Bisons vs Fugawe, Spring 2008

Inner Tube water polo is one of many Intramural Sports offered at UC Davis. However, few people know that it was actually invented at UCD by former UC Davis associate athletic director of intramural sports, Gary Colberg, in 1969.

Inner-tube water polo, or "tube polo," requires players to sit in floating inner tubes during gameplay, eliminating the need to tread water. Players are allowed to flip their opponents off of their innertubes, taking them out of play until they are correctly sitting on their tubes. Goalies are allowed to have the tubes around them rather than sitting in them. There is no hitting or kicking allowed, but given the difficulty in propelling oneself in a sitting position, things can still get crazy in the pool. Complete rules and information sheets can be found on the campus recreation website. Games currently take place in the Schaal Aquatics Center every spring quarter.

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