure fair representation and equality of access. Issues may include district elections; direct election of the Mayor; municipal charter status; alternative methods of voting, including Choice Voting; and the role of Advisory Commissions.

Their website is here.

They are now drafting their final report. Those members of the public who have been attending their meetings can attest that:

  • They are going to recommend choice voting
  • They are going to recommend moving city council elections to the November general election.
  • They are going to recommend increasing the city council from 5 members to 7 members.
  • They are going to recommend that the city develop a charter if and only if it is necessary to accomplish these things.

They met on March 21 and April 4, 2005 to finish the report, and they presented it to the city council on April 5, 2005. Final Report to the Davis City Council by The City of Davis Governance Task Force.

Members of the Task Force