A Sparrow, a City-el, and a Xebra truck in the first Gala. Image CC-By-SA-NC by Step It Up 2007.

The Green Car Gala is an annual electric-vehicle event held at the John Natsoulas Art Gallery the evening of Picnic Day. It is a place to see the vehicles up close, hear presentations from inventors and owners, and mingle over hors d'oeuvre. Dealers and owners from all over bring vehicles to display. These have included 2-wheel motorcycles (Vectrix), 3-wheel vehicles (Zap Xebra), and 4-wheel cars and trucks (the Zenn).

The first Green Car Gala was held on 2007-04-14 from 6:30PM-10:00PM.

The second Green Car Gala will be held 2008-04-19 from 6:00PM-9:30PM. (Was it ever held? Any other than the first?)


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