Towing Services are employed by several institutions in town to enforce parking regulations both public and private.

What should I do if my car has been towed?

Answer: You probably want to figure out how to get it back. A great place to start is the signage on the lot you were parked at, and of course DPD

What if I catch my car in the process of being towed?

Answer: Don't let them start moving. Stand in front of their tow truck or sit on your car if you have to. If the car has not started moving it is illegal according to CVC 22658 (h) (see below) to charge you anything more than half the normal towing charge. Most towing charges are less than $200 (note they can not charge storage fees), so be suspicious of anything more than $100. Ask for proof of their normal rates. Call a cop if anything sounds fishy. Don't let them leave with your car until everything is settled.

(h) A towing company may impose a charge of not more than one-half of the regular towing charge for the towing of a vehicle at the request of the owner, the owner’s agent, or the person in lawful possession of the private property pursuant to this section if the owner of the vehicle or the vehicle owner’s agent returns to the vehicle after the vehicle is coupled to the tow truck by means of a regular hitch, coupling device, drawbar, portable dolly, or is lifted off the ground by means of a conventional trailer, and before it is removed from the private property. The regular towing charge may only be imposed after the vehicle has been removed from the property and is in transit.

What if I paid and got the car back but think the towing company cheated me?


What if I think the towing company damaged my vehicle?



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