The California Vehicle Code recognizes several hand signals. In Davis they are mostly used by bicyclists.

  • Left arm straight out — signals a left turn or lane change
  • Left arm out, hand pointing up, or right arm straight out — signals a right hand turn
  • Left arm down at 45 degrees — signals a stop

Other (unofficial) hand signals include:

  • Raised middle finger — You nearly killed me because you were trying to get the yogurt out of the bottom of that cup, please pay more attention to driving
  • Thumbs up — Thanks for putting that cup of yogurt down while you were driving and waiting for me to cross the street.
  • Peace sign — general acknowledgement of each other's existence, or "thanks for letting me go first".


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2011-09-17 15:33:12   Thanks for this page! Not a lot of people know or use these signals and I'm sure that Officer Neves has had to explain this routine countless times.