2043 Anderson Road in Suite B
Mon-Thu 7am-4pm
Fri 7am-2pm
(530) 758-7770

Accepts cash, check, credit cards, and most insurance, including Delta Dental (the current GSHIP insurer).

The answering machine refers to the office as "Dr. Chantry and Associates." In addition to Dr. Chantry, there is a Dr. Arya who is there on Tuesdays. I assume that they follow the same fee structure.

There's a minute long ad with Dr. Chantry on YouTube.

January 2007 Rates

  • Periodic Oral Examination: $44
  • Prophylaxis (Cleaning)- Adult: $81
  • Basic Filling (Surface near gum): $136

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2007-01-16 19:38:38   I have not been to a dentist for quite a while, but I was very impressed with Dr. Arya. He only works in this office on Tuesdays currently. He answered many questions I had about cavities, fluoride, "cleaning" etc. He was very open about the pricing and my options. Great guy! —AaronBishop

2007-05-07 10:15:06   Not recommended. —Reenee

2008-04-22 17:15:07   Had bad experiences with cleanings, oral evaluations, fillings, and extractions. The overall impression is that they try to squeeze money out of the insurance as much as they can and quality of service is secondary. Oral evaluations done by the Davis Dentist are quick and basically targeted at finding all kinds of little details that not necessarily need immediate attention but have potential to use insurance money. Never quite understood why they take so many x-rays if then they seem not to even look at them to produce the oral evaluation - must be to take advantage of the insurance coverage - 'free' money? The fillings are often done quickly and carelessly as they tend come out soon after a year has gone by, which might be good for business as the patient has to go back to spend more money. Got a cleaning from an assistant that didn't please me for the rush and lack of care and completeness. Got an extraction from some sort of inexperienced doctor in residence - not the actual doctors that own the office - and it was kind of long and messy that they had to go for more x-rays until the doctor made sure all the pieces that remained inside after the tooth was broken were actually removed. Got one appointment canceled as I arrived into the office because the doctor had not come and the secretaries forgot to call me. Always had treatment from different assistants and doctors as they kept on changing every time I went there so I never actually got to know who really owns/operates the office and takes responsibility. Overall, go there if you don't care too much about your teeth. —PS

2008-08-20 13:21:09   I won't go there again, and wouldn't recommend Dr. Chantry. During my visit, I was waiting in the waiting room, and a lady and her kids came flying in, upset because another doctor in the complex had keyed her car. She mentioned some sort of feud between this doctor and Dr. Chantry, and the office women seemed to know what she was talking about. The police were called, etc. It was a bad first impression, but I was still hopeful.

When I had my teeth cleaned, Dr. Chantry barely even took notice of my existence (he spent about 3 minutes with me, if that). The dental hygienist did all the work. I found out later (when I had my records transferred to a new dentist) that the x-rays that were taken at Dr. Chantry's were so light, it would be impossible for him to tell if I had any cavities (or even any previous dental work). I completely felt like a dollar sign the whole time I was there, and even afterwards. I truly feel that Dr. Chantry could have cared less about my teeth.

I was also billed for Dr. Chantry grinding down a tooth which I did not want ground down (he didn't even ask first, or explain what he was doing; he just did it). I was told not to worry about it, that I had plenty of coverage from my insurance. Two weeks later I was billed $65.00.

Dr. Chantry didn't do much, but what he did do, he did not explain, so I didn't know what was coming at me next. Such a bad, bad experience overall. I've been going to the dentist ever since I've had teeth, and he's been the worst one I've ever had.


2008-09-28 22:00:58   Would not recommend this dentist. The staff is rude, and yell at each other while you are sitting in the chair. The quality of service is awful. I had a cap done, and it fell off the next day and then when I went back a much nicer attendee said the first attendee used the wrong cement. Find another dentist in Davis. It will save you a lot of frustration and anger. —joH

2009-03-04 12:38:57   Nope, definitely would not. My wife was given an estimate for a deep root cleaning. The estimate indicated the patient portion would be $0 so she agreed to the services. After completion of the cleaning, we received a bill for over $300. When we asked for a copy of the signed, original estimate, the office said they do not keep the estimates after the work is complete. A classic "bait and switch" in my opinion. In addition to this, a filling she recently received from Dr. Chantry needs to be redone. Needless to say, we are moving to a new dentist. —Pcox

2010-08-04 20:57:17   I would strongly NOT recommend Dr. Chantry. My experience with his practice was extremely negative from start-to-finish. His staff was rude, and despite my many explanations that I am extremely fearful of the dentist, they showed very little compassion or willingness to take the time to explain the procedures, etc. They were also extremely judgmental—I recognize I am having dental problems, that is why I have visited your office, but I do not need to be shamed for it. Dr. Chantry also spent very little time talking to me, explaining what work I would need to have done or why. The absolute worst part of my experience occurred as I was having a tooth drilled in preparation for a crown. I happened to be in the office on "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" and Dr. Chantry's daughter was in the office. As he was drilling he and his daughter get in a bickering match as to whether she should be allowed to leave the office. I was extremely uncomfortable, and worried about him being distracted (furthermore, I cannot believe it is appropriate practice to have extra, nonprofessionals in the room during a procedure). I was so offput by this experience, it has taken me several years to work up the nerve to visit another dentist—a different one this time, because I would never go back to Dr. Chantry. —mgoodman

2011-09-28 10:40:54   I was in for an exam, check up, and fillings. It had been some time since my last trip to a dentist and I knew I had some problems. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The doctor was thorough and gave me several options. I decided to do a little bit at a time. The doctor was really quick and made it painless. It was the best experience I have ever had. I hate when they make you keep your mouth open for ever. I have read these reviews and the other comments don't reflect my experience at all. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs lots of dental work. I am a big fan. —RobRoberts

2012-03-12 23:18:00   I was a patient of Dr. Chantry for several years. During that time he made several mistakes, which cost me lots of extra money and time correcting. First, he did a retreatment of a root canal (which he should have never done; he should have recommended me to a endodontist-they specialize in treatment of root-canal, but because he is money hungry, they didn't inform me that an endodontist was the preferred option). Needless to say, the retreatment of the root canal failed, so i had to see an endodontist to have an apicoectomy done to save my tooth. On top of that, Chantry failed to place the crown correctly on my tooth (there was an open margin, which means that it was not completely sealed and bacteria was getting in). I flossed and brushed daily but my gum in that region was always inflammed and bleeding. It took me 2 years to figure out the cause, and finally got chantry to perform the services to replace it. I ended up eating the cost of paying for the new crown. When he did place the new crown, he didn't fit it correctly. He shaved too much on one side, so now there is more space for food to enter between the teeth, which means, i have to use a thicker floss and floss more on that one side. Chantry was not apologetic, not friendly. All he cared about was trying to sell you a service, even if he was not the most qualifed to do the procedure. He even wanted to have me pull out the root to a tooth instead of trying to save it via the endodontist, so that he could charge me to drill a tooth in its place (even though he is not the most qualifed to that either). I won't avoid this doctor at all cost. I stopped going to that office a year ago and I regret not leaving sooner. Hope you guys heed my warning. STAY AWAY. And if you are his patient, RUN!!!!! —Virgil

2012-03-22 11:56:40   The receptionist is consistently kind, professional and pleasant to talk to upon arrival and departure.They are very thorough, kind and exceed my expectations. Dr.Alvarado is the gentlest dentist I have encountered. Excellent care and a pleasure, saying a lot from someone with a history of bad experiences. This Office has restored my confidence in dentistry again —kjulie