If you're looking for an Internet Service Provider (or ISP), Davis and the surrounding areas have several options. It suffers from the same problems as most of the U.S., with slower broadband than many countries.

See also Internet Access.

Local Companies

Local to California (but not Davis)

  • Spiral Fusion, based in Nevada City, CA, partnered with Sonic.net to offer bonded ADSL2+ DSL. Bandwidth options are 40 Mb down/2Mb up and 20 Mb down/1 Mb up. The annex M option allows upload speeds of up to 5 Mb. - No Longer sells Fusion
  • Sonic.net (reviews), based in Santa Rosa, provide their highly-regarded DSL internet service in this area.
  • DSLExtreme (reviews), based in Los Angeles County, provides DSL service in this area
  • Garlic.com (reviews) (also known as South Valley Internet), based in San Martin, CA, provides DSL service in this area
  • Raw Bandwidth (reviews), based in San Bruno, CA, provides DSL service in this area

Local to the Western U.S.

  • WaveBroadband provides cable internet up to 50Mb down 5 up for Winters and other Yolo County residents such as West Sacramento. (They have a cap of 300GB per month with their 18/2 and 50/5 plans).
  • SpeakEasy No longer offering service in Davis as of circa 2006.


  • Pac Bell, no I mean SBC, no I mean AT&T (reviews) provides bargain-basement DSL internet service in cooperation with Yahoo and the NSA. However, they are locally the physical provider of dsl (the wires), so for many problems they may have a better ability to troubleshoot. On the other hand they don't provide services such as a shell server. (They will start to put a cap of 250GB per month, $10 per GB you go over)
  • Comcast provides cable internet service. Came to town around 2004 (Known for disclosing usage information about their customers and pursuing legal action on intellectual property infringement)
  • Clear Wireless 3G and 4G internet broadband. Covers almost all of Davis. Clear actually provides Sprint with its 4G coverage (Calling this broadband/high speed is a complete misnomer. It's low-speed, overpriced, unreliable wireless. Waste of $$ and time.) Clear announced they are shutting down November 6th 2015 in favor of Sprint LTE.
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet provides satellite internet as an alternative to DSL and Broadband. You can bundle telephone, television and internet service. Service available in Davis and surrounding areas.