Location (Store #467)
337 G Street at 4th Street
Summer Hours (2010)
"Dining Room," Sunday - Wednesday, 7 AM - 2 AM
Thursday - Saturday, 7 AM - 3 AM
Drive-through, Sunday - Wednesday, 7 AM - 3 AM
Thursday - Saturday, 24 hours
Normal Hours
Dining room, Daily 6 AM - 3 AM
24-hour Drive-thru
Web site
We don't make it 'til you order it

Being a San Diego-based fast food restaurant chain, the Jack in the Crack1 (as it is affectionately called by some) of Davis is much like any other Jack in the Box restaurant, except sometimes much slower. It seems to be a popular hangout for young kids and transients. You can get a burger there. Of the major fast food chains Jack in the Box is one of the few to make their milk shakes from real ice cream. The other chain that does this is Carl's Jr. Other chains use a premixed liquid. They also serve ice cream floats in Fanta Orange, root beer, and Coca Cola. Desserts include cheesecake, chocolate cake, and mini-churros. Jack in the Box is quite possibly the only place to find Fanta Strawberry on tap at a soda fountain.

They also serve the best "browns" (hash browns) in the world, because not only are they hot and greasy like a construction worker in midday summer, but they also don't even taste like potatoes, which makes them all the more exciting to eat. Some people press them with paper napkins before eating because they are so greasy. They are, of course, still tasty this way too. Unfortunately, sometime in the recent past, they changed their browns to a smaller stick form; an order of them coming with 6 or so. The result is less-greasy, IMO.

Despite the fact it doesn't serve the most healthy food, it is relatively safe food — Jack in the Box has the most extensive food safety program of any fast food company (see this book).

Breakfast is served any time of the day. They have a jumbo breakfast that features 8 mini-pancakes, syrup, scrambled eggs, sausage patty or bacon, and hash brown sticks for about $2.99. There is also a kids version with pancakes, hash browns, and a kids drink.

They have special seasonal milk shakes such as the Egg Nog Shake in addition to their regular line of shakes: Oreo, Vanilla, Chocolate, and strawberry.

They also have grilled cheese sandwiches, seasoned curly fries, and several varieties of salad. A healthier side option are the apple bites with caramel dipping sauce.

From 9 PM to 5 AM, Jack In The Box Offers Munchie Meals. These boxed meals include a main item, such as Chick-N-Tater, 2 tacos, a drink, and halfsies fries (curly fries and regular fries combined).

Because of its close location to the many bars on G Street and the fact that it stays open an hour after bar closing time, this place becomes a bit of a drunken madhouse at around 2 a.m. on popular drinking nights.

Sometimes this place closes the inside early (around 11 or 12) due to a lack of employees. The drive-thru is almost always left open however, and this leads many a drunken stumbler to tap on drivers' windows in hopes of scoring some fries or chicken strips.

The restaurant didn't used to be called "jack in the box", but "jack in the B[jesus fish]." Doubt it? Look closely at the picture at top right. Alas, Jack in the Box has since changed their logo and eliminated the fish in favor of a retro style logo.

On 2009-09-18, one Friday morning, most Jack in the Boxes in Northern California were not opened for business. The State of California claimed that franchise owner Abe Alizadeh owed them $4 million in unpaid taxes.

Those who want to use the drive-thru should be warned, they absolutely refuse to accept more than one order per car. Apparently they were making too much money, and needed to find ways in which to reduce the number of customers they receive. They do this to make each transaction as quick as possible and get better scores on drive thru wait times.

Want to get your food for a little less? Try this: Instead of ordering your normal burger, order a top bun, bottom bun, burger patty, cheese (whatever fixings you wish to have. It normally saves about $.60-.$75 per burger. In addition, if you don't think it's quite enough food for you, you can order extra patties ($.60 for a regular, $.75 for a large sirloin patty, extra cheese $.15/slice) and just about anything else too. While it's not really a double-double or anything and not truly a secret menu, it is an unknown trick you can use at Jack in the box and they will make it up to 4 patties of meat and 6 slices of cheese... Much like a competitor, anything larger and they get a bit grumpy.

If you're heading off to something at 3 or 4 in the morning (stargazing, or leaving on a long road trip), they can provide you something warm to eat to start off your journey. Just order wisely if you're sensitive to grease.

In the news

On July 31, 2012, a man tried to drive a stolen dump truck through the drive-thru. It didn't go well for the drive-thru. Details here.


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Certain crazy people have been known to order 40 tacos at once for $10." - BrentLaabs

I don't know what crazy people you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure this crazy person only ordered 20 tacos at once for $5. —BarnabasTruman

Suitemate once ordered 40 tacos and they gave him 5 for free —FredChen

Friends and I did that before, it's really not that crazy. It's pretty dam good. Makes you feel kinda sick afterwards though —ClarenceL

2005-08-14 18:53:08   The worst place to eat in Davis period. —WesOne

2005-08-14 20:24:48   The service at the Davis Jack in the Box is uniformly slow, ranking among the slowest service I've seen in restauraunt, 'fast food' or otherwise. —EyadDarras

2005-09-08 11:49:18   It's been fine IME. —AndreyGoder

2005-11-27 22:53:48   The service was very slow, and they did slightly botch my order (food was fine though), but they did NOT hassle the homeless guy sleeping in the dining room. That alone gives them a "thumbs up" in my book. —SteveDavison

2005-12-08 07:04:30   SLOP, SLOP, SLOP "TILL YA DROP —DudeNude

2005-12-08 12:06:36   Horrifically disgusting food. In my opinion. —RoyWright

2005-12-08 17:28:12   I've had a variety of experiences here; sometimes slow, sometimes quick, once skipped over entirely (but quickly and politely served once I asked.) It seems to be quicker in more recent times, as well. —BrianMcFadden

2005-12-08 17:57:36   If you ever want to walk in the wilderness of mystery meat, get the tacos. But be prepared to ride out the gas storm for a long time —DudeNude

2005-12-15 14:31:04   For the next two weeks before I quit, Davis, I will serve you with a smile. I am the one with the nametag marked "BACON" —AlexaShapiro

2006-03-07 15:09:11   Soo.. If one combined the French fries of Jack in the Box with the burgers of In-N-Out.. would you get... Jack-N-Out? I wonder.. —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-03-30 12:08:46   I got food poisoning here the other night and probably will not be returning again. —SS

2006-05-26 08:58:22   Sunday night... no food. No good. Usually its ok though. Best place to go if youre drunk, or you want to see drunk people, or homeless people, or people with nothing better to do at 3am. —AlexKang

2006-05-26 14:35:38   Speaking of being drunk...the Supreme Croissant is good hangover food. —DukeMcAdow

2006-06-05 01:53:10   As far as use of space downtown this building is a waste. With only a finite amount of "urban" space in Davis I think this lot should be revitalized. —RobRoy

  • Whenever I go by there between 1 and 3 am, the lot seems to be full. Are you in favor of using eminent domain there? Maybe I should call Freddie Oakley and ask if I can take my vote for you back. —BrentLaabs
    • I'm not talking about eminent domain. I'm just saying it is ugly and if I were on the council when it was built it would have looked a lot different. Mixed use is the only way to go and drive-thru doesn't make it mixed use. I'm not against Jack in the Box. I like that they are open late - lord knows we need businesses that keep their doors open into the small hours, but I'm just saying a one story building (with no historical significance) at that location is a shame. —RobRoy

2006-06-05 22:42:34   Rob Roy is right on regarding this. It is the worst use of space in downtown. Plus its ugly and the food is disgusting. The only good thing I can say about this company is their TV commercials are moderately funny - unlike every other fast food restaurant. —JonFenske

2006-06-06 00:17:29   Man, what's with the Jack in the Box hate? You guys apparently haven't had the Extreme Sausage Sandwich, or one of their milkshakes, or one of their sourdough sandwiches, or their curly fries, or their tacos. Though I am pretty sure everyone who works here after midnight on the weekends is stoned/drunk. Then again most of the customers at this time are too so it works out. In conclusion, Jack in the Box is awesome. —ZacMorris

2006-07-14 06:59:18   This Jack in the Crack is taking up space in downtown. Surely, the city can do something more productive with the space it occupies. —KillerBobo

  • Yours isn't the first comment that makes me wonder what it is about the building or business that inspires such calls for the use of Eminent Domain. The City of Davis does not own the land, someone else does. The city issued the building permit MANY years ago and had their chance at that time to impose constraints on the design of the building. I can remember how it looked during the era of the first clown; I'd argue that there is value in how they have served the town over time (through periods of higher and lower quality service even). — JasonAller

2006-08-03 01:27:54   What is it with kids these days? "Jack in the Crack"? What the f*&% does that even mean? Ooo, it rhymes! Back in my day we called it "Gag in the bag," which meant something. That was back when nickles had bumblebees on them. "Give me five bees for a quarter," we used to say.... —MisterProfessor

  • This is by far my favorite comment on the wiki. —ElleWeber
    • I love when a person pulls out a random Simpsons quote and applies it to a situation, as I love to do. —TheShah

2006-08-03 02:36:40   I like their chicken and milk shakes! —JoeRunnels

2007-01-16 05:34:30   I like this place. Its open late and the sevice is pretty good. —JasonKong

2007-02-08 02:56:50   $0.99 items are pretty much gone except for the tacos —RaymondWong

2007-02-08 03:00:42   yeah I was sad to notice that —StevenDaubert

2007-05-12 01:28:39   Do they still have Strawberry soda? I used to come here just for it. I love it! —Jedron

2007-05-14 15:43:14   Only thing ever worth getting at a Jack in the Box is their seasonal egg-nog flavored shake (for those who like egg-nog and egg-nog flavored items). Otherwise, everything at In N' Out is better. The fries at JB are more potatoe-tasting, but I still prefer In N' Out. —CaitlinMorrow

2007-07-01 01:00:43   pretty much your ordinary jack in the box except its slower and alot more dirty —DonaldJaye

2007-08-06 20:39:46   Try ordering the cheese cake frozen from the freezer tastes great. egg rolls are great good fired food great for munchies late night snacks —Brians

2007-09-02 01:48:44   I got a complimentary drink one time when they were a bit slow making an unusual order. I have never received a complimentary drink before from a fast food place before. I think the fact that they are open really late at night is helpful for nocturnal people needing something to eat. —SteveOstrowski

2007-11-18 15:08:51   You think they would do something about the dead flies lying around. Never again. —GregWebb

2007-12-17 19:12:16   Still beats Del Taco and McDonald's for 24-hour fast food. I briefly worked at Del Taco before quitting after a month, I'd know... —thelonepiper555

2008-01-17 21:50:09   ugh! don't eat here unless you're really desperate...or there's really nothing else to eat. while the service is ok, the same can't be said for the food...the hot foods are never hot, thank god the cold ones are! anyway, avoid this place as much as you can...


What's good about cold foods being hot? Anyway, I think this is some the best really cheap food in Davis. —NickSchmalenberger

2008-02-18 18:26:05   By far the best thing they have is the spicy chicken sandwich (SCS). Although here's a tip: SCS costs $3.99 (clearly way too expensive for drunk food) so get a regular chicken sandwich for $1.99 and load it up with hot sauce! If you're wasted, which you will be since you're eating at Jack in the Box, you won't notice the difference. —AlexPerkins

2008-02-19 20:19:39   Drunk night owl? This is the place for you. Bacon cheddar potato wedges at 3 AM. 24 hour breakfast. Yes. —KateAusten

2008-06-23 16:16:35   Both my friend and I got really bad food poisoning here last night at about 1am. He order the Jumbo Jack and I had the Ultimate Cheese burger and 2 tacos. Spent the rest of the night throwing up. I would seriously warn all those that plan on eating here in the future to do some research into the long history of e-coli poisoning deaths that Jack in the Box has kept on the DL. —TheDavisMarine

2008-06-26 01:05:37   the drive-thru is ridiculously slow. its quicker to go in and order than to sit at the drive-thru burning gas while waiting for the mom in front of you to receive her $35 order... —wesleywang

2009-03-11 00:38:30   Awesome bang for your buck, and the service is generally good. Be ready for some long waits late in the night, but worth it if you're starving. —AlexChiang

2009-03-25 01:29:31   Cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, friendly atmosphere. You might run across someone you enjoyed at the bar. And I have nothing but good things to say about the staff :-) —lilmonstu

2009-03-26 15:28:22   Had to use the restroom in a pinch today. Definitely the cleanest, nicest restroom of any fast food restaurant I've ever visited. —condemned2bfree

2009-04-08 22:37:32   Worst.tacos.ever. Of course, they are not known for fabulous tacos, but still...ick. soggy, cold, mushy nastiness —EricaMacGregor

2009-04-09 02:07:08   I disagree. While far from real tacos, these things are delicious at any time of the day. Also, you can buy like 2 bags of tacos for like $8. —MattBlair

2009-04-22 23:52:04   2 tacos for $1 mmm. —PaulBrigs

2009-05-04 16:40:39   This place was good overall, nothing to complain about. Clean restaurant with fast service. —thtly

2009-06-01 09:47:53   The best tacos bar none! —dpmou

2009-06-17 04:45:43   workers ****-up your order... thank god you don't have to tip. —jishiro

They feel-up your order? Is your order particularly sexy?

2009-09-18 10:44:33   Does anybody know if the local JitB is one of the ones that were closed as of today? —JabberWokky

  • I ate there yesterday (Friday, 18th of September) so unless they closed it afterward, probably not. —hankim

2010-01-23 03:32:48   often i've been refused teriyaki bowls late at night because they've "run out of rice." Right. Right? —AveLee

2010-06-06 10:03:56   Horrible customer service!!! Not polite, and have no sense of courtesy. They purposely turned up the music to the point where I couldn't hear the people I was talking to. Completely disrespectful. I understand that it was 12am and there was some drunken people, but hey...you chose to work there. So deal with it and be POLITE!! Will never eat here again! —Jackie89o

2010-08-15 04:05:57   Yes, it's true. If a bouncer from across the street (IE: me) sees a fight break out at 'the Box' I will run over to stop it, along with a few of my bouncer friends.

We are a community people, and just because you are drunk (read stupid) gives you no excuse to trash the place or be an ass at a fast food joint (one of the only places even open that late btw) without repercussions. Just a warning for the rest of you. —Wes-P

2010-10-26 23:43:10   gotta love jack in the box for late night food cravings, but on more than one occasion i've been told they were out of shakes or tacos (sometimes not even very late, once they were out of tacos at like 7:30). big disappointment, when i'm fixin for jack tacos, nothing else will do. —EugeneB

2011-01-08 21:49:29   Went here today and ordered some cheese sticks and a chicken club sandwich... I got chicken strips and a double cheeseburger instead... lolwut.jpg —hankim

2011-03-18 19:23:40   While still being Jack in the Box (read: fairly cheap, totally unhealthy and mostly overcooked/fried), it has improved quite a bit in recent months. The service has improved and the food has gotten better although not healthier, at least in the early evening hours. —Wes-P

2011-06-21 23:47:40   Great place. Food may be crappy to some, but its a fast food joint. From 1-3, drunks and high people are the only customers. They take a while for the order, but if they feel that you have waited extra time or that they messed up an order, they will add free curly fries/tacos to your order —JohnathonJosephs

2011-08-04 23:45:25   Jack In The Box, very close to my work, so it is ideal for a pre-work snack, or a post-work late night dinner. The staff in the downtown location are always happy. The food, cheap and delicious. You can never go wrong with the 2 tacos for 99 cents! Sodas are pretty cheap as well, and the milkshakes are delicious.

My coworker and I recently went to Jack In The Box before work, and unfortunately they ran out of the Oreo Milkshake. But a shift manager was there, and he gladly gave my coworker AND me FREE smoothies!

A great staff, clean dining area, and a surprise smoothie for me...I am sure you know where I will be eating before work for the next couple of months.. —NikhilDahal

2012-03-05 20:02:03   If and when Jever is the closing manager, the store maintains it's hours and it's quality of service. However, when Esther is there, as kind as she can be at times, the establishment closes the dining room early, refuses to serve the drive-thru the majority of the time, and if you are lucky enough to get an order in, it is terribly innacurate and completely lacking even fast food standards. Most recently, I attempted to visit at 10:45 pm on Sunday evening to find the doors had been locked already. It never maintains it's hours due to pure laziness and nonprofessional behaviors and attitudes.

To make matters worse, when I left work at just after midnight I walked past and overheard her explaining thru the loudspeaker to a drive-thru customer that they could only sell items available from the fryers, that they had shut down all the grills for the evening. Saw at least four vehicles in a ten minute time period drive up to hear the same story and quickly drive off.

Way to milk a company for a paycheck and cost them sales at the same time. —Wes-P

2012-03-05 22:08:33   Just to respond to Wes-P's comment, I am Esther's sister. On her behalf, I would like to say sorry for the inconvenience, and the reason for closing early is they are short-staffed (seems like an issue misdirected by pointing blame at her specifically by naming her on this page, as she is only a crewmember there not a manager). When she has to close early, it's not due to laziness or lack of professionalism. She has managerial approval to close early, or they would never be able to get their cleaning done on time. Please don't blame someone whose shoes you've never walked in. —CalamityJanie


1. It's also been called Junk in the Box.