Information and Educational Technology, more commonly known as IET, is a vastly bureaucratic division of UC Davis that deals with all of the campus' technology needs. The mission of Information and Educational Technology (IET) is to create and support an information technology environment that enhances the ability of the UC Davis community to teach, do research, and provide public service.


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I love IET. Probably the best place to work on campus. - Michael Giardina

It seems there is a lack of commitment within UC Davis (I assume this group, in particular) to providing free network services to the student body and the public in general. We have no ability to have personal sites (say, and UC Davis does no mirroring or hosting of free software. I think we should open up httpd on! It's also telling that the man shut down the UC Davis IRC Server which was probably using about 10MB of bandwidth a month. —PhilipNeustrom

— Check out these software mirrors here and here. —SM