View from the Mace Boulevard overpass, Fall 2006

**This page is here for historical purposes only. Some of the below information is inaccurate.

5080 Chiles Road
Ford and general sales, service & parts: (530) 231-8100
Nissan: (530) 231-3000
Davis Auto Care:

**This page is here for historical purposes only.

Hanlees no longer has any dealerships at 5080 Chiles Road. Hanlees Ford moved to 5000 Chiles Road, but closed down in February 2010; it is currently occupied by Davis Auto Care & Fleet Service Center and Hertz Rent-A-Car. There still is a Hanlees Nissan in Davis, but it's now located at 5009 Chiles Road. Its new wiki page can be found here.



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2006-03-10 12:47:36   We bought our Nissan from this dealer when it was called Chase Ford-Nissan and took it here regularly for oil changes and service because the location was convenient. Service was satisfactory until last week when we took it in for its 75,000 service and asked them to check out a smell. They quoted $1500 for repairs but then we took it to Redfield Machine who found no problems that needed fixing. Very upsetting. —LillianChow

2006-03-23 19:16:50   Brought car in for clutch job=750.00. When I picked the car up and started driving it the third gear would grind everytime I tried to shift into it. Don't they usually test drive a car after fixing it? Called them back and they said they would look at it, quoted me 2200.00 to replace transmission after having vehicle for 4 days. Had it repaired elsewhere for less than 1000. I would stay away from this place —DudeNude

2006-04-09 19:57:06   I just had a pretty weird experience at Hanlee's Nissan. I arrived to pick up my car and was asked to pay the bill (over $250) but wasn't ("couldn't" according to the service guy) provided with an invoice or any sort of itemized receipt for the work that was done. I was told that they couldn't close out the account because they had provided a rental car, but not to worry, that they would mail me one. This seemed fishy and I was not comfortable paying so much with no receipt or proof of what had been done. I ended up leaving in the rental and refused to pay until I get a receipt, which will hopefully happen on Monday. Still, they have my car and I've now spent 2 hours of needless trips and waiting at Hanlee's. Not sure if there is some sort of scam going on here, or just people being lazy, but it seemed very unusual. —SusanCameron

2007-03-01 15:47:59   We made the mistake of purchasing a new car from them in ‘04. They accidentally sold the vehicle we originally signed papers for to someone else and told us it would cost more to get another vehicle with the color and specs we wanted so we had to take a car we weren’t satisfied with in order not to pay more. We had repeated issues with the new vehicle before we had put 100 miles on it and had to keep our new car for repairs for over a month and the car still had issues. We only take our car to them for maintenance work under warranty. The last time I brought the car in I let them know I only wanted warranty repairs done. They let me know I need a belt replaced and it would cost $150. I declined the service and suddenly looking at our car cost $105. My car is still under warranty but I will not ever take any of my cars back to the Nissan Service Center in Davis or buy a new car from them. Watch your back if you choose to do business with them! —HenBurnell

2007-03-01 16:37:38   The key to my Ford car snapped in half and I went to Hanlee Ford to get a replacement key. They quoted me $145. $40 for the key and $105 for the programming. (The key has a chip.) I went to Ron Dupratt Ford in Dixon then and they quoted me $72 for the same item. $27 for the key and $45 for programming. Less than half Hanlee's price! That was my only experience with Hanlee and I'm now inclined to make the drive to Dixon for future servicing. —SteveGreen

2007-03-07 18:31:30   Jobs or careers —EricaFoster

2007-03-07 19:15:00   I pick jobs. —JaimeRaba

2007-03-15 14:22:11   Those idiots are the Nissan are useless, I wanted to ask the service rep how stupid do they think I must be. One of my headlight bulbs blew out (which is obviously covered under warranty) and they tried to charge me $130 to replace the bulb. After I asked them why it cost so much, they acted like I was wasting their time. I took it to the Vacaville dealership, and they replaced it for free. Make the extra drive to Vacaville, and don't bother with these idiots. —DonaldJaye

2007-05-18 20:19:42   I tried to do business with Joe from the Ford dealership and he was so arrogant and such a jerk that I left and will never do business with any of the Hanlees dealerships. And recommend you DON’T either! —kmc

2007-06-18 19:14:22   I CAN NOT AND WILL NOT recommend Hanlees nissan to anyone trying to buy a car from there! I traded a toyota in there and financed a nissan car over 2 months ago, However , they were supposed to pay off the old car and DIDNT so toyota financial credit continued to take automatic payments from my bank!I did stop automatic payments on the same day I traded the toyota in, but Toyata cant stop taking payments unless they recieve a check from Hanless or they will send me to collections.You know how bad that looks on credit report? To this Day I am still trying to get my money back for a car I dont have and HANLEES NISSAN of DAVIS still has NOT payed it off even though they TOLD me(about a week ago) they were sending a overnight check to Toyota and all was good. —elijah

2007-07-24 12:18:02   They told me I needed belts replaced and it would cost me an arm and a leg. I took my car to another mechanic when he looked at my belts he said they were good as new. Nice try Hanlees! —Hen

2007-08-01 14:09:46   Brought my pickup in for service at Hanlees Ford. Was treated friendly and with courtesy. The truck was ready when promised and the price was exactly what was quoted. Will continue using Hanlees Ford for all my service needs. —SHELBYT


2007-12-16 14:09:46   I Bought a used vehicle from this dealership 7 months ago, and the transmission and steering siezed on me on the highway yesterdat. My car is completely useless and I am out 5 grand. Do NOT purchase a used car from this place. —AllanRae

Please note that the comments from both SHELBYT and TIMBER were made from the same internet address and give the appearance of sockpuppeting.

2007-12-18 04:33:58   I have had strange luck/experiences with Hanlees Ford, and I will not return. To be fair, the people I've dealt with have always been very courteous. Also, I think my roommate has brought her car here once or twice for services made under warranty and her car is fine, although it is newer than mine. Two years ago I brought my car in because a light on the console indicated that the engine needed to be checked. I was told they needed to replace an electrical part and it would be ready the next day, but it wasn't ready for nearly two weeks. Irritating, but not horrible. Six months later I brought my car in before winter break for a regular service and it came out fine, but when I got back from winter break my rear brake had fused itself to the wheel with rust, and my car-savy friends said that someone should've spotted that much rust during the service check. Despite the slow service one time, and the total miss of my rusty brake problem, I took my car for its scheduled maintenance 6 months ago, and it came out fine. The next day as I'm driving home, one of the hoses connected to the transmission bursts. My car has to be towed the rest of the way, and my mechanic at home has to replace my transmission.

I'm not saying that Hanlees is destroying my car, but it breaks down every time I bring it in, I don't know what they are charging me for because they have yet to notice any of the things that go wrong with my car. —Carley

2008-02-15 14:36:25   Hanlee Ford's lot is empty. Did they go out of business or move? —SteveGreen

2008-02-26 12:13:06   To answer my own question, Hanlees Ford did not close. They moved a block west on Chiles, to the empty lot where the Pontiac/Buick/GMC used to be. That dealership DID close. —SteveGreen

2008-05-22 20:27:58   I went to Hanlee's Ford after driving across the country with my F150. I told the guy at the desk, Greg, that my truck was making a strange sound. They had my truck for 2 days and were unable to replicate the sound (that I heard any time my truck was turned off for 20 minutes). In the mean time I explained the problem to my friend (who, without seeing the problem correctly diagnosed it). Greg told me in a very condescending manner that the truck has probably always made this so-called "sound" and that I never noticed it. They brought my truck back out and I told him that it was still making the sound. It was coming from under the car (the exhaust)...they explained it away by trying to say that I lead them to believe that it was under the hood. Anyway, after this, Greg started to talk to me in a very sleezy way. He was completely trying to butter me up since he pretty much told me that I'm a dumb chick that doesn't understand trucks. Every time I went there after that, he made me feel very uncomfortable by saying "Hi Beautiful" when I arrived. When he called me to let me know the vehicle was ready, he would say "Hi, it's Greg" as if I had been thinking about him and knew who he was. He even complained to me about "an Asian woman" who kept calling him to find out what was wrong with her vehicle. VERY unprofessional. Never going back! —jglovicz

2008-07-22 12:43:55   When Hanlees moved and forgot to tell me, and then even worse, when my trusted service people were no longer working there, I was very suspicious they were on a slippery slope to bad service. I cringed when I took my truck in for a high mileage check in. BUT I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. Ray is great, let me get away with the minimal, not overpriced, service recommendations, and gave my truck a clean bill of health. NO sheistiness whatsoever. On my way to pick it long as nothing goes wrong in the next month, I will be happy with this service and I will definitely go back. —HillaryThomas

2008-08-09 12:47:48   I took my Lightning to Hanlees Ford and was pleasantly surprised....Greg seemed very nice and was intrested in all I had to say...he did not make me feel uncomfortable at bill was as we had surprises and the truck was ready when promised....I will be back.....


2008-08-28 11:26:14   Do not believe Hanlee Ford's advertisement from the Davis ad booklet, they published this coupon for oil change $19.95 (synthetic oil more), when you bring your car in, they'll tell you they only use synthetic oil, so they'll charge you $10 more, what a trick to get people in, dishonesty like that is not worth doing business with. When will these people learn that one can do much more business with honesty and integrity especially with your neighbors, word gets around. Try Center Auto near the police station in Davis, I'm totally trust them. Wake up Hanlee Ford!!


2008-09-15 20:00:51   I read Waii's comments and had the same experience today. My $26.95 oil change coupon turned into a $95 oil change. A kinds of hidden charges and additions that were never mentioned in the coupon or by the service manager - for example automatically put in synthetic oil and some special $35 oil additive. Lame ecuses why they did this. The coupon is a phony and their business practices shady. Go anywhere but here if you want to be treated honestly and up front. They try to treat you like some idiot. Maybe I am for reading the previous comment and still going to Hanlee's Ford! —DavRes

2008-10-08 13:23:58   I have had a similar experience to several other people here. Service mailers come with great sounding deals, but when you get there the price goes up for some reason or other. It's nice to spend money here in town, but is it worth getting ripped off? I think not. —JasonSR

2008-11-10 14:29:06   I took my car to this dealer for most maintenance jobs for about 8 years while I was in Davis. Looking back on those 8 years, they did an okay job. However, there are two things that I must warn you about. For one, they replaced my license frame with their own without my permission, so instead of saying "San Jose blah blah" (where I first bought it), it now has "Davis Hanlees" on it, which is free advertising for them. Secondly, they had told me I had problems with my car (specifically front cranking seal leaking oil and outter CV boots torn) last year. The weird thing is that I had just gotten those specific parts (which were apparently common issues to old sentras) replaced somewhere else 6 months before that and not to mention the amount the money I had spent on that. They told me I could wait on replacing those parts since I told them I was broke and didn't have money to fix it. So this year (about a month ago) I moved to another city and took my car in to a different dealer for a routine oil change and asked them to check if there's anything wrong with my car. They came back and told me "Sir, it looks like you've taken really good care of your car. There's NOTHING WRONG with it." I was stunned and asked them if they really checked the cranking seal and CV boots, they told me they did and found NOTHING WRONG with it. The only explanation I can think of is that the report from Hanlees Nissan was false and I was blatantly lied to! Anyways, I hope those of you who take your car in should be wary of comment/suggestions from this dealer for parts replacement. It's always better to ask for a second opinion. —Aleck