John Barovetto Park

Park Location
4400 Alhambra Drive
6.9 Acres
May 9th, 2007
• Baseball Field and Soccer Field
• Public bathroom 
• Basketball Court
• School Age Structure
• Tot Lot
• Toddler Swings
• Off Leash Dog area
• Picnic Area

• Walking Path

• Grand Opening Party on May 24th, 2007
City Web Page
Park Construction Status
Area may be subject to advanced registration - call City of Davis Community Services Department at (530) 757-5626 for information

John Barovetto Park is located in Mace Ranch at the corner of Alhambra Drive and Arroyo Avenue.

This park is named after a local hero John Barovetto, whose name was also a candidate for the Korematsu Elementary School. The local residents actually voted for the park to be named "Egret Fields" after the beatiful egret that inhabited the field for 2-3 years before the park was constructed. The Davis City Council instead decided to name it after John Barovetto to honor him since the Board Of Education chose the to name the local school after Fred T. Korematsu instead.

Target is supposed to donate $10,000 toward this park as part of the agreement between the City of Davis and Target but it is unclear how this money will be spent since the park is already constructed.

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2010-12-13 13:05:05   Another nice Davis park with bike path access. The dog area is not fenced in and there can be a lot of small children nearby so it's best to come when it's less crowded. Your dog may be friendly but small children may not understand that! I did have one issue today with a man bringing a dog on-leash to the dog area. Initially his dog was ignored (common courtesy dictates that you do not allow your dogs to approach until a person makes it clear that they intend to bring their dog to the off-leash area). He continued into the area with his dog, then became angry and yelled when one dog approached to say hi and his dog growled and lunged. I think his exact comment was, "If you can't control your dog, keep it on-leash" (along with some other stuff). Note that this happened entirely within the clearly marked boundary of the off-leash area and actual dog interaction lasted maybe 2 seconds. Luckily people like him are few and far between in Davis and I hope to have more positive experiences. It is a very pretty area. —themichelle