This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Across from IHOP in Dixon
1440 Ary Lane, Suite E
(I-80 at Pitt School Exit)
Daily Open 5am to 1am (sometimes later, or earlier depending on how many people are there)

Starting June 6th, 2008, Java California will no longer be opened for business. They are currently selling their inventory (including Torani and chocolate syrup, tea, and coffee) for a discounted price. They will be opened for limited hours everyday until the final closing day.

This was a great place. It was no longer open 24 hours, but from 5am to 1am. However, they said they would stay open later if students are still there studying. For a night owl, it was an oasis in the desert of closed businesses. During the summer they closed earlier, which isn't surprising if you've seen the absence of people there during the summer. They were open on all holidays too. They had a Buy 10, Get the 11th drink free card.

The main area was much like many coffee shops. This photo was taken before decor changes made around 2007-03. But there was a large meeting room to study in An unknown founder of Davis Wiki enjoys the wireless internet


Java California was in business for 8 or 9 years, and was under the management of John for about three and a half years. John sold Java California some time after 2007-03-06. The shop continued to be open 24 hours and the last owners were Larry and LoriLuporini.

Coffee Shop

This was an awesome place to study and hang out! One might have wanted to bring a jacket, it was colder than outside. Like a lot of coffee shops, it had a few bookshelves full of books that you could look at (it turned out that these were for sale, but in store perusal was OK), and it had a shelf full of board games that you could play on the spot. There was a large bookshelf full of games running from Risk to Jenga, including a copy of Davisopoly, which was created by John, the former owner of Java California. Additionally, it had some couches and comfortable arm chairs, etc. Like a lot of places in Davis, it had free WiFi. Unlike a lot of places in Davis, there were plenty of outlets to plug in your computer.

Java was broken down into three areas with unwritten rules of noise level. In the main area where you enter and order your drinks, being louder and chatting with your study-buddies was ok. The second area had the couches, bookshelves and bathroom; people tended to be quieter in this area but briefly discussing with friends was ok. The third area was the meeting room; here everyone was quiet just like it is the library. Please remember to shut the door between the meeting room and the second area.

Cool Extras

Beyond these "normal" coffee shop amenities, Java California also had a business center and meeting room. The business center consisted mainly of a copy machine and some tools like a stapler, a paper-cutter and a light table. The copy machine made black and white copies for $0.08 and color copies for $0.80. (it worked 60% of the time.)

The meeting room was a large room with about 10 folding tables and 40 wheeled business chairs. When it wasn't reserved for meetings, it was open for studying and made a great study room. Most nights, people were very quiet in this room and it felt like you are at the library. The meeting room also had a small whiteboard and a TV/VCR combo. Finally, they provided a PA for free if you needed it. The meeting room was free to use as long as you were using it for non-profit purposes. They even had an occasional LAN party. As a note to studiers, you should have checked the schedule before you got too comfortable in the room, because you could be kicked out by people that scheduled it. During finals, the room could be reserved for studying. The schedule for the meeting room was posted from time to time (maybe weekly?) on the Craigslist events calender (try a search for Java California). To find the right posting, just look for events in Dixon.

You were allowed to bring in outside food and drink, were encouraged to hang out, and about the only thing you could do that is "against the rules" was bringing in Starbucks - they had the rules from other coffee shops hanging on the wall with each rule marked "Okay with us!".

The meeting room.

The Product

The coffee was pretty good, and they had an extensive menu. This included several specialty mochas and 9 flavors of whipped cream. The whipped cream was made with real cream (and WhipIt). In addition, they had a variety of snacks from donuts and pastries to Cup o'Noodles and ChefBoyardee ravioli.


  • Whipped Cream
  • Raspberry tea
  • Lemon Ginger tea
  • Caramel anything (they use real caramel)
  • Mint Chip Chiller (or any blended drink)
  • No Carb Blended Mocha (make sure it's blended... good even if you don't care about carbs, simply because it's less sweet and more rich and ice creamy)
  • Krispy Kreme doghnuts
  • Hot Cup O Noodles $1

Gone now.. but not forgotten

They used to (until 2007 with the new management) have two internet connected computers that could be used free of charge, as well as a play area.

There used to be a small play area stocked with toys, a gumball machine, and a bouncy ball machine. It has been replaced by three one-person desks, with a pencil sharpener.

They used to have a room for big kids to study in

Notice the stylish Java California t-shirt

Reviews and comments

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Unfortunately, some people feel that this place scores low in ambiance. They say that it's flooded by flourescent lights, you can hear the I-80 traffic, the furniture is cheap, and there's all kinds of crap lying around, as if it were a child's nursery.

  • I feel compelled to note that I've been going to JC for quite a while now, and I'm a semi-regular night customer there. I see and meet a lot of other people who go there either regularly or just occasionally, and the only complaint I ever really hear of is overcrowding. Most people like the atmosphere John's set up, and like the fact that it has a small-town independent sort of feel. It's hard to complain about the overcrowding even, because it just means that the place is doing well and will probably be around for quite a while (and honestly, it's mainly only overcrowded during finals and midterms at UCD). —EricKlein

VERY cool place.JabberWokky

This place is actually quite nice. I've been there several times in the middle of the night to either hang out or work. As said above, the coffee is good, but the atmosphere is what makes it. The staff is friendly, and the free power/wifi coupled with the coffee and food selection makes it possible to stay there working for very long periods of time. Unlike a lot of places, this place is so cool, I WANT to spend money there, to support them for being such a great place to go. My only complaint is that they're in Dixon, rather than Davis, so biking out there in the middle of the night isn't as convenient as if it were in Davis.EricKlein

This place is great, as long as you're not a punk to the owner. He used to host live music Friday or Saturday nights. My brother's band used to play there all the time until the crowd got to be too much. (You just can't control metalheads under 18.) But last I heard they still have great music on some weekend night. Further and more detailed information would be available on the white boards in the meeting room.MichelleAccurso

2005-07-24 18:42:31   Friendly people, good drinks. Don't forget to tip. —IrenePark

2005-08-19 14:20:46   If you go in there soon, make sure you congratulate the owner on the birth of his first grandson! —JessicaLuedtke

2005-10-03 13:02:20   This is an awesome place. It's very comforting when finals are rolling around and you need to learn a quarter's worth of material out of one bloodshot eye. The owner is always pleasant and nice. I've only been here once during the day to use their desktop computer for a long time when my internet was out of action in the summer and it was even more enjoyable in the day time than at night. It's nice to see a small shop succeed and deserve it too. —LiRic

2005-11-30 16:56:28   All businesses should be modeled after Java California —GiladGurantz

2005-12-15 01:11:03   I came here once over the summer for the very first time. Since Fall quarter started, I have been here studying w/ my roomate. The manager is super nice and funny. I really wish there are more coffee place like this one. The staff here are awesome as well. I enjoy the study area here especially the coffee. —AlexandraLiu

2006-01-16 00:53:11   Hey, isn't that guy in the "big kids" room the Math Department's own Spyridon Michalakis? —RoyWright

2006-05-09 10:48:47   By maintaining the community room, Java California is providing an essential service to the city. If for no other reason the shop should be patronized. But happily, Java California's house coffee is the best tasting in town. Solano Baking's home brew is watery and tasteless. Starbucks sells the usual overpriced and harsh concoction. —PeteBasofin

2006-06-10 23:35:26   I LOVE JAVA CALIFORNIA. I am entirely too busy during the day to make it to another cafe to study...esp if it closes 2 hours after I get there. I was there so much during winter quarter 2006 that I got onto the Dean's list for the first time during my four years here. NO JOKE! =) John is such a nice out free food to starving and studying students once in awhile and he even reserves his large meeting rooms for finals! And I really really love the mocha's freakin perfect! —TereseSantos

2006-06-11 08:35:32   I love this place. Working on the IAJ over Spring this quarter I spent two all-nighters there with my home PC. They are great hosts, with great food (and better service), and best of all, a lot of outlets. BEST PLACE TO STUDY —AlvinTsao

2006-08-07 17:12:44   This is the place to find the absolutely BEST caramel macchiato!! —CissiePerkins

2006-10-24 23:28:51   Java California is awesome! I can see myself spending many a late night here. Big, comfy study areas, wi-fi, and an unlimited cup of coffee? Count me in. The only problems are that it's amazingly cold here and the noise from the traffic can be distracting. Still, mad props for this well-planned business. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to studying :) —SteveKent

2006-10-31 21:26:15   In short, the cafe is great and the owner is awesome. On at least three occasions that I've gone there at night, he's tossed out jokes and given out freebies to cut down stress. —DanAlcantara

2006-11-08 14:30:21   I love studying here. I just curl up on one of the reclining couches sipping my hot tea and study. John's a really nice guy and if you're there at the right time, he'll give away some pastries. —JoAnnaRich

2006-11-14 15:12:49   Just for your amusement: a list of things John did when bored during our NaNoWriMo write-in:

2007-02-23 00:00:02   I was there a couple nights ago. John stopped by and told some painfully bad jokes that we all still managed to laugh at. After he left, about 20-30 minutes later, an older woman walked in asking to take pictures of us studying. She announced that she is BUYING Java California and needs to pictures for some business something-or-other... I guess it's been sold. —JesseSingh

2007-02-23 05:26:04   WHAT!!??!?!?!! —JabberWokky

2007-02-23 12:32:12   Yep, that's exactly what I thought. Someone in the room pleaded "Don't change anything!" to which the forthcoming new manager said "I'm not going to change anything, why would I?" But I got the feeling she was just patronizing us. I should also note that, while the study room was full that night, maybe 40% of the people there walked into Java Cal from the other entrance and just plopped down on the table, without buying a drink. No wonder John has to sell it. —JesseSingh

2007-02-24 23:55:17   LOVE this place. I kind of wish others didnt love it quite so much, so it could be a little less crowded. —MattHh

2007-02-25 17:30:23   =( Alas, next week, John will no longer be the owner. I was there studying earlier today and it is confirmed =( Probably one of the last times I'll see John and get to hear the funny jokes. —JoAnnaRich

2007-02-25 19:26:48   It would really be cool if somebody could get one of those big cards and have all the regulars sign it as a goodbye gift. John's a rather unique character, and he's one hell of a good guy. Other than making people suffer through his jokes, he honestly cares about his customers. —JabberWokky

2007-02-28 13:33:56   Best place to study ever! Totally worth the drive. Only thing that sucks is when there's tons of people and when there's really annoying girls who talk too loud. People are trying to study, geniuses... and that sucks that John isn't the owner anymore! —CourageCowardlyDog

2007-03-20 14:38:01   Thanks to all you FAITHFUL and LOYAL customers who have been coming to my brother John's Store these years that he has owned it, and thanks for indulging him his jokes! : ) I know it touches John that you have been there with him, through thick and thin, and no matter what, you have been loyal and his friend. Since I now live in So. CA I don't get to the store that often, but it pleases me and warms my heart to see what John has created for himself, the community, and YOU, each of you. I know it will different without John there at the helm, and it was not an easy choice for him to make. Join me in sincerest wishes that John will now pass on to the next "place in life" he belongs. And when you do see him, give him a BIG BEAR HUG from me, his Sis, Cindi. God bless you all. —CindiWatermanBissellKidd

2007-03-28 14:41:51   Thank you to all who support Java California. We are the new owners, Larry and Lori Luporini —LoriLuporini

2007-05-05 13:08:48   It's ok, the person behind the counter is super slow. It's nice that it isn't as stressful as say mishka's, but not really worth the drive. Sac has some better coffeeshops. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-05-13 23:23:35   Oh man. I went back to Davis this weekend for a visit, an naturally I thought I'd hit up good ol JC... What a disappointing experience. What's with all the fake mahogany furniture? And the rooster lamps and other kitchy junk for sale? "No outside food or drink", WTF? And no more computers! I couldn't bring myself to buy anything so I can't testify to the food/drink. I don't believe I'll go there again... I wish I had spent more money there when John was the owner. —MaryLieth

2007-05-15 02:53:02   Maybe people bringing in outside food and drink is one of the reasons John had to sell. —JesseSingh

2007-05-22 03:25:00   As much as I enjoy walking it out and partying like a rockstar...needs less loud fm 103.5 late at night. Otherwise this place is cool, the annoying giggling conversations die down at about 1:30am, then you can really study uninterupted. The coffee is good too, and the bathroom door sounds like a fart. —IanBenton

2007-06-25 21:42:02   Bathroom smells like death and it's always either too hot or too cold, but the coffee and studying atmosphere is great- especially late at night. Lori is really nice and gave me a kahlua blast chiller for free (she had created it that day and wanted someone to try it). It's soo good! Everyone should remember to at least buy one drink when studying or hanging out, so they can stay open 24 hours and keep wireless free. —MandiPeterson

2007-11-04 10:30:20   I don't believe this place is open 24 hours anymore. According to their hours sign on their window, they close at 1am almost every day. I've been here several times, making a trip out here from Davis just for a good quiet place to study. Their "meeting room" is probably the best place - and hopefully, there aren't groups back there chit chatting if you needed it to be quiet. The owner is affable and also offers some sort of art class there as well. I'd say, if you can't find a place to study in Davis, then give this place a try. (oh, and i usually get the red eye) —at86

I just called them and their official hours are 5am to 1am now. They said that if students are still there studying, they will stay open late. —apalley

2007-11-17 21:51:18   Owners came in and said we can't bring in outside food and drink anymore. Good place to study in the meeting room that's a lot more welcoming, than say the 24 hour room, although it feels suspiciously like a campus lounge. Okay food/drinks. —BessieChu

2007-12-13 21:10:00   I can attest to what apalley said - I was there earlier this week and they will stay open as long as there are customers. Interesting literature to read (and for sale as well). —AndrewLeonard

2008-05-25 23:10:11   I'm at Java CA right now. I still love this place. Hot chocate with caramel and white chocolate whipped cream is delicious. And the wifi is locked unless you buy something so that's cool. And finally, the people behind the counter are always interesting and personable. I always find myself chatting with the person behind the counter. —MichelleAccurso

2008-05-26 09:36:09   i have been kicked out at around 11 for closing, there were only about 3 people there, but it would be nice if they had set hours that they definitely would not close until unless there is no one there. Just my opinion, but i understand that they are a business and if no one is ordering anything anymore, they probably close to be cost effective. —MattHh

2008-05-28 21:23:45   I'm sorry to hear that this isn't open 24 hours anymore. It was a great spot to study late at night/early in the morning when I was a student. —PS2

2008-05-31 18:48:12   This is definitely my favorite place to study. The big meeting room is great for studying and really sprawling out with your books / laptop / materials. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I always order an iced chai tea latte with almond roca whipped cream (highly recommended - their flavored whipped cream is amazing!) and now they also have a great chai frappe. The employees are great. Very friendly and personable, and if you ask you can get a Java Card which they'll stamp with each purchase - after 10 drinks you'll get a free one. They always have fun stuff going on, like little community bands coming to play. Not the most convenient for some Davis students, but I prefer it this way as it usually is not too crowded with students. —ChrissyNoble

2008-06-03 21:03:49   I want to be the first to say that I am crushed that Java CA will be closing their doors. When I spoke with the owner's son today he told me the main reason why their closing is that the costs for supplies are becoming far too expensive. I had some great study memories at this sad to see it go. =[ —EmilyTung

2008-06-03 22:11:18   Oh no!! This is so sad...I will have such great memories of Java California as well. I'm really going to miss it...I shed a tear when I found out it's closing! Best wishes to all the Java employees. —ChrissyNoble

2008-06-08 20:46:02   man this sucks, i had a lot of good studying times here too (if those exist). i even drove out there today to find a closed sign on the door. i was halfway to the starbucks when i came to my senses and went back to davis.

here's wishing someone buys it and moves it to davis, they would get a lot more people in there, as the article says, in a desert of closed businesses. —IanBenton

2008-06-09 11:13:52   Well there will always be the coffee at the fast and easy ... yuck!

I really wish davis coffee shops would experiment with longer hours. Davis kept one alive in Dixon for what? As long as I've been around at least (that's 8+). Seems to be enough market for some of the smaller shops in town. —ChristopherMckenzie

2008-09-12 20:28:24   I have lots and lots of good memories of this coffee shop. My friends and I used to go there on a regular basis about 4 years ago when the original owner was there. He was the coolest guy. Then some mean lady took it over and changed the hours and changed everything and it wasn't the same. And now it's closed. I'm very sad to see it go. :( Oh, and I do agree that a business like this needs to exist in Davis and STAT. If only for those procrastinating students. a 24-hour coffee shop was invaluable to me in college. —SarahOsler

2009-11-23 04:00:54   :( I feel like I missed an incredible place —GreatRyan