2505 5th Street in (East Davis, between Pole Line Road & Cantrill Drive)
Office Hours
Monday – Saturday from 8:30am–5:30pm
Tours Available from 10am to 4pm Starting in January 2020
Sunday - Closed
Office: (530)758-2200
Official Page or Facebook Page of Stonesfair Management www.greystoneapts.com
Free Shuttle Service To & From UCD
Text Alerts
Central Heating and Air
Assigned Parking & Additional Parking Available
24-hour Study Room & Computer Lab
Multiple BBQ Areas
24-hour Fitness Center
Half Basketball Court
Private Patios & Balconies
Pet Friendly (see note below)
Spa & Pool With Volleyball Net
Ceiling fans
Cable-Ready, Cable Jacks in All Rooms
Security Patrol
Double-paned windows
Tile Counter tops
Tile Entry, Carpeting, Lino in Bath Areas
Handicapped access
Solar Lighting
24-Hour Maintenance
Free Pest Control Service
AT&T U-Verse available
Complimentary Cookies, Coffee, Popcorn

Greystone Apartments & Townhomes is an apartment complex that offers 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes. With unique floor plans, the contemporary and efficient styles are perfect for students and families. The open space, indoor and outdoor living areas, and beautiful mature landscaping ensure every resident enjoys privacy by design. Greystone is on the Unitrans A bus line which goes to Shields Library. It is about 1.1 miles from campus. This translates to an average 10-15 minute brisk bike ride to campus. There are also a "safer" means of travel using bike lanes and bike paths direct to campus.

All of the floor plans include a washer and dryer inside, cable/dsl ready, central heating and air, and kitchen appliances such as: dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, and microwave plus plenty of cabinet/storage space. Greystone is pet friendly - no breed restriction on dogs, but there is a 75 lb weight limit. There is a $600 one-time deposit, unless you only have one cat, in which case it is $300. Starting in 2017, there will also be a pet rent of $25 per pet per month.

Greystone is Now Accepting Reservations for Fall 2020-2021 Year!

1x1 Apartment 712sqft - $1695 Monthly - $700 Deposit

2x1 Apartment 924sqft - $1990-2005 Monthly - $900 Deposit

3x2 + Loft Townhome 1248sqft - $2620 Monthly - $1200 Deposit

3x2.25 Townhome 1459sqft - $2895-2935 Monthly - $1500 Deposit

4x2.25 Townhome 1587sqft -$3215-3255 Monthly - $1500 Deposit




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There are guest parking spots throughout the Greystone community - parking is $30.00/monthly for covered and $15.00/monthly for uncovered. With one uncovered spot included per apartment.

Other options for parking include Mesquite Drive (off East 8th Street) and walking down the bike path that connects to 5th Street. Rumor has it that you can park in the Davis Police Department's parking lot as long as the car is gone by morning. This adds a few footsteps, but allows you to not worry about your car being towed by whomever's spot you would have parked in. Residents will call All About Towing if someone is parked in their spot. The management will only call "All About Towing" if someone parks in the "Future resident parking" in front of the leasing office, or if someone is parked in the red fire lane.



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2010-04-13 16:26:54   I have lived at Greystone for 3 years and can honestly say that I'll miss my apartment and the staff who have become close through the many problems we've had to solve together. It's true that the apartments are a little on the pricey side but compared to other Davis apartments, you get a lot for your dollar. The washer/dryer in unit is awesome, parking is only a "pain" if you fail to get spots (take it into your budget), and apartment/maintenance problems are only a problem until you report them. Everyone is really helpful and responsive to your individual concerns—it helps to treat the staff like people and not the enemy—but if you're rude, you still may get what you ask for (you'll just make everyone's day a little less pleasant). Some residents are more responsive to personal requests re quiet etc. than others, but the manager is always willing to help if you can't resolve things on your own. I have absolutely no complaints, and if I could find work here (to pay my bills) I wouldn't even think about moving to a different apartment complex. It's a good place, good people, and good community. I would recommend it to any and all good residents : )—tessspinelli

2010-04-14 11:06:07   I lived here for over a year between 2008 and 2010, and I really enjoyed my stay. I have no idea why there are negative comments about the staff here, they have been nothing but polite and helpful to my roommate and I. The unit was large and comfortable, our appliances always worked fine, there were zero pest issues, and I really appreciated the computer lab facilities for the quiet study space and free wifi. They threw multiple parties for their residents throughout the time I was here...and they also hooked me up with a bunch of free furniture (they knew of another tenant moving out and sought us out to let us know about it). True the price is on the higher end for Davis, but it was worth it for no pests (such an issue around here from what I've heard) and the amount of space we got- 712 sq feet for a 1bdrm. Not to mention the washer/dryer in unit, which is awesome. As far as parking...yea that can be tricky. I usually picked up my friends if I knew I'd be hosting a gathering, or I'd have them come a little early to take a guest spot. Anyway, it looks like people have had varied experiences here, but I definitely liked it and would recommend the place to anyone. —TinaLee

2010-04-28 14:48:03   I am a current resident at Greystone. I have lived here for 3 years and sad to say were leaving this year becuase were graduating. Parking has been a issue but it was an issue the first year we lived here. After the first year we were offered free parking as a renewal insentive. I don't know why people comment on the Manager being evil or mean. The manager has always been accommodating. One person mentions she is mean and is only conerned about rent, well if you would pay your rent on time you would not have to worry about late charges and I have to say one time we were late and she told us not to be late again and did not charge us the late fee. They have all kinds of resident events and you have to love those cookies!!!!!! I would rent at Greystone again. NICE APARTMENTS, NICE STAFF. —kimyoung

N.B.: The two preceding comments were posted from the same IP address, though it could simply be that they are roommates.

2010-05-20 16:47:10   Hi Everyone, my name is Annie and I'm new with the management at Greystone. The management has changed so please disregard the previous comments on how the place was ran before because it reflects falsely on those who are new here and eager to make positive differences.


  • When did you start? When there's a significant management change, the old reviews are traditionally archived (for historical purposes) so that the new reviews reflect the current state of things. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards
    • Hi Evan, I started mid-April. If you know how, since I am still new to wiki, can you help us archive the older comments?

2010-06-01 18:55:53   Annie wrote she was a new part of management and that's rad. The old manager is gone? That would be the only way things could ever correct themselves. Annie who is the manager and assistant manager now? I would like to return if she is gone and several of my close friends as well. —Bosco

2010-07-12 17:32:20   I'm pretty sure the property manager has not changed. Not sure who Annie is. —Kehaar

  • Actually, you guys are right..I just left the complex. The property manager has not changed. -Annie

' 2010-07-19 00:50:20   I lived at this complex from Sept. 2008-2009. I have unreasonable deductions from my security deposit. I do find is suspicious that there is a "change in management" every few years at least according to this wiki. —JonK

2010-07-20 23:41:09   Watch out for Corporal Grumpy the psychopathic Greystone security guard. He will harass you for no reason and try to get you kicked out of UCD! Do not live here as long as Stonesfair employs Northen Cal securities!! This man is dangerously insane and threatens innocent tenants for fun! Look for yourself! —EricWilson

2010-09-08 14:40:06   As others have said, the manager is very rude. She only puts on a fake smile when you come off as her subordinate. Otherwise, she'll be quick to don an attitude. Greystone is overpriced (even by Davis standards) and the parking situation is horrendous. We were told everyone in our apartment would get a parking place. Then, we were told that we'd get one parking space per room, meaning only 3 people would get a spot. Now, we're being told that each apartment is getting just two parking spaces, and extra spaces will be "dealt out" in the future. For clean second-year tenants who always pay their rent on time, this is just unfair, but that's Greystone for you. The only upside to the place is a washer and dryer in each apartment. —cyo

2010-10-09 01:06:46   I have been living at Greystone since September 2010, but I will for sure leave once my lease is up and I will never rent another property from Stonesfair Management.

After dealing with Laura Schuh (regional manager) regarding the monthly parking fee, I no longer wish to do business with this company because of their failure to fully disclose all the fees, their unwillingness to negotiate a resolution to a problem they created, and Laura Schuh’s condescending attitude.

My roommate and I were never informed of the monthly parking fee of $20 for covered and $10 for uncovered until after we moved in. That’s the bottom line. We asked about parking, but they never at any point (during the apartment showing, contract signing or walk-thru) say there would be a fee if we wanted parking spaces.

I have been trying to resolve this issue for nearly a month. My roommate and I would always have to initiate contact with management even though we were always promised a call back each time we went to the office to speak to them about the issue. I was even told that I was not the only tenant that was not informed about monthly parking fees and was put on a list to be contacted by Carina.

I have been calm and patient in trying to resolve the issue with Greystone management, but after I talked with Laura Schuh, who treated me like a child with a hearing disability – she would only repeat that it has been policy for years to charge for parking and then proceed to tell me over and over how much it costs for monthly parking – I am now going to be even more proactive than I have been and pursue legal options.


Is it mentioned in the lease itself? If not, that's pretty shady. —TomGarberson

2010-10-10 20:15:19   Tom Garberson- The lease does not indicate a monthly parking fee. There is a parking addendum that we did not sign when signing the contract and were told that would be handled the day we take over the apartment... And when that day came, they said it would be handled at a later date -once they were ready to assign parking.

P.S. I didn't know how to respond to your commennt. The Davis Wiki is new for me. —KompietNuth

2010-10-15 23:57:25   I lived at Greystone for two years and all the complaints about this place are spot on. Management smiles at you when you are in the office and then scowls as you walk out the door. Parking is a pain in the ass and pits residents against each other. Rent is extremely high for the quality of place you get. Don't waste your time checking this place out, there are tons of other options. —AggieAlum2007

2010-10-27 21:02:27   How is the noise? Is there alot of traffic, waste management, leaf blowers?? Im moving out becuz my dorm is near a freeway and i cant sleep and I want my puppy back. Esp cuz the rents so high, i want to make sure im getting my moneys worth. Plz n thank u!! —SabrinaT

In my experience, it can be pretty loud. I have been kept up by loud neighbors and their loud dogs many a night (and this is coming from a pet owner). The complex is also under construction which, according to the management when I talked to them just before Labor Day, was supposed to be over in mid-September. The construction runs from 8am to 5pm. Management does not enforce the stated 10pm to 10am quiet hours with residents. Complaints have been met with promises of change, but no action. They use leaf blowers on a regular basis, so don't move in if that is a concern for you. —MeganCleary

2011-01-18 01:35:21   If you are even considering about moving in here, PLEASE run as far from greystone apartments as you can. There are so many issues dealing with broken garbage disposal, clogged sink, etc and they do a crappy job at fixing it. What sucks the most here, is the manager that is currently employed. She is RUDE and obnoxious. I'd rather be living in my car then living underneath the crappy management. By FAR the biggest regret ever in my years in Davis.


2011-01-21 16:59:24   I have lived here a little over a year, and overall, the facility itself is nice...the management not so much. -the apartment is spacious and well managed. -the gym has outdated equipment that barely work -the management isn't too friendly -its a little far from campus and so I bought a parking permit. -parking isn't free..unless your lucky and strike a deal with them. -live on the bottom floor and you hear heavy foot steps from upstairs. -our garbage disposal is outdated and always smells bad -never had a problem with insects :) —resident at greystone

2011-01-23 18:54:49   Greystone apartments is HORRIBLE. I HIGHLY suggest you choose to lease an apartment elsewhere. The rent here is very, very expensive and is not worth what you get. All fixtures are outdated, and quality of the bathroom and cabinetry is nothing better than a dorm room. The gym equipment is very outdated (and usually broken) and the pool is freezing and rarely ever gets sun. The walls are also paper thin; I can hear EVERYTHING the tenants above me are doing; closing of drawers, television, music, anything. If you're unlucky and get night owl neighbors like I have, good luck getting a good night's sleep. There has been a definite decline in how many people rent here, and for good reason. This place sucks. —AnneBaks

2011-02-07 12:22:09   I've lived in Graystone for a couple of years and on a scale of 1 to 5 I've give it a solid 3 - not great, but respectable.

Pros: Fairly good environment. The pool and spa are very nice and well-maintained. Contrary to what other people have said, the maintenance team responds promptly and usually gets the job done. Also contrary to what other people have said, the management is tough but fair. As long as you don't give them any crap they'll treat you civilly and even be willing to do you small favors. Otherwise expect a very chilly reception; they've had to deal with far too many bad tenants. It's literally right next to a bus stop. Cons: Overpriced even for Davis. It's a good deal if you're living in a four or three bedroom apartment with roommates. Otherwise you're better off looking for more bang for your buck. Also, while everyone says this about every apartment complex in Davis, in this case it's very much true - the walls are paper thin. There's virtually no noise insulation. You'll hear your roommates, visitors, and neighbors walk into the bathrooms, watch TV, talk outside, etc. This isn't much of a problem if a) you don't mind noise and b) your neighbors respect the 10 PM quiet rule, but otherwise watch out. It's especially bad for people living in apartments adjacent to parking lots (e.g. me). The gym equipment, while functional, is dilapidated. Finally, despite being next store to a

Taking advantage of their roommate program is a bit of a gamble. On one hand, it's cheap and you get to live in a four-bedroom apartment, only having to pay rent for a single room - it's possible you'll only share it with one or two other people! On the other hand, you have no control over who moves in, meaning it's possible to get stuck with a very, very bad roommate. Many folks living in the roommate program apartments are foreign exchange students - quiet, considerate, and polite - or the rowdier kind of student or some species of 'bro' - loud, obnoxious, and rude. —TristanEifler

2011-03-01 17:12:47   This apartment complex is definitely catered more towards post-grad people. It is generally quiet and well maintained. The pool is always freezing because the buildings are so tall they do not get much sunlight, and it makes it difficult to go swim in the sun after work. Otherwise one of the biggest apartment pools in Davis and decently maintained. The gym is very lackluster and has old equipment and old paint. It makes for a bad workout environment in my opinion. I get pretty annoyed of the paid parking here, especially when I have a guest who wants to come over, but all the guest spots are full. Besides the little things that are common in almost every apartment in Davis, the management is great. Despite a bad misunderstanding between me and the manager before moving in, she and the staff have been really great. She says hello to me by name whenever she sees me and they have all been considerate since I've been laid off. Overall, know that the prices are high, but you get a generally quiet community and attentative staff. —David-D

2011-03-03 21:05:49   @ David_D - I've lived here at Greystone for 3 years and you know you can have your guests park at the Davis PD parking lot across the street with no ramifications, right? Particularly on weekends, this is very useful!

About Greystone: Awesome apartment complex. Yeah, it's definitely expensive, but you get what you pay for: Maintenance is spot-on, almost frighteningly fast whenever a problem has been found, my actual assigned parking spot is large enough for my fairly rotund vehicle, and contrary to other comments, I find the work out room to be more than adequate. There's a new treadmill in there to boot. I will be very sad to leave Greystone when I leave Davis. —AliziaMontauch

2011-08-13 23:54:55   I've lived here for an year. Apratment was a great place to live; clean and neat. We decided to leave here because of a disobliging staff(a manager), however, although other staffs were cool & sincere. Whenever I go to the office to pick up package, she rarely looks for my package and even stares me as a gatecrasher. It had happend since I told her I might not extend the lease. I'd like to say the Greystone apatrment itself is not that bad but one of the worst & rude manager right there! Anybody reluctants to extend the lease if she keeps treating tenants like that! —hyun

2011-08-17 23:25:17   Worst experience out of my 5 years in Davis. Does a good job luring you in with their deals, but slowly rip you off for the money you thought you saved AND more. Furthermore, they also fine you unexpectedly, there is no warning, no prior complaining, just a note clipped to your door with an amt. Nice big apartments (for show) everything breaks within the first week, we are all tiny girls, but things like towel rails just falls off, closet doors break -_-. Fire alarms started beeping the first week of move in as a sign of low battery. Lights were burning out, sinks were clogging. Our pg&e for 4 people is an average of 300-400 dollars, due to their poor electric efficient electronics, whether it's the laundry or AC, which we barely use. Maintenance comes in 2 to 3 days after you call in for service, but they only temporarily 'fix' everything. I think we've called maintenance in for the same thing 4 times in one month, eventually gave up, and just lived in poor condition using desk lamps and candles as bathroom and hall lights, going to laundry mats to do laundry rather than our own machines, and waiting 20 minutes between each person to use their clogging sinks. —JOCHEUNG

In response to User/KarisaSimmons I am not here to draw attention to any false accusation or unreasonable complaints as you have stated, if denying the problems of your tenant is the purpose of wiki then I came to the wrong place. I conceived wiki as not only a place of resources for others, but also ways to help management better improve themselves just like the purpose of any comments or reviews. In your defense, although we have encountered problems such as cigarette buds or beer bottles, that in no way connects with the quality of the apartment or the system itself. This doesn’t support or explain the frequently burnt out light bulbs, the low battery beeping fire alarms, the unopenable windows, the falling pieces of the apartment (closet door, toilet seats, handles) and more (notice I excluded the continuous clogging sinks and broken disposal giving the benefit of the doubt that it is a common issue but even then there are still a lot of maintenance that needs to be fixed). And don’t forget the first 2 months of living here, the whole house precipitated with dripping walls and fogged up windows because the drier was never attached properly, yet we civilly coped with it just like how we did with everything else for a whole year. Furthermore, you may have mistaken our apartment for housing more than 4 people because we’re often accompanied by our partners, who all have their own house or apartment and do not live here. And even if there were 8 people living in this exact complex it is not an excuse for the excessive problems. This is a 4 bedroom complex, many tenants usually have roommates or up to 8 people, if the cause of every problem I stated is due to your idea of excessive tenant then what you’re telling me is that greystone's 4 bedroom complexes are incapable of housing even 8 people before everything breaks. —JOCHEUNG

Also, Thank you for restating that fines do get posted on doors and not warnings. Moreover, if you’re making the accusation that we pay rent late ‘every’ month, you should double check the system because we have NEVER missed a due date. Furthermore, they probably fail to tell you that we even over paid one month's rent. In regards to guest, everyone here at one time or another have guest over, that’s why this apartment have guest parking. If there is a restriction or limitation as to what time guests have to go home then we should have been told so. Lastly, even without a warning or written complaint for the cigarette issue, we corporately paid the fine that was asked and even took the initiative to spend some hours to clean both up and downstairs of the apartment complex. We do care for our neighbors and was honestly unaware of the mess created because we do own a bud/ash tray and little did we think that they can be carried down by wind. On a similar note, I received a call when I was in Los Angeles saying that someone was throwing beer bottles from our balcony. I was in Los Angeles with 3 out of 4 of my housemates, so whether that was truly our apartment is still questionable, but regardless we still contacted the office, apologized, and genuinely cleaned the quad for you guys. So before you talk about others being disrespectful and irresponsible you should really ask yourself how much of that is in you for writing such a professional respond and telling me to walk to Safeway because you guys can’t manage to change a light bulb correctly. And feel free to walk by our apartment and peak inside to see how much electricity we use, it seems like we have lost all privacy anyways, don’t be surprise if it’s pitch dark and were all home. —JOCHEUNG

2011-08-24 00:13:04   This sort of back and forth is pretty amusing. It's like reality TV but on an internet forum. Is there anywhere on the wiki that organizes this type of dispute for my entertainment? Is it frowned upon that I enjoy this? —MikeyCrews

2011-08-24 03:05:51   If 'KarisaSimmons; is a manager, you are by far the worst manager speaking on professional terms. I have never heard of an office manager that "argues" back with a resident ESPECIALLY on a database. The only thing that you are proving is that you ARE wrong. Very unprofessional and I would not want to live in a place with poor management like "KarisaSimmons" as she is ONLY proving in being childish as to going back and forth "arguing" with a resident. If all managers/office employees were like you "Karisa," then Davis wouldn't have a wonderful community as it does. But luckily, I'm certain by what is seen HERE on these reviews that Karisa is the only one in the community of davis that treats their residents like crap. —Jennif07

2011-08-30 14:05:08   I have loved my apartment here for the past year, the grounds are overall very nice and I have nothing bad to say about the management personally, but today I had to finally send in a Better Business Bureau complaint about their questionable treatment of Tenant's Rights. I have pasted my letter to the BBB below.

Filed against : Stonesfair Management 2505 5th St. Davis CA 95616

Complaint Description: I am moving out of Greystone Apartments and would like to file a complaint about my tenancy there. Overall the management is rather pleasant and helpful with repairs and day-to-day routines, but there have been several alarming management style choices that are prompting me to write this complaint. The management at Greystone has repeatedly infringed on Tenant's Rights as outlined in the State of California Consumer Affaird publication: http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/landlordbook/catenant.pdf I have lived at Lakeshore apartments before (also Stonesfair Management), and had very few similar problems that I recall. Among other infringements (like trying to charge us for parking though our lease specified free parking spots) the management has left notices at our door that they would come for an unspecified "inspection" the day after, at any time during the business day, and that any pets should be vacated because they "couldn't be held responsible" if the pets got out (less than 48 hours notice, entry not requested, residents couldn't take the day off work to wait for them all day, and no maintenance reason specified). Management also assigned move-out inspections during normal work hours without consulting tenants and without a chance of rescheduling. The day before the inspection(today) I found out for the first time that I would have to vacate my apartment immediately after the inspection, which is scheduled for 9 am, (also not specified in my lease). I therefore have 15 hours less to move out of my apartment than expected. When a (rather cleanly) neighbor moved out of their apartment they were charged out of the deposit for carpet cleaning, painting walls, and unspecified "cleaning," which should at least partially have fallen under normal wear and tear, and therefore covered by the landlord. I expect they will do the same to my apartment and deposit. The management also requires 210 days of notice to renew the lease or vacate (just 3 months after a tenant moves in), which I understand isn't completely illegal, but isn't good business practice in my opinion either. I have tried to keep good faith and to function under the assumption that the landlord will treat the tenants fairly, but the number of discretions has led me to the assumption that Greystone Management has no understanding of Tenant's Rights whatsoever, and will do just about anything that suits them or will save them money. I am not sure if this stems from the fact that Stonesfair Management is at least in part based out of the state, and therefore unaware of California laws, or if this is just negligence.

Your Desired Resolution: I would like the Stonesfair Management to be fined in some way (or some other action taken by the BBB) to insure that Greystone Mangement respects Tenant Rights and that future residents aren't violated as well.

I am sorry to post this because I really have loved my apartment and overall the management has been very nice, but hopefully this will result in some changes to the Stonesfair Management practices. —LauraKoivunen

2011-10-03 17:42:20   I lived at Greystone for 2 years. Apartment is nice and safe but the management is a bunk of crooks. They ate my security deposit even though our apartment was clean. They purposely charge $130 for cleaning when by law if its $126 they can't charge you. Appliances are outdated. Corina the manager has the worst attitude. good luck dealing with her. —ucdavisgrad11

2011-10-03 18:05:07   I absolutely agree with the last comment. My husband and I lived at Greystone for a year, and it was not a good experience at all. The unit we were shown when we toured was not at all in comparable condition to the one we were actually rented - the one we were shown was a different layout and had been recently renovated, while our actual unit had not been. Management refused to show us our actual apartment prior to move-in. The garbage disposal was low quality and clogged at least twice. Maintenance was fairly quick in coming to repair it, though. The layout was incredibly awkward - tiny kitchen, small bedroom, HUGE bathroom for some reason... The countertops were tile and the grout was a mess to clean, and a few of the windows leaked slightly. The dishwasher did a terrible job, the fridge dripped, and the washer and dryer were tiny. It's also a bummer that there is no guest parking to speak of.

Our electric bill was not even close to what a previous poster mentioned, though. We paid about $60/month in power (gas and electric) for two people. We barely used our heat and AC, cooked hot meals twice a day and did about 4 loads of laundry per week. We ran three computers about 8-10 hours/day and each took about 15 minute showers daily. We put some drano in the sink once or twice, but it was nowhere near the worst place I've lived in terms of plumbing. A bill that high means lots of people using lots of power - I don't think it had anything to do with the low-quality appliances in the apartment.

Overall, my biggest concern with this place is the way they walk all over tenants' rights. They said in our lease that we would have free parking, then tried to charge us $30 per month. They tried to convince my husband to "just sign" the addendum agreeing to pay the parking fees, and that "we'll work it out later." Um, what? They tried to mandate an inspection for their own updates (not permitted by CA law), and to only give us a full-day window. When I complained, the manager argued with me, saying things like "Well, I'm sorry that you don't think it's reasonable, but that's how it's going to be." She told me that if I wasn't home, they would enter the apartment anyway (not permitted by CA law unless it is an emergency or under very specific conditions). Read anything they give you VERY carefully and demand the copy you are legally entitled to!

They did construction work right outside my window at 7am. That is, they set up the circular saw 6" from my bedroom window. I called to complain (since I worked nights at the time), and was told that they would go talk to the workers. Well, it turns out they never did. After three complaints to the office on consecutive days, I went and talked to the workers myself in my PJs. The workers moved right away, swearing that this was the first they had heard of it.

Neighbors were loud (screaming parties at 2am on a weekday), and I complained to them at least once a month for keeping me and my husband up until anywhere from 1am to 4am - this occurred despite a complex policy mandating 10pm-10am quiet hours. And this wasn't just one set of neighbors - we had at least 4 different neighboring units wake us up in the wee hours of the morning, including some in buildings across a lawn from us! For a place that seems to advertise being quiet and out of the way, this place was far from peaceful!!

We were good tenants - quiet, rent paid on time, fixed minor stuff around the apartment ourselves, etc., but we were just not at all happy with this complex. Luckily, when we had to leave early due to a military move, they were quite accommodating. The office staff were pretty inept, but they didn't try to fight us once we showed them the exact paperwork. They were fairly reasonable about the security deposit return. They charged us $250, I believe, for the fact that we ran the oven's self-clean but forgot to scrape off the stuff afterwards. A bit steep, but nowhere near some of the craziness I've heard about from other local property managers. They told us on move-in that they have a policy of charging all pet owners for steam cleaning the carpets, regardless of actual damage (illegal in CA), so maybe that was part of it.

Overall, I would encourage you to look elsewhere for housing. —MeganCleary

2011-11-01 16:24:26   I have lived at Greystone for 3 years and some of the problems posted here surprised me. Pros: I love the floor plan of our two bedroom ground floor apartment and its large, close to the floor windows. Since the windows are on the opposite sides of the building, there is always sunlight in some part of the apartment and it's easy to air the place. Washer and dryer in the apartment. They accept pets. The management takes Fedex and UPS packages which used to be an incredible pain in other apartments. The repairs are prompt, at some point they managed to install a new water heater (each apartment has its own and ours suddenly broke) in just two days. Compared to other apartments I lived in, insulation from noise upstairs is slightly better although far from perfect. The location is good for fitness-conscious: within running distance (1-2 miles) from two health clubs (DAC and Peak Performance), and the best yoga studio in Davis (Kaya yoga) is just down the street on 5th. The best bakery in Davis (Konditorei, $$) is just across the street, and it's very nice to be able to get freshly baked pastries early in the morning without the hassle of driving. Cons. Parking - payed as extra and have to make sure the designated spot is close to your apartment (which is not obvious at all, you might end up with a long walk). Bicycle parking can actually be more of a pain since each quadruplex of apartments has a single outdated rack that can accommodate three bikes, you do the math. Hood in the kitchen is recirculating (just blowing air through a filter, as opposed to being ducted to the outside) so it does not really do anything and I had to give up using electric grill. Recently the rules have changed and the rent check is expected to be in within three days (I think) or there is a fee. Other notes. Unlike some other posts I haven't had any unpleasant experiences with the management. Overall, the buildings and appliances are rather old but well maintained. I haven't had noisy neighbors in these 3+ years. I might have been somewhat traumatized by my previous experiences in other apartments (picture a broken washer in a common laundry room unwilling to give up the wet load of 85% of all my clothes) but living at Greystone has been a pleasant experience so far. —anatolys

2011-12-22 16:17:55   Awful management that cheats you.

I lived at Greystone last year and my housemates and I haven't even received our security deposit yet. It's already been 4 months. Not only that, after many phone calls and emails we find out that we're only getting $40 of our $600 security deposit. You've GOT to be kidding me. We were very clean housemates and scrubbed our apartment down before we left (bathrooms, sinks, vacuumed carpets). They charged us about $200 each for painting the walls, cleaning the carpets, and just "cleaning." After disputing their charges, the manager then said that it was because we lived in a model. The walls didn't even look freshly painted when we moved in and unnecessarily painting walls should not be our responsibility. Even after charging us enormous amounts for painting and carpet cleaning, they still charged us heavily on "cleaning." Only the kitchen and 2 tiny bathrooms are left - it couldn't possibly cost about $200 to clean them (even if we haven't scrubbed them down). We asked for a price negotiation and they've stopped replying. Absolutely fantastic, Greystone.

Not only are you NOT a 7 minute bike ride from campus (15 minutes on average for a 2 mile bike ride with stop and go traffic) and horribly inconvenient because you're in the middle of NO WHERE with ONE bus line running ever 20 or so minutes, you're liars and cheats.

Word of advice, don't live here. There are much better prices with better locations elsewhere. —jiminycrickets

2012-05-18 13:43:54   The management is very helpful and considerate. They care about your personal needs. I was having trouble with neighbors who were playing loud music and talking too at night when I was trying to sleep. It was kind of becoming disturbing. And I was able to just make a noise complaint to the management and they were able to intervene for me. Also Greystone has monetary security that patrols the complex at night and so if there is a problem your having or if there is any disturbance the momentary security should intervene on your behalf.

I like the apartment complexes in and of themselves. They are clean and have up to date appliances. The apartments are very spacious and you pay for the quality. I'm glad that they have a 24 hour clubhouse and computer lab with about at least 12 computers. IF your needing to use the internent late at night there is wire less in the clubhouse also.

The management is very nice. the maintenance staff immediately responds to your request and makes sure to fix things on the spot. And you are never charged for the things that need repair.

Also each apartment unit has it's own laundry —washer and dryer. This is a big convenience so that you don't have to go out of your apartment to do laundry.

I feel comfortable at Greystone. I appreciate that there is are quiet hours between 10 pm and 10 am. So that if you need to study you can quietly or if you need to sleep early. Again, if there is every a disturbance you can just report it to the management and they will take they will intervene and make sure those hours are honored.

Greystone is a very safe place.

Additionally, there is a private shuttle they have that can take you to campus, this works great for you. From 7 am to 5pm the bus goes back and forth from campus to the apartment complex. The shuttle is A class. Additionally if you need to take the Unitran there is a stop also right infront of the complex. From 7 am to 11 pm.

Greystone is a good place to live. :) —AmieSulaimian

2012-09-06 16:36:15   My girlfriend and I just moved in to Greystone. The office staff and the maintenance people are incredibly hard working and dedicated! They go above and beyond what any other apartment complex I have ever lived at. Also, the prices and ammenities of Greystone make it an unbeatable complex to live at. I highly recommend living here (if you can be lucky enough to find an available room)! —AlexSobieski

2013-04-06 13:29:24   Our friends recommended on Greystone and we don't regret on choosing it. Greystone is a quite place, made up well and the service is good and careful. For example, our refrigerator had been broken and on the next day, the office brought another one. This place is close to Target, Safeway (grocery stores) and to the schools in Davis. There is a organized parking that is close to the apartment. in Greystone, there is a big pool, Jacuzzi, computer lab and a gym. Greystone is expensive a bit, but the staff is arranging lots of activities and BBQ. I definitely liked it and would recommend the place to anyone. —benvrad

2013-05-08 23:02:21   ———————-Rooms Available—————— Greystone Apartments

Right on the A line plus we have a shuttle just for Greystone residents that goes to and from the MU and Silo every 30 min!

Time Period: Sep 5, 2013-Aug 31, 2014

Price: $690 for own room or with roommate $345 each

Gender preference: Male preferred but female is ok

Housemates: 4 guys If you want more info just send me a message mptaylor@ucdavis.eduMichaelTaylor

2013-07-03 19:46:29   I've lived at Greystone for a year. I made an arrangement with someone in their office to move out early at no cost. He left suddenly and unexpectedly, and now I'm in the hole for 2 months rent. (~$2,400). I have a voicemail indicating their promise which I forwarded along to the front office. The response from their beautifully renovated front office? Tough shit, should have got it in writing. If you plan on living here, be sure get signatures on everything. —makkennedy

2013-07-15 20:40:49   Why advertise a basketball court when the rim is completely unusable? —JohnDoe123

2013-09-26 16:01:52   It's not a super bad place to live. However, don't expect much. Sometimes it could be painful living here. The walls are paper thin. You can hear your neighbor's talk and voices from TV. Worst of all, they ate your deposit. Even after they said your home maintained very clean, they almost took ALL your deposit. —JJason

2013-09-27 16:19:54   I've lived at the Greystone Apartments for at least 2 years or more. They've made a lot of changes since I first arrived and most of the changes, if not all, have been for the better. The staff is wonderful. They really make you feel at home and boost the sense of a friendly community. Ashley and Marcia at the front deserve special mention for their devotion to quality service. Ashley has the drive to pursue issues ailing tenants and helping them find solutions. Marcia has the kind of work ethic that you find in hard workers that enjoy what they do. The apartments themselves are very nice and clean. Every turnover the staff bends over backwards to make sure their new tenants move in with a feeling of safety and security. Greystone also offers roommate programs for students who are pursuing their education. The intake forms help to insure everyone is grouped properly and have as little conflict as possible. The superintendents, especially my buddy Alex, are all very hardworking and respond to issues in a prompt manner and have a very friendly attitude toward the tenants. Greystone has recently begun a shuttle service that has a very reliable schedule that you can easily follow. Jason, the very social shuttle driver, brings his training as a Unitrans employee to the Greystone team. The first time I rode with Jason I was watching everything he did with great scrutiny. He uses decisive judgment and makes the safety of his passengers his top priority. The pros of living at Greystone outweigh any cons you might find thanks to the teamwork the staff brings to the community. Whether you're renting temporarily, or for long-term I suggest you put Greystone at the top of your list of places to research. —Shallscribe

2013-11-14 14:02:07   I have lived in Greystone for about 3 months now, in one of the 2 Bedroom units, and have had a very positive experience overall. The management must have made some changes between all of the negative reviews from a couple years back and the present, because I have not had any of the issues with them that others have discussed living here.

The management staff is great. Very friendly and helpful if I have questions about anything, or need to put in a maintenance request. They are very accessible (when you call, you get a person, not an answering service), and the office is open weekends and past 5 PM on weekdays, which means anyone with a 9-5 can still stop in and physically talk to the management. They give lots of notice if they have to enter the unit so I can arrange for my cat not to freak out. No complaints.

The maintenance staff is also awesome. Ed and Alex are very nice and very helpful. Yes, stuff breaks/stops working once in a while, as it would in any house or apartment. But Ed and Alex are very responsive and get things fixed quickly. When we moved in, we had an issue with our dishwasher. They tried to fix it, and it didn't work still, so they installed a brand new one. Same with our oven. Friendly, quick, hard working, and professional. Again, no complaints.

As far as pest control goes, we saw one or two little roaches when we first moved in, but they're gone now. Pest control comes every week.

Our apartment itself is huge. The kitchen is big with lots of cabinet and counter space, large dining area, flows nicely into the living room. One of the bedrooms is connected to the bathroom (which is also HUGE and has double sinks), which I love. Washer and dryer in unit are also awesome. I was skeptical about being on the ground floor because I like lots of natural light and the property has lots of trees, but the windows are large and it stays nice and bright in here during the day. All the windows have screens as well, so lots of fresh air when you want it. We have neighbors on both sides and above us. Never hear the ones on the sides, sometimes we can hear the upstairs tenants walking around or their washer/dryer when it's running, but it's really not a big deal at all and it's typically very quiet.

My complaints are few and minor. The kitchen and bathroom have fluorescent lights, which personally I am just not a fan of, so I used a couple of my own lamps instead. My patio is nice, but any chairs/etc. left out there get very dusty very quickly, and the whole thing could probably use a power wash. Yes, you have to pay for parking if you have more than one car associated with your apartment. This means your rent will not be $x, it will be (ex. for two cars) $x+15, just keep it in mind as a part of the price of the apartment as you're looking. And it is really nice to always have the same parking spot right in front of the apartment. Request a space number when you fill out the parking form in September! I will agree though that guest parking spaces are pretty few and far between.

As far as amenities go (and this is really not a big deal to me, I live in the apartment, not the club house), the workout room is nice but only has a couple machines, and the pool is big, but last time I was there the water was a bit debris-filled (I'm not sure if this is typical or not). Bring your own paper to the computer lab though and print for free! I would enjoy being a bit closer to downtown (walking is ~30 min), but it's a fairly quick bike ride if you take 2nd street (~10-15 min), and the bus picks up right out front. Haven't tried out the shuttle yet.

Overall I really like living at Greystone, and assuming things continue to go as well as they have, we will probably stay for a couple years. The property is pretty and well-maintained, quiet, has a great staff, and I love my apartment. You definitely get what you pay for here, in a good way. No major issues, great place to rent! —BeckyR

2014-07-17 14:51:08   July 2014 I lived at Greystone for almost 4 years and have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the place since Ashley Shipman began working in the office in March 2012. The corporate office did a very poor job of transferring to new management around that time and sent me a notice of non-payment of rent threatening me with eviction even though I had paid my rent on time every month that I had lived there. Ashley helped to straighten this out and I haven't had a problem with it since. From the time they hired Marcia and then Tara I have no complaints except that I wish they would leave good managers in place and not transfer them around so frequently. When I had to move out suddenly, Ashley helped me find a new tenant so that I could transfer my lease and made it as painless as it could be. She did this even though it did not benefit the owners directly, but I hope they realize how important customer service is. Any problems I've had with the apartment have always been promptly repaired. Rent is higher than some places, but the washer/dryer in the apartment and the current responsive management team add value. - Anonymous

2014-09-19 21:52:58   This is a very bad place to live if you are a student and serious about your school. The parties here are very loud into midnight and the drunks will do all sorts of crazy things. Some nights those parties will continue way after 4:00am. The old air conditionings here are also very loud. Even with all your windows closed, you will feel like living in an airport with all those wooooo noise constantly, especially during hot summer days. The worst of all, even you leave your apartment flawless clean after you move out, your chance of getting your deposit back is near zero. They will come up all sorts of reasons to suck your deposit until it's near zero. So after my one year of living here, my opinion is keep your distance from this place. —timcook

2015-02-13 18:52:56   I'm a student at UCD and I'm thinking of living here next year. I've been reading through the comments, and I've noticed a lot of negative ones from a few years back and positive ones recently. I'd really like to know if there is still an issue with deposits being taken away, or any other recent issues that have come up? —tychris

2016-10-18: Hello tychris, I am a current representative of Greystone Apartments, and after reading some of the reviews from the past, I would like to update you on what Greystone is like in the current year. I read a lot about not being able to get your deposit back. Prior to all move outs we provide a list of issues to look for, including what and where to clean. In addition we offer pre-move out inspections to help you as resident understand what/where you potentially need to clean. Charges can be avoided by returning the unit to the same level of cleanliness it was in at the inception of the tenancy. If anything is deducted from a deposit, receipts are provided for the work done and materials used. And as far as noise complaints and disturbances after hours, we do offer a security service that patrols anywhere from twice to three times a night. There is also a number that we provide that allows residents to contact the patrol service if there are any disturbances. Lastly, we provide the non-emergency number to the police station, which is right across the street. I hope this clears up any concerns you or any future tenants may have, and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at 530-758-2200, or atgreystone@stonesfair.com. Thank you :)

2016-03-04 15:56:08   As a representative of Greystone I encourage anyone who is dissatisfied to contact us directly. We are here to help our residents/past residents and want your experience to be pleasant. We have responded to a few of the dissatisfied individuals below with messages regarding your concerns and I hope you contact us directly to clear up any questions, misunderstanding, and/or issues. Thank you for your comments and concerns. —ArlieRighos

2020-07-15 19:33:54   This apartment was like living in actual hell. The air conditioner broke, and when we reported that it wasn't working, staff did nothing to fix the problems. The bugs were awful and disgusting. The staff is beyond horrible. These are the worst women I have ever met in my life. They gaslit us when we complained of not having a working stove and oven. We also complained about the AC and NOTHING WAS DONE. My room was 115 degrees in the summer and they refused to do anything. —naomiweizman

 Hello Naomi, we are very sad to hear about your experience. Our normal turn around for maintenance repairs is 24hrs and for pest issues we come by weekly, if need be. We have looked through our past maintenance records and noticed there were a good amount stove burner issues although our maintenance team moved forward to replace the stove with a new one. As for our records regarding you past HVAC issues, they convey that your bedroom space was located on the top floor, in the direct afternoon sun, and your room was furthest away from the HVAC unit. The AC temp coming out of the vents were in the correct range therefore with these situations we always suggest closing windows/blinds especially prior to the 90-100+ degree summer days. As for the pest information, our records convey that we did inspect and treat as needed. Some pest issues are easy to clear up right away and some take longer pending the pest type/apartment status. Unfortunately, pest issues and maintenance issues do occur whether a property/apartment is new or old. Sometimes it is the case where we must reinspect/repair a few times prior to moving forward to replace/do alternate work. Again, we are very sorry to see this review. We truly wish we could have provided a better experience for you. Regardless thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. ArlieRighos