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216 F Street #127
(530) 219-6881
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Larry D. Guenther
May 2002

Mr. Guenther does all types of work from assembling IKEA furniture to built-in cabinetry (see below) and everything in between - basic handyman stuff, fix-it lists, remodels and more. He specializes in finish carpentry including trim work, facias and molding, including crown molding. He does small and large projects and works with the clients to maximize their enjoyment of the finished work.

He is a licensed contractor (CCL #861285), is bonded and can take care of all permit issues. He has an extensive list of references available upon request.

The majority of his work at this time is from repeat business and client referrals.

Samples of his work

A surround was made to match the six-panel, douglas-fir doors found in the rest of the house except the panels are serpentine tiles to match the border around the hearth and the surfaces of the woodstove. This is an example of a craftsman style.

A surround was made of Oak with fluted columns abd a bead at the top to break them up. It has a dental crown molding as a capital and an arched span. It is in the Federalist style.

More definition between the kitchen and the adjacent room? Added a false beam with pendant lights over the counter. Required lowering the left-hand cabinet and re-installing its trim.

Space-saver project. Custom built-ins seem to have gone the way of the dodo, but some people see opportunity where others see frustration. This is more of a modernist style.

Here, the client wanted casing and window sills, but also wanted something a little different than just the standard molding treatment. Cherry and Alder baseboard, fireplace trim, window sills, casing and facing. Created a custom stain since no stain was available in colors chosen by the client.

Originally an odd tunnel construction in the entryway. Removed this and left part of the wall to specifically suit it to a piece of art. Mimicked the curve of the art piece in the top of the stub wall and created a 'window' in the wall so that the doors of the piece open. This is a western Mission styling.

Simpe wall hanging. Art deco styling.

Plain support post? Created a trim pattern and completed it in the art deco style that inspired the Empire State Building.


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2009-11-19 11:38:40   Did some plumbing work (snaked drains in bathroom vanity and tub) and trimmed my Magnolia tree and mended the fence and gate. Did a good job! I definitely will use his services again for other handyman repairs. Thanks Larry! —NDennis

2011-03-17 02:31:46   I have spoken with Larry on several occasions and have spoken to a few of his prior customers as well. Personally, he;s a great guy, friendly, honest and hardworking. From what I have heard about his work, it is worth the time and the cost. —Wes-P

2011-03-17 19:17:55   I swear I've seen the Guenther name around town for a while... —StevenDaubert