(530) 220 2312
Bobby Balbir Singh

Hibiscus Gardening does lawn and yardwork.

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Hauling
  • Raking

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2010-01-14 23:04:46   Unreliable. Didn't come for over a month but was scheduled for twice a week. Bobby still sent a bill though. When I said, "but you didn't come at all." He replied, "You didn't need trimming." But then why send the bill? —spindle

2012-06-11 22:11:20   I would actually have to disagree with all these negative comments about Hibiscus Gardening. Hibiscus Gardening has been in business for over 30+ years and the owner Bobby is an excellent hard worker that delivers the best quality work in Davis. I highly recommend Hibiscus Gardening to everyone that needs yard work,hauling,trimming,clean ups, etc.done to call Bobby. —Scotthansen

2013-01-06 20:09:34   This will be a short basic review. Hibiscus Gardening is AMAZING. I never had any problems and they always treated my yard like their very own. May I also include that he actually has a business license unlike the other 90% of the gardeners in Davis or even the other gardeners that come from out of town! Thank you Hibiscus Gardening! —JasminWalker

2013-04-02 14:10:06   My rating for Hibiscus Gardening is A++ ====> Not only does Hibiscus Gardening has an A+ rating but they're also a member of "Better Business Bureau." It can not get any better than that. Hibiscus Gardening is trustworthy, honest, dependable, reliable, friendly and hard working. I do not have any complaints for this company. I use my real name on the ratings, that's how happy I am about the service I receive from Hibiscus Gardening! —MikeNelson

2013-04-02 17:15:34   Our rent includes weekly lawn service. They didn't show up for a full month last summer (makes it hard to host BBQs when you don't own a mower to pick up their slack) and we had to complain to the landlord before they did the actual work. Despite the lapse in service, rent was not discounted. Unsure if this is because they still charged the property manager or maybe the property manager pocketed the refund. They also broke one of our lawn games a few months ago by throwing it to the side instead of moving it gently - so nice of them. —MeggoWaffle

2016-11-27 13:51:40   Incredible! I'm a firm believer that businesses should stay in our little town without these outsider businesses coming in. First of all Hibiscus Gardening does such a great job and does exactly what I ask him to do from general yard work to sprinkler replacements, the list goes on. There is no need for gardeners to come from Sacramento, Woodland and etc. Keep Davis going with in town businesses! —Ash530