The Green Room is usually a very social place and therefore not a good place to be if you are trying to accomplish anything even mildly serious.

Green Room, Feb. 2008. The "Green Room" can be found in Wright Hall, which houses the Department of Theatre and Dance. While most performance venues have a so-called "green room" for performers to prepare in, the one at the Main Stage is the only one in the Davis area to have capital letters. Officially the place where performers do final check-ups before appearing on stage, the Green Room in Wright Hall also serves as a sort of student lounge. The Green Room was repainted in the summer of 2005 and now actually has two green walls.

Green Room conversation is notoriously risqué, being as it is the collected utterances of a bunch of drama geeks. There was, briefly, a posted tally sheet for "Inappropriate Remarks" in Fall of 2005; the tally reached the mid-thirties before being mysteriously removed, less than 48 hours after being posted.

The Green Room also houses "The Boxes", a wall of mailboxes assigned to the various undergraduate students in the department. They are used as a means of contact, a temporary storage space for non-hazardous items smaller than a breadbox, and a badge of (dubious) honor.