I Love Davis is the counterpart of I Hate Davis — a page for people to express their love for our town and talk about what makes Davis so wonderful. Also visit our Davis Wish List and tell us your Five Favorite Things In Davis. Praise Davis in your own loving way! Perhaps a list of your favorite places to study, eat, relax, bike, work out, shop; groceries, clothing, housewares, etc... Proclaim your love of Davis!

Here's an article that sums it up pretty well, The Top 10 Reasons to Live in Davis. Also see Davis Superlatives for how Davis ranks with other cities in various ways.


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2005-06-14 00:58:16   Where else could I major in Nature and Culture while still embracing my aggie roots? —CindySperry

2005-06-14 00:58:28   It's pages like these that make me hate Davis. —SS

2005-06-14 01:01:45   Ok, I will start. I don't even live here but I love Davis! I love the Co-op, I love Woodstock's and Pita Pit because they're open til like 3am and that blows my mind! I love the downtown area because it's pedestrian-friendly, people can walk and bike anywhere. Coming from Cow-town it really shows me how nice a little town can truly be. Plus we have this wiki! And you crazy people just love your cows. —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-14 01:02:46   Aww come on Saul! —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-14 08:41:10   Nugget! —AshleyOrsaba

2005-06-14 09:56:18   Yeah, Nugget! And Joel at the Education Abroad Center. And my boss April at Orchard Park. And Wombat and Panda. Yeah, and Poot, G Street Pub and Davis Food Co-Op. That's why I love Davis. —SummerSong

2005-06-14 13:36:00   That which makes Davis rux0r = Davis rux0r++: meat market, Pootleberry Dinglehopper, Nugget, ArlenAbraham, The California Aggie, Rob Roy, Taqueria Guadalajara, Tipsy Taxi, Death StarMichaelGiardina

2005-06-14 15:31:47   The postman says hello when I'm in the yard and he brings our mail! My friend in New York can't believe it. —AlphaDog

2005-06-14 18:39:47   It may have been meant sarcastically, but taking things off the list because you don't like them seems ridiculous. I had a born and raised Davisite coworker that *loved* the Grad, and someone on the wiki lists Pinkadot as one of their favorite Davis locations. Also, why did the Wooz go away? As a kid I loved visiting family in Sac 'cause sometimes we could convince my mom to stop there. —AmeliaCarlson

2005-06-14 22:50:25   Oh I don't know, I deleted what I thought was a joke, I reverted and took off what was added last.... Eh put them back up, whatever. —MichelleAccurso

2005-06-15 19:35:50   I love community events like the 4th of July celebration at Community Park, Celebrate Davis! (also at Community Park), the farmers market and the small town feel. —JenniferChu

2005-06-18 03:05:29   Davis has the Co-op, which feels a little bit like "Cheers." —EllenSeeley

2005-06-18 22:03:21   I love Davis because I can wander around town wearing a cape and horns and become well-known and even respected for it. —BarnabasTruman

2005-08-03 12:06:20   I was inspired by the crows, so I made some Tee-shirts. http://www.FlickerPictures.com/shop.htm Check them out when you have the chance. :) —JeffPalmer

2005-08-04 14:26:00   you can order things at the Coffee House made with locally-grown, organic tomatoes from the Student FarmArlenAbraham

2005-08-24 18:15:42   it's often in the mediaJanelleAlvstadMattson

2005-09-09 21:45:47   I love Davisville because of its flatness. My beach cruiser is happy. —DamonCline

2005-09-26 21:06:38   of Smooth As Silk Day Spa —BriannaGarcia

2005-10-10 22:39:33   I grew up in a town that consisted of miles and miles of suburban homes and strip malls crammed with chain stores. I love Davis for not being that. —AnnaJones

2005-10-11 20:21:55   Stevenson Bridge and The Jagged Tree both make me happy. —AlexPomeranz

2005-10-29 16:50:45   Davis just feels so good. —RohiniJasavala

2005-10-29 16:57:15   It's so little and everybody rocks, even when people do not know you, they stop and chill! —JohnDudek

2005-11-23 06:29:19   There are trees. Lots of really pretty trees. That's why I love Davis, :D —ChristyMarsden

2005-12-13 12:15:28   I absolutely love Davis. There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now. Hip places like the Delta and Roma, hip people that dig music, art, and life. Bopping to KDVS. DavisWiki. Spacious, beautiful campus; trees, grass, arboretum, you can see the stars at night. I love riding my bike, riding the bus, walking the streets, nursing a cup, seeing old faces, meeting new faces. Picnic Day and Whole Earth. I love Davis. —BrianAng

2006-11-28 21:51:16   It is environmentally friendly and innovative. —TheBigGreen

2007-01-05 02:27:37   I'm immune to the typical Davis boredom so many people complain about! —StevenDaubert

2007-01-05 02:27:56   plus it's a great place to raisie a family —StevenDaubert

2007-04-27 09:59:37   I love Davis because of the small-town feel you can still get sometimes, for instance when reading yesterday's Davis Enterprise Briefly section, and finding the headline "Firefighters Save Stranded Duckling" —EdHenn

  • It's exactly that sort of thing that makes me want to run away screaming. —CovertProfessor
    • Sure, but with the correct perspective, it becomes free entertainment! —EdHenn
      • Good point. Ok, I will work on my attitude adjustment. —CovertProfessor
  • I agree with Ed and it's a rare month when someone I know doesn't have their photo in the empty-prize. —rocksanddirt

2007-10-12 00:02:08   lots of young persons, citizens who think, trees, open space, the central park, threading through people on your bike, the university —RonB

2007-10-12 11:30:51   Celebration of art and whimsy. —JabberWokky

2007-10-14 19:54:03   There should be a link to "Davis is Burning" for events. —BreeButler

2008-01-28 22:54:39   I love the Redwood Grove in the Arboretum. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that time slows when you're in there. —DukeMcAdow

2008-04-29 15:21:00   I concur, the Redwood grove was my favorite place to study while at UCD in the early 90's. Since then it has been improved with the addition of more ferns and some walk outs but at the same time it stays the same. The Redwood seems to create such a magical feeling for me and its still my favorite part of town. —loneshark

2009-05-06 10:40:07   It's true! The Food Co-op does feel like Cheers! Really, all of downtown does, too. —Angel.York

2009-08-16 02:30:48   Davis has a low crime rate, it has a good hometown feel, and the best part is the University. Other than that, not much. —IdealParadigm

2009-08-16 03:04:10   Our high student suicide rate??? =\ —ThUn

2009-11-02 18:54:56   its not Beijing. I miss you Davis! —jsbmeb

2010-01-03 13:39:26   I live here. :| No really. Do I need a better reason? I didn't even realize how special it was until I was 18 and figured I'd make use of my legal "freedom." Between going to school in Fairfield and a bit of world traveling, I've found that even the places I've come to like I like because they're like Davis. It's a foodie's paradise... if I'm in the mood for it, I can find it without breaking the bank or even having to drive. It's geek-friendly. Just look at what I'm doing here and now. It's safe for diversity. I have no fear of expressing myself on any level in public (because I know there are odder folks about?) It's safe for sleepwalking. In the words of beloved Victor Borge, "When you go home, please drive home extremely carefully. Extremely carefully. Because I walk in my sleep!"

That should pretty much cover it. :> —KBathory

2010-05-24 20:27:24   Love the Davis Food Coop, the Arboretum, Farmers Market... but last time I checked, a lot of people really don't like The Aggie and the people who work at Pinkadot represent everything the town of Davis does not want to be, but this page is way too subjective for everyone to individually edit what they think is or is not something to love... —SRB