173 Old Davis Road Extension, Davis, CA 95616 (Near Mondavi Center)
24 hour
(530) 756-9500 / (888) 492-8847
(530) 297-6900
UC Davis Hotel

Hyatt Place UC Davis is an on-campus hotel which opened its doors to the public on March 17, 2010. Public tours were held on Picnic Day 2010, and there was an invitation-only grand opening event on May 7, 2010. The guest rooms are fairly large with contemporary furnishings, including divided living and sleeping areas, king sized beds, 42" HDTVs, sofa-sleepers, dry bar, etc. Rates are available on their website, and discounts are available for UCD Alumni members, government employees, senior citizens, and AAA/CAA members.

The hotel offers many amenities, including:

  • complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access through out the hotel
  • complimentary continental breakfast buffet
  • 24-hour made-to-order menu items and pre-packaged snacks
  • specialty Starbucks espresso coffee drinks
  • self-service check-in/check-out kiosks
  • complimentary newspaper
  • complimentary parking
  • audio visual equipment
  • 24-hour gym
  • outdoor heated pool
  • over 1200 square feet of meeting space
  • group and event planning staff
  • business services available

The building has the same type of stone on the outside of the building as the Mondavi Center.


The hotel, originally slated to have 150 rooms, cut the number in half due to community concern about the impact on other local hotels. It was also the target of two different lawsuits filed by Davis residents concerned with its impact. The delays due to the lawsuits (one of which settled, while the other was dismissed) were sufficient to cause the original developer to back out in 2004, but the project proceeded to completion by 2010 with a new developer.


The Hyatt Place grand opening was featured in Davis Life Magazine, May 8, 2010 here.

  • Looking for a place to stay (or for a guest to stay)? Davis has many hotel options!


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2010-03-19 20:25:20   It has been really interesting to watch this place get built. One thing that struck me from the beginning is that the pool looks very small. —ARWENNHOLD

2010-05-05 22:08:50   Saw the bright neon sign from the freeway and thought that it doesn't match the artistic nature of the Mondavi center. Am I the only one? —LeeY

2011-11-14 20:39:18   My favorite campground in Davis BY FAR!!! —KCSlater

2012-04-08 22:10:46   My parents stayed here for a UC retirees meeting a few months back. They enjoyed their stay overall and found it to be a nice hotel. They had a couple of minor issues, though, which I thought I'd mention here in case the management/staff are reading.

First, they had a problem with the shower door, which was apparently installed incorrectly so that any water spraying against the door would spray right out through a gap between two sheets of glass. They called down to the front desk and someone came up to check it out, but they said he more or less just shrugged it off, saying maybe it had been installed incorrectly. They were guessing it was a student who didn't really have a role in maintenance or management, since he didn't seem too interested/concerned.

The second thing is pretty amusing. The breakfast (which they said was pretty nice) had a big thing of hot oatmeal. My mom got a bowl of oatmeal and took a bite, only to realize that it was gravy for biscuits — it wasn't labeled. Apparently a couple of other people in their group also made the same mistake. She mentioned it to a waiter or someone, and they said that the Hyatt organization has very exact requirements for what goes out at breakfast. The individual hotel, the employee said, can't make any changes, not even adding a little label/placard next to a hot food container. The employee asked something to the effect of "isn't it obvious?" Apparently it's not, though, since multiple made the same mistake in the same conference/group in a single weekend.

Again, though, overall they had a positive experience. Just a couple of little quirks/service issues that management might want to check into. —TomGarberson