Holy Land is an infamous party incepted by the original Party King, Rob Ray... (note the name is Rob Ray not RobRoy another Party King Of Davis.

Holy Land is a themed, progressive party. Themed in that you must dress up. Progressive in the sense that it moves from house to house, and also that it is the future of partying.

  • Holyland I - Spring of 2002

The theme was Holyland... that is, you get dressed in biblical gear (robes, etc.) get drunk, and walk to seven different houses, each themed to a different sin... I may be mistaken but I think it took place in North Davis.

  • Holyland II - Summer of Love

Same idea, but with sixties gear.

  • Holyland III - Trick or Drink.

It was Holyland on Halloween, October 2003. This was not a numbered Holyland, as traditional Holylands happen in Spring. The Holyland party concept was transformed into the "moving Halloween party".

  • This actually was a numbered Holyland... Holyland's can happen whenever you want them to, not just in the spring —JoshuaHeller
  • Holyland IV - Thrift Store Prom

Jenn Dietz took over the reigns as party maestro in 2004, and threw a Holyland with a "buy suits and dresses from Woodland theme (ie. Salvation Army Woodland )" There were five houses, at the final house they were to decide upon a Holyland King and Queen... but nobody remembers anything about that. It was Fall quarter 2004 (?)

  • Holyland V - Return to the Promised Land

This was a reprisal of the original Holy Land. Led by Jenn Dietz and JoshuaHeller. Over 200 people showed up. Again each house was themed to a different sin (my house was gin and tonics dyed red,white, and blue to represent the sin of Pride.) There was lots of drunken debauchery... the slogan "When the booze is gone we move on" was codified.


Holyland V

Holylanad V

  • Holyland VI - Circus Theme

Took place the first week of Spring quarter 2006. Everyone dress up as a circus character, from an Elephant shit mover to clowns. There was plenty of debauchery.

  • Holyland VII - Holy Land Goes Hollywood

This took place the second Friday of Spring quarter 2007.

  • Holyland VIII-Holiday Theme'

Took place spring quarter 2008. Everyone dressed up as a different holiday/holiday character, such as cupid, a groundhog, Cesar Chavez, Mother's Day, Picnic Day, etc. Each house had a holiday-themed drink (i.e. Halloween was spiced rum, Saint Patty's day was beer, 4th of July was red and blue Jello shots, etc) There were seven houses, ending with the New Year's house. Many began the journey—only the strongest survived to the finish.

* Holyland IX-90's Theme' Took place spring quarter 2009. This theme was so much more than what people initially think of when you say "90's." No, people did not wear flannel, baggy shirts, and backwards hats. Instead it was toys, movies, people, etc that were popular from the 90's. For example some great ones were a furby, a "NOW" CD, tetris, mario cart characters, cat-dog, Alex Mac, Titanic and the iceberg, Ace Ventura, tamagotchis, Blossom, etc. The various houses included Nickelodeon slime with green jello shots, Baywatch with sex on the beach, the Macarena with tequila sunrises, Titanic with Jack and Coke, Monica Lewinski with pink panty droppers.

* Holyland X-Return to Holyland' Took place spring quarter 2010. Another year as a tribute to the original Holyland. Again each of the houses were one of the seven sins. Sloth = beer, wrath = kamikazes, pride = red and blue jello shots, Greed = goldschlager and coke, etc. Some of the costumes included the easter bunny (the eggs she carried around were filled with condoms, hurray), Jesus on the cross (literally, one person was the cross, the other was jesus), the golden calf, the snake from the garden of eden, Mary Magdalene, a dove, The Red Sea, the Pope, Veggie Tales.

* Holyland XI-Zombies' Spring Quarter 2011

* Holyland XII-Fantasy Theme' Spring Quarter 2012

An interesting side note, about Ancient Greek Comedy...

Groups of drunken revelers would wander around the city dressed in Phallic costumes, singing songs to Dionysus, followed by a flute player... the group was called a Comus, the songs they sang were called Comoedias.


From this Proto-Holyland, (so proto, it's before the actual holy land) we can learn one thing - Holyland equals Comedy.

* Holyland XIII-90's TV Shows' Spring Quarter 2013

* Holyland XIV-The Final Return to the Holyland Spring Quarter 2014