Hacky Sack Is For Fun Club (HSIFFC)

Note: This club is just for fun, noncompetitive, open to everyone, and not associated with anything.


Next: Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 at Central Park in Davis - About 2pm

Old Meetings:

First official meeting of HSIFFC happened at the Whole Earth Festival 2010 on Sunday, May 9th, 2010. Even though it rained we had some good hacky sacking. Most people didn't know that we were a club, but we hacked just the same.

A meeting involves hacky sack! Bring one to the meetings! If you don't have one then don't worry about it. Just make sure to bring yourself!


Mateo Danger Man (aka Number 6) Roger The Passer Abri Zen Master Dave The Destroyer Zack Attack Spencer Braveheart

What is it?

"Hacky Sack" is the brand name of a "footbag", but no one calls it a footbag so we just say hacky sack.

A little girl came by one time in Davis while we were hacking and said "hocky sock" so you may hear reference to that as well.

From Wikipedia: "The classic hacky sack circle consists of two or more players that keep the footbag off the ground without using their hands." (Read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacky_sack)

There are all sorts of names for different moves, but we keep it simple here. These are from the founding member's circle of friends and may not reflect what you call these moves. You are welcome to add more.

Da Basics:

Foot kick: - Top foot (Classic Kick) - Inside foot (Zen) - Outside foot (European) - Bottom foot (Soul Kick or You've Got So Much Soul Kick)

Knee kick

Chest hit

Head hit

Shoulder hit

Elbow hit (Chicken Wing)

Stalls. You can stall the hack using just about any part of the body. Just not your hands! Also note, some people wear hats and a stall on a hat is perfectly legal. A common stall is one where the person uses their chin to pin the hacky sack to their shoulder or chest. Another common stall is on the top of the foot.

Hack - This term has multiple meanings. It can be a short version of "hacky sack" so someone could say, "Let's go hack" or something like "I'll hack it to you." It is also used when everyone in the circle gets the hacky sack at least once. This is usually the goal of a hack circle to get the hacky sack to everyone so you can declare that a hack has been achieved. How many hacks can your circle get?

Da Interesting Bits:

Marching Band - The hacker does all of her kicks using her knees in this move and usually involves alternating from one knee to the other.

Over The Rainbow - The hacker kicks the hacky sack using his outside foot, the hacky sack flies over the hacker's head, and then he uses his other foot to do another outside foot kick. name ref

Riverdance - The hacker kicks the hacky sack using one inside foot and then switches to her other inside foot. name ref1 name ref2

Turkey Chest - The hacker hits the hacky sack using his chest while both hands are resting on his hips.

Down the Jib - After the hacker stalls the hack on her head, she then lets it drop back down into play. name ref

Twiki Hit - The hacker hits the hacky sack with his hips. The name is in reference to the gyrating robot in Buck Rogers.

Da Misc Terms:

Solo Mission - This is when a hacker leaves the hacking circle while keeping the hacky sack in the air. After 3-5 kicks, it is common for the other hackers to start singing the theme music to the original Star Trek, Mission Impossible, or Gilligan's Island. This is to remind the solo missionist to return to the hack circle.

Pelvic Triangle - This is when a hacker goes for an inside foot kick, misses it, and the hacky sack goes through the hole created from this move which happens to be a triangle shaped hole between both legs. The reference here is to the Bermuda Triangle where things are said to become lost.

Shoe Commercial - This is where multiple people in a hack circle all try to go for the hacky sack in the middle. All their shoes come up at once. Even if you are barefoot, you could say that this is a commercial against shoes.

Black Hole - This is when the hacky sack lands in the middle of the circle. name ref

Dead Zone - This is the space between two hackers where neither of them can reach it. name ref

Use The Force - This is when the hacker goes for a kick behind them where they cannot see it. name ref

The Day The Earth Stood Still - This is when the hacky sack lands on the ground and no one moves to get it. name ref

Footloose - Describes a hacker who can hacky sack with a very fluid motion. name ref

Piate (pronounced Pee-ate) - This is when a hacker hits another hacker with the hacky sack intentionally. This is normally done with force and speed. The name comes from the sound effect hackers sometimes use when doing this maneuver.

Don't Tase Me Bro! - When someone doesn't want to get piated. name ref

Flame On! - This is when a hacker gets in the zone and hacks with great skill. The name is in reference to the great hacker, La Flame.

Bruce Lee Has Taught You Well - This can reference any moves of great skill that are usually going outside of the hack circle and it looks like there is no way the hacker could possibly get it, but does. It usually involves backwards hook kicks or round house kicks. name ref

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