This page refers to the extremely cool (har) sport of Ice Hockey and its derivative sports: inline or Roller Hockey, Field Hockey, Floor Hockey, and Street Hockey. Readers should be aware that in certain international circles, the termsroller hockey and floor hockey describe very different sports.

While always falling short of making the mainstream in the U.S., the sport of hockey has a popular, almost cult-like status amongst its enthusiasts. Such is also true in Davis, where one has to look a little harder to find hockey fans playing and spectating their favorite sport:

Passing thoughts on hockey...

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2009-01-10 01:55:03   Being a freshman in the dorms, I don't get the channel that the SJ Sharks play on :( I am afraid that the situation is the same for expanded cable through out Davis. Is there any place to watch the games? Like a restaurant or something?? —Vince

The standard cable package has CSBA, so sharks games are available. The Grad is another place to watch games since there are so many TVs there. —ScottWong