Horses are fairly popular in Davis, neigh? UC Davis being an agricultural school, the mascot Gunrock, and our world-class Vet Med Teaching Hospital it's probably happened that students brought their horse with them to UC Davis. Mason Thomas is a law firm that has experience in equine law. There are probably even more people who just love horses and want to find out where they can get some experience with them. This page hopes to bring you all things related to both Davis and horses.

Instruction, Training, Rentals & Clubs

Horse Sitting/Training

Boarding & Stables

A place to stay

Health Care

Breeding & Rescues

Tack and Feed Stores

Events & Other Organizations

  • Historic Nelson Ranch - Horse Shows and Events. We have English and Western schooling shows with great awards. These are nice for kids starting out and we have rated AQHA, APHA and SAHJA shows
  • Annual Horse Production Sale by UC Davis
  • Horse Day Symposium
  • Western States Horse Expo, held every 2nd weekend in June at Sacramento Cal Expo Center. Wide variety of clinicians, vendors, trucks, trailers, saddles, tack, clothing, just about anything you want, they've got. They even have a 2 day horse auction! Biggest horse event in the western states!
  • Western States Trail Ride Also known as the Tevis Cup, a 100 mile trail ride from Truckee to Auburn done in one day.
  • Sugarland Horse Park lets your kid "own a horse" for the camp session, this is a great way to spend summer vacation.


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2008-07-13 13:06:20   Does anyone have a recommendation for horse lessons that are held on the weekends? Can't make it to weekday classes. —atwong

  • Most of the private locations will have something on the weekends. I know Pine Trails does (kids ride there). Rocksanddirt

2008-08-26 19:00:12   I miss the research that I did with the horses at the El Dorado Hills rescue farm... :( —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-19 22:59:22   a list of good stables: sunfire equestrian, EQC, Pine Trails Ranch, HNR lessons —hulla

2010-01-31 20:19:13   The Historic Nelson Ranch has posted their 2010 Horse Show and Horse Camp Schedule see their site. First 2010 All Breed Show is on Valentines Day Feb 14th —HNR

2013-04-28 14:31:46   Does anyone know if it is legal to ride a horse on the streets of Davis, or does it require a permit? —AlanMiller

2013-06-21 14:52:02   Sugarland Horse Park offers fantastic horse camp experience for kids 8 years and up. —dawnlucas