Cell coverage with most carriers on campus is very poor, although it is reasonably good throughout most of the town of Davis. If many people on campus complain about the cell coverage, it is more likely that the carriers will improve coverage. Here is what to do to pass this information on to the carriers:

Deadcellzones: Go to: http://www.deadcellzones.com mashup of cell phone coverage complaints AT&T: Go to: https://www.wireless.att.com/support/chatLanding.do

Click on technical support chat, then click on go to chat. Give the tech support person a physical address for a location on campus and explain to them that you get a very poor signal on campus.

AT&T says that the university would actually have to arrange for a cell tower to be put up on campus. Anyone know who at the university handles such things?

I was under the impression that AT&T has wanted to put more towers on campus for a long time, but the powers that be on campus have made the process nearly impossible. Verizon has tried for years to get permission to build something and they finally got it. However, the work isn't scheduled to be finished until late 2009. -wl

Just get a nextel, UCD has a service contract with them so they have full reception everywhere, even in the MUGA! Or you could just not have a cellphone... Also, they recently replaced one of the light towers next to Toomey with a light / cell tower combo. —StevenDaubert

Nextel doesn't carry the iPhone. No point. :-P —wl

Like Will said - no iPhone, no point. :-) I've tried campus with a Verizon phone, and got very poor reception. Of course, one might wonder how someone who doesn't exist gets any reception at all. In my case, Verizon's reception didn't exist! —IDoNotExist