Describe Iridium Flares here.

The Iridium satellite network (named so because the constellation of satellites was supposed to have the same number as the atomic weight of Iridium) was the first global sat phone network, it started as a commercial venture and is currently owned by the US military so they can have soldiers be able to call home from anywhere.

But why should you care in Davis California?

Ahh excellent question, you see the way the antenna on the satellites are pointed make it so that you see a small dot that suddenly grows REALLY REALLY bright for a few seconds before fading away to nothing ness

cool this is for stargazing from Covell Park, be sure to click on the sub heading Iridium flares, and look for lower(higher) negative numbers on the intensity for a brighter flare. -3 is cool, -8 is way brighter than anything in the sky albeit for a brief few seconds

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Here is a youtube video of a flare, keep in mind the satellite is moving and not the stars...


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These are awesome, I remember looking for them when I was a young warthog Daubert