Hapkido is an eclectic traditional Korean martial art, and a form of Self Defense. Hapkido started as an Aiki system brought from Japan and mixed with a unique style of kicking and strikes. Hap is 'coordination', Ki is 'power' and Do is the 'way' or a path to follow through life; Hap-Ki-Do is the "Way of Coordinated Power". It is a philosophical system based on circular movement and body mechanics to overcome your opponent.

Hapkido preserves the spiritual aspects of traditional martial arts practice while also emphasizing techniques with maximum street applicability (e.g., techniques effective in real life self-defense situations). Hapkido is based on the principle that the mind and the body must be trained in harmony. Classes include instruction in philosophy, meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, striking with hands, feet, elbows, knees and other body parts, pressure point and joint manipulation, throws, take downs, rolls and grab defense.

On the UC Davis Campus:

Serving the Greater Davis Community both on the UC Davis Campus and beyond:

  • Davis Hapkido with Master Rick - Davis Hapkido is a martial arts training community that supports its members in living balanced, joyful, and peaceful lives.  We train not only for the practical benefits of doing so (the ability to defend ourselves with and without the use of force, increased flexibilty, physical fitness, and awareness, improved physical and mental balance, focus, and a warm and welcoming community) but also simply because we like who we are when we train.  You are welcome to learn more about us and contact us via our website - we look forward to hearing from you!

Past Classes

Master Rick taught in the Experimental College prior to Davis Hapkido.