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Hanlees Toyota/Scion is a car dealership that offers new Toyota and Scion vehicles and various brands of used cars, trucks, and SUVs, including Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. There is also a Toyota rent-a-car on site, as well as a Toyota service center and parts store. Hanlees Chevrolet is no longer at this location. It has its own dealership at 4989 Chiles Road, east of Mace Blvd.

Toyota also makes cars under the Lexus luxury brand, however the closest Lexus dealership is in Sacramento.

Comments about the former and current locations also can be found on the Hanlees Chevy - Toyota - Scion page.

Hanlees Auto Group is headquartered in Davis and also has dealerships throughout Northern California.


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2008-08-08 10:00:06   I brought my 99 Camry in for servicing, I didn't have any problems, and the staff was professional and courteous, and my car came back clean and gleaming (which is saying something if you know how dirty my car usually is). I didn't pay more than I thought I should. They also have free popcorn in the showroom floor, which is great if you're broke... LOL A salesman saw me drive up and tried to sell me a new car while I was waiting for mine to get out of the shop, which was mildly annoying (as if I weren't already spending money with them by getting a tuneup), but salesmen are who they are and do what they do. —ensitenonstop-tribeoflevi

2008-09-03 11:35:06   I had an old 1984 Toyota 4-Runner. Everytime I'd bring it in for service, the staff would make mildly annoying comments about how old the car was, and how I should get a new one. The joke wore thin after a while. Also, once, about 1 week after I took my car to Hanlees for an oil change, it shuddered to a halt. I limped in to the dealership, and they told me that someone had put oil in the brake system. This cost me thousands of dollars to repair. They would not take responsibility for this, and told me that I must have put oil in the brake system myself. (As if I could have somehow forgotten?) Hanlees, unfortunately, drove me from Toyota, and I've bought Hondas ever since. This was back in about 2002—maybe they've improved since then? —BarryRice

2009-01-19 10:27:15   I do my own work and for my first experience with this dealer the parts people were both helpful and courteous. In regard to other posts about various dealers - all car dealers make most of their money by marking up service with extras the customer doesn't need and I doubt that Hanlees is an exception. There are always independent operators and DIY as options. —grzyb

2009-03-09 08:33:13   I called in to Hanlees Toyota/Scion re: my passenger window being smashed out, and since I have a Toyota, I figured I'd start with them. Both persons who answered the phone, Tina and Dan, were super cordial and helpful. Dan, in the service department, told me they wouldn't be able to fix my window that day, but heard the worry in my voice about having to wait and recommended a glass repair person they use. I called that number and was able to get my window fixed same day because of that. I will definitely be taking my car into Hanlees for future services for this reason. Thanks Tina and Dan! —jgrobert721

2009-05-19 15:26:10   I've had a few substantial problems dealing with these folks in regards to a recent used car purchase. First off the salesmen were your typical overly pushy car salesmen (not entirely unexpected but manageable). We wound up getting what was a decent deal at the time. One small problem at the time was that the spare car key had been locked in the shop by one of the guys in the servicing department. They claimed they would return the key within the week. After three months we still don't have said key and they stopped responding to our calls. Recently my roommate was pulled over in the car. The officer said her car's registration had expired. It turns out the folks at Hanlees never filed all of the paperwork with the DMV nor paid the fees in full. As of this week they are claiming they will get to it by Friday. They were informed of this problem last week and they couldn't be bothered to take care of it in the same day. Piss poor service in my opinion. I'm telling my friends who are looking to shop for a new car to stay away from Hanlees at all costs. —MarkHixson

2010-02-18 10:25:38   I need to do a 30,000 mile service on my 2008 Scion xb. I called the Hanlees Toyota-Scion service department and told them that I needed my 30,000 mile tuneup and wanted a quote. I was told the service would be $515 plus tax and it would include engine oil and filter, ac filter, engine air filter, replace wiper blades, check and rotate tires, and that they would do an overall safety inspection and check and possibly replace the spark plugs. This seemed incredibly high to me so I did some more shopping around. I called quality tuneup in florin at qtuflorinsacramento.com and Tanna informed me that I didn't need my spark plugs done until 120,000 miles and to check my manual for the preventative maintainance schedule. She informed me that lots of places will add lots of unnecessary services to tune-ups and informed me what I needed done to be under my service agreement and warranty agreement. I checked my manual and she was spot on. Florin Quality tune-up will charge me $100 dollars to do all of the reqired services for my 30,000 mile service including checking and replacing everything that Toyota was going to do with the exception of the unnecessary spark plugs and wiper blades. They were honest and upfront with me and they will be getting my service. I took this one step further by actually calling Toyota back and telling their service manager Rich that the quote was morally reprehensable in todays economy and they needed to retrain their people on proper customer dealings. He informed me that their employee got the quote wrong and that they could actually do the service for $130 bucks and apologized which was nice. However his explanation of how they quote was misrepresented was not sastisfactory and I got the feeling they were doing a higher initial quote as I am sure some people do not check around and pay the ludicrous prices. For a preventative maintainance contract and warranty you do not need to do any service at the car makers service center which is specified in the preventative maintainance manual. I will not be going to Hanlees again except to turn in my vehicle at the end of my lease. —AllanRae

2010-02-24 13:56:26   I found my experience with this shop to be the opposite of what is posted above. I'm on my 3rd car with them and have always had great experiences. Sometimes when something doesn't sound right all I have to do is ask for Rich the service manager and he helps me understand better what needs to be done. The one time I went to the other "tune up shop" it all sounded good over the phone but once they had my car they held it for ransome and tried to sell me everything under the sun. I have found that the factory trained guys always know what is best and save me money in the long run. —DONNINUSBAUM

2010-04-10 11:04:28   Went here today to get my oil changed, even though I didn't have the coupon they still gave me the discounted rate of $26.95. Both the assistant service manager and the guy who came to get me were super nice and it only took them 40 minutes to do everything. Plus they have leather couches in the waiting area! So comfy. —KellyCorcoran

2010-06-30 21:42:39   Just went in to shop for a car. I waited around outside for 15-20 minutes and no one bothered to check with me. I finally ended up walking into their office to ask for a sales rep. Not only was he not helpful at all, he was also extremely rude. His choice of words and tone of voice indicated that he did not want to deal with me simply because I looked young. At one point, I got to asking him about financing rates and he rudely replied "the rates starts at 4.79%, BUT that is only if you have good credit." News flash - I have excellent credit and have a steady job! His lack of respect and poor attitude just cost him a sale.

This may not be the case with all the sales persons there, but the one that deals with "new purchases only" and is listed as their internet sales fleet guy upset me so much that I felt the need to share with others. —ilswtlidie

2010-10-11 10:04:48   I will NEVER take my car to Hanlees Toyota service department again. If you would like to know why read on:

In April of 2010 I took my 2001 Chevy Prism (Toyota Corolla Engine) into Hanlees Toyota in Davis because the air conditioning was no longer blowing cold. The shop added dye, charged the system and told me that no leaks had been detected and that the compressor was working fine (charge $121.95). A few days later the air conditioning started to blow warm again so I took it back in. This time the shop told me that the A/C discharge line had a leak so they charged me $547.81 to replace it and that no further leaks had been detected. Air conditioning blew cold for about 2-3 days but then started blowing warm again. Reluctantly, I took it back to Hanlees figuring that someone made a mistake replacing the AC discharge line and that they would fix it free of charge. When they looked at it this time, they told me that one of the O-rings was pinched so they replaced that. It should be noted that when I picked my car up after a day in the shop this time the engine light was on and the battery was totally drained. Since my car was blowing cold again I decided not throw a fuss, giving them the benefit of the doubt I figured they surely must have gotten it right this time, had them jump start my car and I was on my way.

Much to my dismay, in a couple of days my AC was not blowing cold again. At this point I wanted nothing more to do with Hanlees since I was spending all of free days at home without a car since it was always at Hanlees. However, I was invested in this shop and really did not feel like paying for another diagnostic fee only to start from scratch at another shop. Bringing my car back to Hanlees a fourth time for the same issue was very hard to do, however after speaking with the owner Rich he assured me that their foreman would take a look at my car and make my issue a top priority. I decided to give them one last shot and left my car with them a fourth time. The story this time was that the compressor was now leaking and that I required a new compressor. They gave me an estimate of $555.00 for the job which included a service discount. Given the fact that a couple of months prior Hanlees told me that nothing was wrong with my compressor, I finally decided to take my car elsewhere and start the whole process over from scratch.

After some research, I decided to take my car into Center City Automotive (CCA) (7/10). After one day of looking at my car, CCA found that nothing was wrong with my compressor at all and that the manifold seal was leaking and needed replacing. CCA charged me only $289.94 for the whole job which included fixing a flat tire. Ever since I took my car to CCA (2.5 months ago) my A/C has been working beautifully.

So IN SUMMARY: I spent $ 669.76, took my car into the shop four times and still came out with a broken air conditioning. If I would have decided to put my trust in Hanlees again, I would have spent another $555 on a brand new compressor that didn’t even need replacing totaling $1,224.76 in charges. After all that wasted money and time, my air conditioning still would not have been fixed. After explaining this whole story to the owner Rich he simply told me that there was no way that his foreman could have misdiagnosed the AC and that he expects my compressor to stop working at any moment. I will never, EVER, take my car back to Hanlees again.


2010-12-09 15:08:32   AVOID!!

I had my car towed from Triple A Auto (which is awesome by the way!)to Hanlees Toyota because my car's computer had to be replaced. The computer is being recalled and it was free to replace if taken to a Toyota dealership. After two days of not hearing anything from Toyota regarding my car, I decided to call them. I spoke with Jared and he claimed that they didn't have my car. After speaking with Triple A Auto and the towing company, it was pretty clear that the car had to be at Hanlees. I called Jared back and he informed me that they were out looking for my car. I told him all of the details and where the car should be. I also told him that John at AAA Auto had spoken with Richard and that Richard had instructed the towing company to leave the car in the back with the key in the car. Jared said he had no idea who Richard was (interesting since this is his manager). John from AAA later called me and said that Hanlees had found my car (in their lot, at exactly the spot where the towing company had left it, might I add) and that they should be calling me within minutes. I waited for almost an hour and still no call. I finally called Toyota and asked to speak with Richard. Richard then told me that they found the car but couldn't find the key now. Richard was very rude on the phone and seemed to not even care that all of this was happening. I asked Richard to keep me updated and he said he would call me back. I finally decided to go over to Hanlees about an hour later just to make sure that my car was there and that nothing had happened to it. When I arrived at Hanlees, one of the guys, Daniel, found my car for me and also the paperwork which said that my car's computer had already been replaced. Thanks for letting me know Richard! As I was signing the paperwork, I asked Daniel to get Richard so I can speak with him. Daniel came back with some ridiculous excuse about how Richard was on the phone for at least half an hour. Yeah right. He just didn't want to admit how wrong they were. I am definitely taking my car to my mechanic now and making sure they didn't mess anything up. Do not trust them! If you need your car to be fixed in Davis then I suggest Triple A Auto. Go to Hanlees if you want problems and for them to lose your car. —SamanthaDDS

2011-02-14 09:06:50   I have never seen a car dealership so uninterested in closing a sale. I walked in knowing exactly which car I wanted and prepared to buy something that day. They made a ridiculous offer for my trade-in (about 60% of the blue book trade-in value), and when I said no, they said "sorry" and let me walk out—no attempt at negotiating. The thing that really annoyed me was that the guy didn't sound sorry at all—the tone was much less a cordial "I genuinely regret that we could not work out a mutually acceptable agreement" than "take it or leave it, now let me go help someone buying something more expensive". —BlytheDurbinJohnson

When my wife was shopping for her car, Hanlees was also terrible about sales. We went down there and when we said we were still shopping around, they pretty much ignored us. They wouldn't do any serious discussion of price. We ended up going to another Toyota dealership nearby where they were much, much friendlier (she ultimately made the purchase in Fresno while visiting family). Their service department hasn't given any trouble when she's taken the car in, but the couple of people we talked to in sales were horrible. —TomGarberson

2011-03-06 13:10:03   My review is not so much about Service as about sales! Although I will say we have always had our 2008 Prius serviced at Hanlees Toyota with Stellar results. Always professional & polite & we have never experienced anything negative. They caught it when our rear struts were leaking and promptly replaced them under warranty.Thanks to all of the service guys! We appreciate the service! But now, My comment is about Sales & the new Sales Manager Ashat. I went in to inquire about trading in our 2008 Prius on a new model. I was hesitant but hopeful. I was greeted graciously & listened to respectfully. I brought my husband in & we were given a really fair offer on our trade in. I feel the staff {Ashat, The sales manager, Peter,the finance manager and Anthony, our salesman} went out of their way to provide excellent customer service! There was no hard-sell as I have experienced in the past at other dealers. No sense of extreme urgency! Just honesty. They told us they really wanted to sell us the car but understood our hesitancy considering trying times financially. They really worked to get a good interest rate & a payment we could handle! This is truly a Community Business! Bravo! We Love our new Prius. Thanks Guys! —ruthschreiber

2011-03-07 20:07:03   They are great here! I was in need of a new car and they were so great to me and caring. They aren't like other dealers where they are slimey and scum. They care about their customers and I'm going to recommend them to everyone. I had Chili help me, he sold me my car and he was an awesome guy and I'm going to also highly recommend people to go to him to get a car! —MustangLisa05

2012-03-25 10:29:22   DO NOT GO HERE!!!! beware!!! After having a wonderful experience with Honda right across the street I went to Toyota to compare. What a mistake. I was there for several hours, they kept playing games with me and were not helpful in the least. The stereotype for car dealers being scumbags? They were based off of these people! I felt so violated and abused, and left with a terrible taste in my mouth. They told me there was no way they could get me a better price, and that it would be better than any other toyota dealership. I called up the one in Vacaville and they immediately quoted me a price that was over $1500 less than the one in Davis would go below. I told the Vacaville guy about my Davis experience and he says he gets that a lot. Big surprise. I would NEVER go here again. —SabrinaMuerle

2012-04-26 16:05:08   I recently came in with my girlfriend and I was totally appalled at the salesman that served us. My girlfriend and I barely pulled into a parking lot and this very aggressive salesman named Pedram greeted us before we even got out of our car! I mean, really, in Davis? We expected that kind of aggressive greeting in Sacramento at the auto malls, but not here in Davis! My girlfriend and I gave this guy an opportunity at our business but this salesman was more interested in a fast buck than working with us. In fact, the guy really missed out on our business because my girlfriend makes really good income from her job at UC Davis and is a PhD. This salesman was pushy and very arrogant because she didn't just pop her wallet out that instant to buy a Prius. Test drive was awful with this guy and so was his nonstop talking about what a deal he could make us, yadda yadda yadda. Not to mention that I could see out the corner of my eye he was checking out my girlfriends ass and boobs. Really? What a pig and what a dumb s.o.b. As soon as he figured that he was going to need to answer a few questions and work with my girlfriend, he dropped her as fast as possible and ran off to another customer!!! Wow, very stupid on his part. Yeah Pedram, you really screwed up big time! My girlfriend was so incensed that we made a bee line for Maita Toyota in Sacramento. And yes, she bought her new Prius that day! Maybe the fact that my girlfriend and I are lesbian or maybe we weren't dressed in fancy clothes, this guy treated us like crap. Well, we're going to tell all our UC Davis coworkers, friends, neighbors and family to avoid Hanlees Toyota in Davis. If they have salesmen like that, they don't deserve to be in business!


2012-05-06 20:25:46   Hello, I am Pedram, the sale representative who Ms. Cheryl Stevens took the time to write about. Since I consider myself a respectable member of the Hanlees Toyota and larger Davis community, I saw the need to respond to the experience that you had at our dealership. You have mentioned that I was being aggressive, not listening to you, not answering your questions, dropping you as a customer, and worst of all checking out/looking at your girlfriend. I have to tell you that I take my career very seriously. All my customers and managers know that I care very much about my customers, my reputation in the community, and my career. I listen to all my customers' questions and answer them thoroughly. If a situation arises in which I do not know or am not sure about something, I will never hesitate to ask my managers or colleagues in order to give accurate information to my costumers. I do not take my career and my customers' concerns lightly. This is a well known fact here at Hanlees Toyota community. If you and your girlfriend were my customers as you mentioned here, you should have come forward and talked to my manager about the behavior you have mentioned here. Personally, if I am a customer somewhere, and I am treated as badly as you have mentioned here, I make sure to see the manager there and then while I am still at the place. Well, it is not too late. My manager and I read your comment. If you and your girlfriend were in fact my customers, we would very much appreciate it if you come forward and talk to us. This gives me a chance to personally apologize to you and your girlfriend. It also gives a chance to my manager to improve the way we do business at Hanlees Toyota in Davis. As you can see, I stand behind my work ethics and professionalism given that you were really my customer and came to our dealership and not someone who is trying to damage my reputation for his own personal gains.


2012-06-20 14:13:34   These sales guys are silly. When we bought our new Prius 2 years ago, we wanted to keep our business in Davis and buy through Hanlees, but the price they were asking was thousands over what we could find in Vacaville, where we ended up buying the car. Now, we're in the market for another Toyota (used, this time), we've tried Hanlees again. Their sticker price for the used car was $2000 over what THEY presented as the Blue Book price (which was, incidentally, higher than what I looked up as Blue Book). Then, in negotiations, the best they could do was still $1000 over THEIR Blue Book price, and the car was not even in excellent condition (had missing keyless entry, stains, scratches, lots of signs of wear). They kept telling us that they wanted a nice family from Davis (like us) to have the car, but in reality, I think they just presume Davis people will pay more. Thankfully, we weren't in love with the car, nor do we have an urgent need to have the car right away, so we were able to walk away and keep shopping. If Hanlees gave us a fair price, we would be happy to deal with them, but otherwise, we'll keep looking elsewhere.

As for the service department, no complaints there. We've always had excellent service for our Prius. —lumali

2012-06-27 22:40:13   This dealership is the WORST I have ever been to. I brought in my 2010 Corolla in last year for a routine service (oil change, etc). I pulled up to the service area and had to wait a good 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged that I was there, apparently they thought helping out all of the other customers around me was a better idea. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I walked around and found someone to speak to about receiving my service. The man I spoke to didn't even seem like he wanted my business at all, but was a million times politer to his other customers (I also work with people so I make the extra effort to be polite when I am the customer, just because I know how difficult it can be). Each and every interaction that I had at this dealership was terrible, and I will avoid having service done here AT ALL COSTS. I would rather drive out to Sacramento or Elk Grove to get service done because at least I know that they would treat me like a valued customer. Also, I have been hounded with e-mails from this dealership, and despite unsubscribing from virtually every e-mail and even personally e-mailing the "managers" of this terrible establishment, the e-mails will not stop.

Bottom line: Go somewhere else to get your service done and AVOID Hanlees Davis at all costs. —TinyBubbles

2014-04-07 15:53:39   Tried to rip me off even in comparison to other Toyota dealerships in the area. I had a waterpump go out on my Toyota, and they tried to charge me almost twice as much (~80% more) for the same job as both Roseville and Folsom lake Toyota, and even a private auto shop in Davis. Also, when I was looking for a new Toyota, they didn't even seem to want to negotiate, I suppose they are used to Davis-ites paying at or near sticker price (in fairness this was back in 2007 before the economic downturn), but at the same time I got a much better deal up in Roseville. —carlislesingensmide

2015-06-07 03:44:26   A couple of years ago I came here to get my battery replaced as I knew it was failing. A man (all I remember about him is that he had a nose ring) was unbelievably condescending to me. I'm not a petty person and I wasn't just having a bad day or anything - like I said before, this was around 2 years ago and I still have never stopped being angry about the way he treated me. I didn't get to see how their pricing would compare because as soon as he was done with his tirade basically telling me how stupid I was, he asked me "So what do you want to do about it?" and I told him I wanted to have my keys back so I could go somewhere else. He tried to change his tune after that but I wasn't having it. I can't speak to the rest of the employees' behavior, but that man's attitude makes me tell everyone I know to stay far away from here. —chem2012

2015-08-31 01:25:41   Had to bring my car in today as they were the only service place open on Sundays. After swearing them off because of my bad experience a while ago (see above) I was very pleasantly surprised today. I ended up spending a whole lot more than I wanted to, but they explained everything to me so I understood what was going on. A very nice employee named Victor even helped me go through my old service records and see what maintenance I had recently done at other places so I wouldn't pay to have them done again unnecessarily. After we realized it would be a very long time before I could get my car back, he even arranged for another employee to shuttle my father and me back to our hotel. I really appreciated the service today. —chem2012