2079 Anderson Road in Suite A
Mon-Thu 8am-5pm
July 1974

Gregory D. Wilcox, DDS is a caring and professional dentist. He makes every effort to provide pain-free, quality dentistry to each and every patient. Dr. Wilcox and his entire staff work to be sensitive to your needs and fears and will make your appointments as comfortable as possible. Dr. Wilcox specializes in cosmetic and family dentistry, offers dental implants and is great with kids.

He takes SHIP insurance.

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2006-01-28 17:28:27   I have been seeing this dentist for 20 years and I'm always impressed with the quality of service, pain-free treatments, depth of explainations, and friendly, knowledgable staff. —MaggieBlank

2007-01-24 13:16:54   I just went in today and the staff were SOOO nice! The front desk women were very helpful, the dental hygienist was great, and the dentist was happy to take time to explain things. I was worried about financing my dental care, as I recently chipped a tooth. They spent 30 minutes on the phone to get my insurance to cover a porcelain veneer. Their efforts will likely save me several hundred dollars! —RachelCakes

2007-07-27 19:01:41   I've been seeing Dr. Wilcox for several years now and I really appreciate his excellent care, my hygienist Marsha, and the friendly office staff. He was first recommended to me by a relative who was a periodontist in town. Truly a dentist's dentist. —johnchuck

2008-04-22 16:27:43   I just had my first dental appointment in years and am glad I chose to go here! The staff members were very welcoming and Dr. Wilcox was knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had. I spent most of my visit having my teeth cleaned by Marsha. She explained what she was doing and why she was doing it and did everything she could to make me comfortable. It was the best teeth cleaning experience I've ever had. I definitely recommend Dr. Wilcox and his staff. —LisaC

2009-10-12 10:57:20   My husband and I have appreciated Dr. Wilcox's work for over 20 years now. We feel really lucky he's in Davis. As others have noted in their comments, Dr. Wilcox is both knowledgeable and very nice. His staff is excellent. A high recommend! —PatKahn

2011-04-25 15:21:15   Wonderful dentist and great staff. Would definitely recommend. They were very nice and made the appointment very comfortable. —serafina

2011-06-07 18:47:10   An excellent family dentist who has 30 years of experience under his belt. A patient's comfort is his top priority, and he takes his time with each patient—giving them the time and care that they deserve. It is also clear that he cares about his staff and treats them well. Every patient I saw there left with a smile on their face because Dr. Wilcox, DDS is a great dentist! —LancePeery

2011-07-01 10:37:02   NOT a PPO DELTA dentist. They should've made this clear to me when I asked if they take the UC Davis dental insurance. If you're a student at Davis, you'd get more coverage at a different place. They told me the cleaning work would be covered at 100% THEN after I got all the work done, they told me the truth. VEEERRRYYY underhanded. I will not come back. —phicoi

In Response to your posting: We do apoligize for any confusion regarding your insurance. We try in every way to be accurate when discussing a patients insurance benefits. We take pride in giving the best customer service possible. Our staff is honest and respectful and I can say with 100% accuracy that we would never give you incorrect information about your insurance on purpose to do you wrong. I am truly sorry if we made you feel like we were being underhanded in any way. I assure you it was not done intentionally.

2011-12-23 11:55:07   I have been going to Dr. Wilcox for 33 years and have always been happy with my experience. Dr. Wilcox is always good about explaining the care he's recommending, and his work is excellent. His staff is friendly and competent. I always know I'm getting quality care and fair treatment. And by the way, I also have Delta insurance, and have not had a problem with having my dental work covered—I'm not sure what the miscommunication could have been for "phicoi." —RAW

2011-12-23 16:33:18   In response to phicoi, I do not work for Dr Wilcox but I do work in a dental office. I have known Dr Wilcox and his staff for over 25 years and I do not believe their intentions were ever underhanded. I am so frustrated with Delta Dental that I have started a blog, Key word is "started". You can see an example of what most dental offices goes through to ensure that they are giving correct benefit information to their patients while trying to also get your claims paid. http://dentalinsurancenightmares.wordpress.com/agerould

2012-08-27 10:35:13   I picked this office because they accept SHIP insurance. I recommended them to a friend because they were so very friendly, interested in my best interests, etc. I just emailed them and asked for my dental records and they scanned and emailed them promptly. —Angel.York