Juggling has been described as "doing the useless the hard way", but it has a surprising number of benefits:

  • Coordination : Klutz Press exists because even an uncoordinated klutz can overcome his or her limitations with a little practice. (It is usually easier to learn from an experienced juggler than from a book, though.)
  • Exercise : It isn't exactly soccer, but it sure beats Nintendo.
  • Physics : Get up close and personal with Newtonian physics (projectile motion) and number theory (site swap mathematics predicts jugglable patterns).
  • Cooperation : Juggling is more fun when you do it with other people, but you have to put up with each other's mistakes, too. Cooperatively throwing items among a large group of other jugglers can be surprisingly good for your mood.
  • Competition : Ok, if you really can't stomach all that hippy "be nice" philosophy, try keeping a juggling pattern while trying to disrupt other people's patterns in the game of Combat.

If you don't know how to juggle, or if you want to get better, or if you just need a fix, try the Damento Jugglers. If you prefer to mix juggling and fire, check out SaDa Fuego.