Gulraj "Gul" Gill is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election running as an independent.

Candidate Statement

Hi Aggies!

My name is Gulraj ‘GUL’ Singh Gill, and I am running independently to be your ASUCD Senator. I am a third year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior (NPB) major who wants to be a doctor and provide accessible healthcare in developing countries after I graduate from UC Davis.. I got the opportunity to come to Davis four years ago from India, and I have been a proud Aggie since then. My concept of education doesn’t stop at the academic level, I believe it is also about being prepared for the realities and challenges beyond the classroom. Therefore I plan on providing the students of UC Davis a better and informative experience through ASUCD.

I have been involved in ASUCD for the past two years as both a bus driver for Unitrans and a legislative aide for Lobby Corps. I also volunteer with the American Red Cross in the Davis community and at the UC Davis Medical Center emergency room. My experience within ASUCD and outside of it through various clubs and student groups will allow me to represent students who have not felt represented well by ASUCD in the past.


1. Increasing the amount of testing vending machines.

Studying is time intensive and students shouldn’t have to waste their precious last minutes before midterms and finals to scramble around for blue books, pens, pencils, scantrons. The existing vending machines and bookstore on our large campus are not enough. I plan on working with the bookstore to get more testing vending machines near study spots such as the Student Community Center, the ARC, and the MU.

2. Preparing UC Davis students for life after college.

The universities main priority should be preparation for life after college. That means providing: -More internship and shadowing opportunities so students enter the workforce with experience. -Ensuring and educating student about financial independence and basic financial skills. I plan on building a stronger connection between ASUCD and the Internship and Career Center(ICC) so that students have the opportunities on campus to be prepared for life after graduating from UC Davis.

3. Making professor’s office hours available when registering for classes

As the size of our classes increases, the professor’s office hours are often the only way the professor will remember you or help you to succeed in their class. Interaction with professors is not only informative but sometimes also necessary to get the edge one needs to succeed in class. Often students are unable to attend these office hours since they are released after students have fixed their schedule for the quarter. If elected, I will advocate for professor’s office hours to be released along with the class timings so students can adjust their schedules and succeed in their classes.

I believe that by being independent, I can listen and advocate for you and what you believe. If you want a transparent and accessible ASUCD Senator please remember to vote Gulraj “GUL” Gill #1 for ASUCD Senate on Feb. 18-21 at


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