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Sensei Harry Kendall Harry Kendall, currently a third degree black belt, began his Judo training in 1964 with his father, also a Judo instructor. Having trained with three world renowned instructors, "Takahiko Ishikawa Sensei" (9th Degree Black Belt) and Dr. William Paul Sensei (5th Degree Black Belt) and Mits Kimura Sensei (9th Degree Black Belt), while attending college in Boston, he earned his first degree black belt in 1976. A two year stay in Los Angeles gave Harry international competition experience while training at the famous Tenri Dojo where Harry was a member of the five man competition team. In 1984, after relocating to the Bay Area, Harry began training with Mits Kimura Sensei (9th Degree Black Belt) and in 1987 was awarded a second degree black belt from both the United States Judo Federation and the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo Japan. In his final three years as a tournament competitor, Harry was the Northern California Champion in his respective weight division.