This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


501 G Street (NW corner of Fifth & G Street)

Hoffmann 76, officially the Hoffmann Union 76, is a local franchise of Union 76 Gas, owned by Rick Hoffmann. It's not the cheapest gasoline in town, but the station has a good reputation and it's one of the few places in the area where you can still get full service. You can sit back in your driver's seat, relax, and either fantasize it's still 1955 or that you live in Oregon or New Jersey. Unfortunately, the employees don't wear caps or bow-ties, so close your eyes while you fantasize.

Be sure to be nice to whoever pumps your gas; along with the usual high school kids gaining work experience, the underemployed, and those who just enjoy working at a filling station, there are others for whom this is just a way station in life, and you might meet them later when it counts.

The station was torn down in February of 2010. The tanks were excavated during this process. Rumor has it that a branch of the Yolo Federal Credit Union will be coming to this location.

Credit Card Fee Similar to a growing number of gas stations reported on by ABC News, Hoffmann 76 charges higher rates to customers using a credit card than those paying with cash. All rates are listed clearly on their sign, as required by law; however, the numbers at the pump may be misleading.

Cash prices are initially displayed at the pump on three small lcd screens, one for each type of fuel. Once the customer swipes the card through the reader, the price goes blank for the zip code authorization, then automatically jumps without warning to the new price when the fuel type is chosen (about 10 cents higher per gallon as of 8/8/08). Unlike ATM machines that charge a fee, the customer at the pump is not prompted to accept or decline the higher price, making it likely that the change either goes unnoticed or becomes apparent after some gas has already been pumped.

NOTE: Repairs are no longer done at the G St. location. All repairs are now done at Hoffmann Automotive on 2nd Street, a couple blocks east of Sudwerk.


Also a mystery picture.

A Photo after it was torn down


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2006-04-21 22:01:36   when they did service there, they were always very nice and quick about it. —RocksandDirt

2009-08-23 13:32:50   Why did they close down? Is the property for sale? —busthead