1745 Cowell Blvd. , next to Wendy's
Sun-Tues 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Weds-Thu 6:00 AM - midnight
Fri-Sat open 24 hours
(530) 750-0170

Our locally-owned IHOP franchise is part of a large chain of restaurants that always serve breakfast. They also serve diner style lunches and dinners, but you can always get a plate of eggs and pancakes. IHOP is notoriously generic, however sometimes that's all you need!

Apparently most IHOP's are 24-hour, but this one is only 24-hour on Friday and Saturday. They're open pretty late the rest of the week. The Dixon IHOP is 24-hour every day, for all your late night studying needs. Use the Super Saver Card and get 15% off entire check Monday through Friday excludes holidays and specials.

They are more than willing to split checks individually, even for large groups. If you are a student, they will even apply a student discount to your order.

Ninety-nine percent of IHOP restaurants are owned by their franchisee. Each restaurant is owned by a local owner who pays to use the IHOP name on their restaurants. The local owner pay a percentage of the profits to IHOP. The "IHOP Restaurant" brand is owned by DineEquity, Inc. It was formerly called International House of Pancakes, Inc. up until June 2, 2008. The International House of Pancakes has no connection to the International House Davis.

Check online for latest updates to the menu.


The west side of the building


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The strangest dish I've ever had there was the Belgian Bacon Waffle (seasonal).

The first few times I came, they were badly understaffed. (This was when they were first open.) Later, my dad took a friend and I here. He put it best: "How can you ruin eggs?" (Even the Navy mass breakfasts he put up with in his youth did better with eggs.)

2006-06-28 20:05:50   I've eaten here a grand total of 2 times. Davis has many options for breakfast and unfortunately IHOP ranks low on the list. Perks are that they do stay open some what late. —JoAnnaRich

Not terribly great for breakfast, one of the few places open relatively late aside in`n`out and jack-in-the-box, however, they tend to be a bit understaffed in late hours, not the best service, but they do let you substitute nearly everything on the menu to more efficiently handle people's munchies, as a note, they do not give refills on hot cocoa as Denny's does, but it is so much richer... of course it pales to other places, but at one in the morning, options are limited. ~Dave

2007-03-16 09:54:17   Not much here that you cannot easily make at home. All easy to make breakfast items unless you are cooking impaired. Came here a few times but I remain unsatisfied at the amount of food for the price. Often times the bacon or sausages are burnt. I recommend trying to cook instead. As for late night munchies, stop by Safeway and buy some cheaper and healthier alternatives. =) —BrandonToo

2007-03-16 10:00:13   I've not been to the local IHOP, so my comments may not be relevant, but....I've had some decent food at IHOPs, but it is nothing you can't make at home with a bit of effort and focus. —RocksandDirt

2007-05-02 12:38:58   the last time I came here, the service was bad. I was not greeted even though there was a host present who just eventually walked away. the food could be better, and most of the time are very greasy. —trambajuice

2007-07-16 22:25:06   Totally sucks prices way to high but what are you going to do late nigh bite a wendys burger don't think so chicken butts, but it does kinda have greasy tasting old grease flavor in food maybe that is the in thing and i am weird who know's —dickjones

2007-07-17 23:55:20   We only go here as a last option because it is open very late at night when all the other restaurants are closed. —JohnWong

2007-09-02 01:35:22   I come here quite frequently, usually late at night, and I have always had good experiences. I like how I can order breakfast stuff at any time of day. —SteveOstrowski

2007-09-05 05:06:42   Best French toast in a restaurant I have ever had......Worse about everything else. If I must go there with friends, I stick with the previously mentioned breakfast dish. —DCWine

2007-09-09 06:16:30   I loove IHOP. Where else does one encounter so much America and lingenberry at the same time? —GregWebb

2007-10-19 18:37:59   Their fried shrimp and fish are delicious! I highly recommend them. I recommend using coupons and that sort of thing there because it can get pricey (at least for students like me). They keep it clean and nice there, and the service is good. I don't really like restaurant chains like that very much in general, but this place is an exception! —AnnaF

2007-12-18 15:03:06   I would argue that the breakfasts here are pretty decent. You can get a decent sized breakfast that tastes alright, although never as good as mom's! There is one hostess her works there who must've been high the last time I went there. She was staring off into space as she seated people. Our server took forever to bring us our check, but I think he was new so I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Overall, you might end up feeling a bit queasy afterwards, but it's not bad when you want some eggs/toast/etc for breakfast! —Kiran

2008-01-07 13:59:50   Went there for lunch and my sandwich was grease city on white bread. Service was really slow and place was empty. Now I know why. —LongtimeDavisite

2008-02-17 18:57:30   This place seems packed in the morning so I guess it's very popular. The one time we did eat here the pancakes were soggy. The special crepe thing they had was really good though. —feichu-huya

2008-07-20 01:12:52   They've ruined pancakes for me. —cnk.midori

2008-09-04 21:48:57   Anyone ever try studying here? If so, what'd you have to order? —SunjeetBaadkar

  • Several years ago, it was a standard study spot for many people. We'd often go and just order coffee and occasionally pancakes to pick at. —jw

2008-09-24 17:10:45   I've been to this restaurant more than a few dozen times over the past few years now and have endured horrible service each time. The last straw was when I visited last month and paid with my credit card- upon reviewing my credit card statement I noticed that I was charged twice! I called IHOP and explained the situation and but was told to call again when the manager was around. I've since called several times (times they told me to call when the manager was in) and still have not been able to resolve this. I can tolerate horrible service but can't tolerate untrustworthy business practices. —Magster

2008-10-12 10:17:22   The pancakes were terrible. —feichu-huya

2008-11-16 20:46:47   chains like this make their money on small things, like 3.50 for a glass of concentrate orange juice. they advertise u know some 4.99 breakfast special but it's surprising they dont lease the flatware. breakfast can be a bit of a wait on weekends —Chrissapher

2009-02-10 06:55:56   Their quality has been going down, while their prices are going up. Service is slow, and you have to practically tackle the waitstaff for a refill on anything. Additionally, I would like to thank the jerks who have been skipping out on their bills. As a result, they are NO LONGER SPLITTING CHECKS. They'll split a check *once*, no matter how many people you have. We used to bring twenty people there every friday night, and now we're going someplace else because we're fed up. —Flynn

2009-02-15 11:48:19   After hearing that they DON'T SPLIT CHECKS anymore, my organization can no longer go there to eat. We used to bring about 20 people every Thursday night.

Also, does anyone know what's up with the "New Management"? —ThUn

2009-02-15 16:07:52   I had the splitting checks difficulty as well, the size thirty crowd can no longer go, wtf. Before they had said that they couldn't split checks because people were walking off, but they did upon asking, then the next time they let us, and now, no more splitting whatsoever... so that is thirty customers less a week for them, anyone know a good place in town to handle groups? —DavidPoole

2009-02-16 04:36:26   I was disappointed the last time I came here because they didn't have cornmeal pancakes, the one in Dixon does. They are really good (the pancakes, this place is just ok).—NickSchmalenberger

2009-03-19 08:05:53   I was just there and contrary to the sign posted inside, they DO split checks. Also, UCD students get 10% off w/ UCD ID. —EugeneS

2009-05-21 17:29:49   The restaurant is under new management and has turned the place around. It's cleaner. The food is better. They DO split checks, and they hired new servers that actually know something about good service. Way to go! —elainel

2009-07-13 22:14:02   Under old management, Julisa (Spelling?), would swipe my card 5 or 6 times and get frustrated and type it in manually. If she'd only turn it over the right way...it would work right. Under the new management things seem to have improved noticeably. —patrick82

2009-07-27 01:35:52   new management but we got the same lousy service. Waitress just dropped off the food and check and never came to check on us. —mugadork

2009-10-27 17:47:02   I love the new management. Ihop has definitely improved. In food AND service. The food comes warm and fresh and quick. The waitresses are easy to get a hold of and the prices are average for lots of food. —MissAmyQ

2010-02-11 16:41:06   Those who say they do split checks may have only experienced splitting a check up to a certain amount of times. Yes, they do split checks but only 4-5 times MAXIMUM. As others have noted, this rule is terribly inconvenient for large groups that generally need to split a check multiple times. I am not faulting anyone but as one of the few Davis restaurants that are open into the wee hours, it should be expected that certain customers will likely come visit - particularly large organizations/clubs. It's a lost on IHOP really, but oh well. Officially no sit-down places in Davis for large groups to eat at pass 10! —blastoff

2010-02-19 13:30:17   Just ate here again after a nearly two year absence and while I do see improvements, there are other problems that should be addressed.

Arriving at 9:00 p.m. for a late dinner the other evening we were seated and served by a fairly new new person named Marcel, an elderly gentleman who was knowledgeable and extremely polite. He was on top of everything within his power, empty glasses refilled promptly, orders taken in a timely fashion. He epitomized what a waitperson should be in every store and will, hopefully do very well here or at another establishment.

While my girlfriend and I were seated and and treated to Marcel's wonderful service, we made our orders. She ordered a breakfast meal with a Belgian waffle on the side while I ordered the Turkey dinner on the small dinner menu that was provided. within about ten minutes the breakfast arrived, another five minutes and the waffle arrived. I drank the orange Juice from a carafe and she drank a seemingly endless supply of coffee refills. About twenty minutes later, she was half through her meal and I still sat waiting for mine. No problem, I think to myself, dinner takes longer than breakfast to cook (although, it seems odd that any establishment would serve one meal at a table without another being ready, who wants to wait while one person eats and another just watches?) After another 35 minutes I go outside to smoke and think, if my meal has not arrived by the time I return I will inquire about it. I return to my seat, she has finished all but her waffle, and there is still no Turkey dinner. I see Marcel and inquire about the meal and he goes to ask the chef why it is not finished yet. He returns with an apology, the turkey is no longer available on the menu.

Alright... I spent nearly an hour waiting for food that was never going to be made and the only reasons I see are these:

1) A menu item was removed and is no longer being made but is still on the menu with no notice of any kind stating it is no longer available, making customers confused and new waitstaff, like Marcel, are put into a bad position due to this.

2) No communication of any kind on the matter. No notice on the ordering system stating an item is not available, no communication from the chef's when they see the ticket with an item they no longer carry and no communication from the management to the waitstaff about items no longer available... This is shoddy business. I once worked in a steakhouse and these were normal, daily routines... Staff always was informed on what was and what was not available on the menu and the menus always reflected an accurate listing of available meals. Unacceptable.

3) to top it all off, upon receipt of the bill, the turkey dinner was still on it, and due to "computer errors" they were unable to comp it out or remove it from the bill which I had to pay.

Bottom line:

I hope Marcel and any other waitperson like him continues to thrive and do well whether it is at this establishment or at another, but I will never return here again. This was perhaps the worst dining experience I have had in Davis in my decade of residency and it is a shame that a major corporation would allow things of this nature to occur. The management should be penalized if not replaced entirely. It was unprofessional and idiotic to allow this series of mistakes to occur and makes this one of the worst eateries in the city at this time. —WesOne

  • You had to pay for it still? That is so ridiculous. I am horrified by your experience, and only further drives me to stay away from Davis' IHOP. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Let me explain the problem I had. —ThUn
  • I would have flat out refused. What are they going to do, call the police? The police won't make you pay for a meal that you didn't receive. —CovertProfessor
  • That is absolutely ridiculous, I cant believe they would treat people this way. I will not be going here. DagonJones

2010-02-22 02:26:36   So over the last 2 or so years our organization, UC Davis APIQ would occasionally come to IHOP with a group of about 20 or more, sometimes 25. We would always come on Thursday evenings after our weekly meetings around 9-9:30pm. In the past we have always had the bill split for us individualy without any problems whatsoever both under the old management, as well as the new management.

I know for a fact we came her during the beginning of January 2010 because we keep track of the places we choose for dinner. Anyways, about 3 weeks ago we went with the usual IHOP routine on Thursday nights. We all sat down as a big group and ordered our dishes as usual. As we were beginning to finish our meals, I decided to ask the waitress if she could split up the bill as usual so that we could make the transactions faster/easier during payout. The waitress was a newer waitress and seemed somewhat confused by the request. She then told me that they could only split the bill 4 ways which is not something we have ever been told in the past.

The waitress then went to ask the manager on shift what she could do as I explained to her politely how we are regulars, and that we always are allowed to have our checks split amongst each individual. Apparently 2 people from our party left early and the manager explained to "them" before they left that the check could only be split 4 ways, in which their leave left our entire party with only 3 splitting options. I continued to explain to her what we have done in the past, and some other people in our party explained to her as well. After this I tried to inquire with the manager on shift one more time at the register in which she treated me in such a rude way, it was something I had never experienced in any dining location. With 5 years of customer service experience myself, I was absolutely disgusted with the way we were treated.

Our final discussion begun with the manager on shift blatantly stating "do you know how irritating it is to have to explain something multiple times." I was shocked by her initial statement, from that point on I explained yet again, how we have been to IHOP on many occasions on Thursday nights with the same amount of people as always. From that she basically continued to shut me down and tell me that I was wrong and that it was "impossible" to accommodate our request. She claimed that she has been working at IHOP for the last 2 months and that we were never there while she was on shift (claiming she worked every Thursday for the last 2 months) which is incorrect because we came to IHOP twice in the last 2 months. From that, she argued with me with the most annoyed tone telling me that there was nothing that could be done, and that even though our needs have been met in the past that it is impossible to do so now.

Throughout our 15 minute inquiry she switched up her reasons. First saying that there was a rule that checks could be split twice at most. She then said that the workers who have done this before for us must have been breaking the rules or were misinformed. She continued to say that management would never allow checks to be split individually. After that she started to blame the POS system saying that it freezes up with each credit card transaction they do. If that was the case? Why did the system work perfectly fine for the last 2 years whenever we've come in?

Again she argued that it was impossible to accommodate any other requests with a very rude attitude. I eventually got sick of arguing for something that evidently was allowed to us in the past, but was suddenly denied to us for no legitimate reason. We had to have the check split into the 3 remaining parts, and a person paid each portion with their credit card which was highly unreasonable. During payout, she processed our transactions and was seemingly irritated. She was not helpful, friendly, patient, or understanding of us at all.

Because of this event, we have decided never to return to IHOP unless some kind of reasonable explanation is given to us. We now go to Black Bear Diner which is graciously willing to separate our checks per person. Not to be spiteful or anything, but that's 30 customers less per week for IHOP now. Until there is some kind of professional and polite response, we are never coming back to IHOP again. Especially when there are other Davis restaurants that will happily serve us and meet our needs. —ThUn

2010-02-22 11:09:06   IHOP is a franchise. You might want to try contacting IHOP headquarters about this. They may be able to do something - they certainly wouldn't want a lot of negative publicity about the actions of one franchisee to tarnish their brand. —IDoNotExist

2010-02-22 12:43:49   Though this is definitely not the best IHOP I have been to, I don't find much at fault with it. I've been there probably a dozen or so times, and only once did I experience exceptionally slow service. Otherwise the food is prepared relatively quickly and tasted great. I've had the waiter that Wes was talking about, and he's a great guy. Sucks that the menu-mishap happened though.

As for the split check thing, I've been to IHOP very recently (January '10). When my group went up to pay (there were 6 or 7 of us) we individually stated which items we ordered and paid for them individually. This is been the norm from the other 12 times I've been there with groups. —RyanMeyerhoff

2010-03-06 17:53:57   They've recently discontinued their "Kids Eat Free" offer, so if this is the draw for you to go to this subpar establishment, be aware. We go every Friday, and honestly, that's the only reason. While we can certainly afford to take the kids to any other place, it's nice to take my 2 kids, who basically only eat to survive. IHOP offers little else in the way of service or quality. Every time we have gone, we've waited what seemed like eons for a hostess, and getting a water glass refilled or issues handled is very difficult and slow. We've now taken our business to Black Bear Diner, where the food is much better. —mizzleslie

2010-03-21 20:18:42   Wow..as the new manager of this Ihop I do appreciate ALL feedback . I can't try to fix what I dont see. To the gentleman who had to pay for turkey, please call me 750-0170 and give me a change to correct that obvious mistake. I have talked to a few others already. To the lady about kids eat free, iHop changes special offers often. This special will return at the end of march. There are a lot of sites that offer free meal coupons such as redplum.com and we also offer 10% student disc all day, 10% military all day and 10% Sr disc all day. I welcome the chance to correct, change, and make this Ihop better for all. I will post other sites offering coupons as I see them. —angelaclark

2010-03-21 20:45:34   Also, I welcome all large parties back to IHOP and assure you that we DO split checks into however many checks you want. It has been over a year since we dropped the "no splitting checks" policy. I will make sure all of my employees are briefed on this policy. I invite all of you to let me know if you have any other problems in this area. Thanks! —angelaclark

2010-03-21 23:10:52   I'd like to say that the restaurant under current management is a great supporter of community events. They were nice enough to donate ALL the pancake batter for the UC Davis Fire Department Pancake Breakfast which was a great help not only cost wise but also for cleaning and preparation time. —ARWENNHOLD

  • When did the management change? -jw

2010-03-22 11:55:24   WWW.campusspecial.com has 3 print as you go coupons for Ihop Davis —angelaclark

2010-06-22 21:01:06   I had breakfast this morning and thought the food and service were good. I ordered the two-two-two with one bacon and one sausage. The bacon tasted a little strange, but the rest was fine. Nancy, the hostess, seated me at a booth and brought a pot of coffee. My server, Cindy Houck, was very friendly and efficient. This place has really improved under the new management. —nowhereman

2010-07-30 11:08:50   Trick or treat ALL YOU CAN EAT pancakes in October !!!!!! —angelaclark

2010-08-14 21:52:28   Good place to eat if you're out really late. I really like the special fruit drinks, though they cost almost 3 dollars, i usually get 5-6 refills, so its worth it for me. The food is decent, nothing spectacular, you get what you expect from an American Diner. Its been pretty consistent for me, though the food is slightly slow, but then again I always order the uncommon dishes. —PeterWang

2011-03-03 15:40:48   The chicken strips and fries are not particularly healthy but if you are looking to splurge on your caloric intake they are good. I like that they allow me to order my food to go without the attitude some places have about to go orders. 12-10-11 Update: I have since ceased my patronage of IHOP because they gave me a to go box with large holes (kinda looked like they had chew marks but I am not accusing them of having pests) which I do not consider good customer service. Borderline passive aggressive.—LoriOrf

2011-03-30 21:50:41   Went here twice. The food was okay, same breakfast food you can find at any other diners. Staff was nice. —purplemonkey

2011-09-22 12:58:07   Back to school hours or still on summer schedule? Anyone know? —Wes-P

2011-10-09 14:39:39   I really hate this IHOP right now!~ Went there expecting good food and good service but left angry and disappointed. FYI when ordering the "all you can eat pancakes" special...you have to ask for more pancakes other wise the server will just remove your plate and you are left waiting there assuming she is getting you more pancakes but instead comes back with the check!FREAKING rude!!! Also, when you bring your kids in and they order the "create a face" they will receive rotten, watery, clumpy yogurt in a tube for your unsuspecting kids to pour on their pancake face! And No they will not give more napkins even though most would assume that with kids in the picture a family would need more than that one napkin that is used to wrap the utensils with, cause heaven forbid we'd have to ask again for something that should have been obvious! Do you really have to ask for more pancakes with the all you can eat special when the menu clearly states that "once you are finished with the first two pancakes, you will be given another three"??? At least the server could have asked if a customer wants more pancakes right? Freaking RUDE!!! Lastly, Why did I still pay for the meal and tip the server? I got played! FUIHOP of Davis! please don't waste your money there! —gisellevalk

2011-11-14 20:49:05   My filet mignon was perfectly cooked. Medium rare just the way I liked it. My cabernet was excellent and was very impressed by their extensive wine list. Just a little secret, I hear the foie gras is to DIE FOR!!! this is the BEST FINE DINING ESTABLISHMENT IN DAVIS!!!! :) —KCSlater

2013-02-06 01:08:42   Went there for National Pancake Day tonight. Checked the IHOP official website for details and restrictions, everything seemed good. Checked the hours, open until midnight, awesome it's only 10:15 pm, let's get all the roommates and go. We got to the parking lot, lots of people were inside, we were practically jumping up and down with excitement. Then the doors were locked. We waited for the group that was paying to leave, then took the opportunity to go inside and ask why the doors were locked (maybe it was a mistake, since the printed "Tuesday 6am-midnight" on the door was staring us in the face). They said they were out of free pancakes, which was very disappointing and fine, but that still didn't explain the locked doors. We were then greeted with hostility by the manager, who claimed that they were closed because they were out of pancakes. What??? I was fully prepared to pay for a meal that didn't include pancakes, but instead we were herded out the door. We then went to in'n'out, where we received friendly, efficient service, as usual.

tl;dr: Rude management that locks the doors over an hour and a half before the posted closing time. —SeanRaley