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228 G Street , across from Fuji and next to G St. Pub
Lunch Hours
Dinner Hours
Mon-Sun $12.50
Mon-Thur $15.49, Fri-Sun $16.49

Is NOW OPEN as of 10-17-11, after being closed for the summer of 2011 for remodeling.

Jusco is a sushi buffet restaurant that probably has the most polarized reviews of all the restaurants in Davis. The good news for Jusco is most of the bad reviews were in years past, while the recent reviews overall are much more positive and note improvement in food, atmosphere and service — you may wish to scroll to the bottom of the reviews first. Everyone seems to agree that it is conveniently located downtown across the street from Fuji's, and that there is never a problem finding a table, but the agreements end there. Many people think that the quality is highly questionable. These people complain about overly salted food, sushi that smells really fishy, and poor service. Others seem to like the variety, especially the cooked items. People especially recommend their tasty selection of fried snackables (eg. salt & pepper prawns, calamari). They tend to serve their sushi rice warm and very light on the vinegar; some customers like this as a sign of authenticity, while others think it makes the sushi taste less fresh.

As for the service, although the old man is quite nice, some of the servers are known to forget orders, and allegedly say offensive things about their customers in Cantonese. A few patrons often feel like they are being watched to make sure they eat every grain of sushi rice from their nigiri, since leaving behind a lot of rice will result in extra charges (This is meant to prevent people from making sashimi out of the nigiri). Overall, this is the place to go if you find yourself downtown and want a sushi buffet without having to wait in line for a table, don't want to have to pick your food up from sushi boats, or don't want your food to have been sitting under heat lamps.

Also, you get a free meal on your birthday with a party of four. (Until 2013 it was a party of two.) By way of comparison, you need five paying adults to get a free meal on your birthday at Davis Sushi Buffet.

This place used to be the Davis Saloon Vietnamese Restaurant.


These are the picture menus they put up on the wall in their booths.

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2009-01-30 17:15:08   Oh my god, I love this place, they have amazing sushi rolls, compares to FUJI, Jusco has more variety of rolls, and sashimis, and other hot food as well. People who work there are very friendly. —meiwu

2009-02-08 18:46:58   So today was my first time eating at Suhi Nobu. After going to Juscos about 100 times with friends and family(and absolutely loving it), and reading reviews of the all you can eat sushi places in Davis, I was surprised to see that Juscos was at the bottom of the list. I thought to myself, "How can this be possible? Is their really a place better than Juscos?" Seeing that Sushi Nobu was considered the best sushi place in Davis, I decided to try it out. So today, I got up with a couple of my friends who have been to Juscos, and went to Sushi Nobu for lunch. At Juscos you sit at a booth and order whatever you want, here you just went up and got sushi from the bar. After my friends and I sat down with our Sushi and took our first bites, we all looked up at each other with that "Are you kidding me?" face. The sushi was bland, and flavorless. It was room temperature, and tasted like it had been sitting out for a while. The rice was mushy, and the sushi looked sloppily put together. After several trips to get more sushi from the bar, we were all very very disappointed. There was no comparison, Juscos blew this place out of the water in every way(besides the fact that this place had a big screen t.v.) I feel like I just wasted my money. If you have never gone to Juscos, or haven't been their in a while, I sincerely recommend going there sometime soon and giving it a try. I've heard that Juscos didn't get the greatest reviews back in the day, but is getting better ones now. Maybe thats why they're not packed 24/7. But everyone I've taken there (about 30 different people, including a friend from Japan), have all agreed that Juscos is the best all you can eat sushi they have ever had. GO TRY JUSCOS! I'm about to go right now and spend money I don't have to go get some, as this morning was horrible... Lol. —Austen

2009-02-10 10:39:20   I love Jusco! I've converted many to the cause, and since I'm an equal opportunity eater, I've tried nearly every other sushi place in Davis. They all pale in comparison to the sheer awesomeness of this place. Great selection, great food, great service. They have frequent buyer cards now; they're trying to keep them a secret, but if you ask for one they'll produce it. —HannahReff

2009-02-28 01:04:01   Me and my friends went here for the first time tonight. The staff was courteous, and most of their dishes were very fresh. I actually like all of the sesame seeds they put on the sushi rolls. The downside is that some of our orders came slowly so we ended up ordering much more than we needed and ended up with a lot of extras. The management was nice and allowed us to take it to go for an extra charge... and good because I hate wasting food. So it was good, but the wait for the food isn't. Also... their wonton soup broth was particularly salty for some reason. —MichVan

2009-02-28 08:53:02   I've been here twice. The first time, the service was slow. It took an hour to get our last order, at which point we said screw it and left. The second time, we got everything we ordered in under 5 minutes, every time. In terms of the sushi, everything is tasty.

In short, the service is sometimes horrendous. When it isn't, it's a pretty decent place to go. —WilliamLewis

2009-03-02 23:17:09   They don't seem to be able to accommodate large crowds of customers. They seat lots of people, which is great, but that's simply to get people seated, I went February 28th with my cousin, and I've been here so many times and I keep returning, despite the fact that all my friends love every OTHER sushi place in Davis other than Jusco's, but the service was GOD AWFUL. They hired some new girl and my cousin and I gave her our sheet after filling it out. 20 minutes later she returned with a new sheet asking us if we wanted to order more, even though our previous order NEVER CAME???? We told her that we already put in an order, and she "went to go check", and returned saying she had lost our order????? That would explain why I saw a huge plate of nigiri go to another table (perhaps they did order it.... but where was my order?), but then she became immediately ultra attentive, sadly, I felt it was way too late. I spent a grand total of just shy of 2 and a half hours with my cousin there, most of it waiting for food. Fried stuff comes out MODERATELY quick, but I'm there to eat sushi. I understand that there were lots of customers, but others were not being serviced very well either, so no one was winning, and besides Jusco getting our money, they get this bad review. They have one sushi chef, the old man apparently is left to clean tables and serve fried foods, and they have that new hired girl who takes your orders (and potentially loses them and forgets things, we never got our order of squid and a whole bunch of rolls) and brings you the sushi. Awful awful awful experience, and the food was pretty mediocre at best; my cousin was under the impression that I was grossed out like he was about their salmon, and was shocked when I ordered more. Hey, I'm paying the money, might as well try to enjoy myself... even if it taste kind of bad... Why have us write down what we want if you are going to forget stuff? Should we just tell you? Save money on some markers? —CoreyPham

2009-03-19 18:20:47   Been here three times for the sushi buffet. First time I was here, I went here with friends... service was horrendous. We did not get all of our food; we left Jusco feeling very unsatisfied. But the second and third time, service was great. The food came relatively quickly and without incident (we weren't left hanging, waiting for the rest of our food). The sushi here is decent, though I wish they weren't so stingy about the sashimi (only one order per person per meal). I will probably come back here for lunch sometime soon, however; it's reasonably priced! —sugarpop

The trick for the sashimi thing is to drag along sushi n00bs who aren't daring enough to try sashimi. Then you get to eat their order... om nom nom. Although truth be told, 50¢ for four extra slices isn't that bad. I've been known to pay extra for more if their sashimi is especially good that day. —wl

2009-04-24 11:33:49   Best restaurant ever. Best thing to do is not eat for a day or two, then go to Jusco and have an eating competition with some friends. You might be really full, but its totally worth it. The food is great, the service is great, and the prices are unbelievable for the amount of fantastic food (if I do say so myself). If you like sushi, this is the place to go. Even if you're not the biggest fan of sushi, they have good hot food on their buffet list. I love this place. I defiantly recommend it to anyone =) —SarahYablon

I am confused and at a loss for words, do you work at Jusco? You said "if I do say so myself", so do you make this food? Also, I definitely defiantly recommend it to anyone also! —ion

2009-08-15 22:18:24   I am 16 and i went to jusco's with a party of 5 other 16 years olds... all i had to do was show my permit and the owner was nice enough to give me a free meal on my birthday :D I have tried other sushi places in davis: mikuni's , fujii boat ,davis sushi buffet, even safeway sushi! but those places are either overpriced for what they have to offer or just plain gross. I always get the spider roll and dragon roll when i am on the go and want lunch, the first time i ordered pick up from them i thought it would be a little bit of sushi so i ordered both rolls, turns out i ended up sharing with like 4 people, they give a lot of sushi when you order the rolls (at least like 25 pieces) and the sauces that go on top of the sushi are excellent. I also love their miso soup. I recommend Jusco's —lajolla4joya

2009-12-15 13:29:50   I went there today and the sushi was not so fresh. One of my co-workers decided they did not want to eat there after trying a piece and left to go to a restaurant next door. I let the waitress know that she didn't like the food, only ate one piece and would be getting lunch elsewhere. The waitress rudely told me that we would be paying for here nonetheless. I tried to ask her why we should pay when she ate only one piece, but she just repeated that we would be paying and stormed off. When we went to leave she was insisting that we pay for the extra person. I again tried to ask why it made sense to pay full price when they only ate one piece of fish. She just kept telling me I had to pay. I asked to speak to the manager. After speaking to him and explaining everything, he agreed and did not charge us. The waitress was visibly upset by this and again stormed away. Talk about bad customer service. We will not be eating here again! —scevec

2009-12-25 03:34:30   I say this a lot, but you really get what you pay for. The sushi here is noticeably cheaper quality than other restaurants, but still tasty and fresh as to be expected with sushi in general. The service was pretty quick so I barely missed sitting at a bar and just snatching things up as I do at Fuji. I ate from the usual weekday lunch menu so while a lot of the rolls seemed a little samey, I quite enjoyed it (and it was definitely a bargain at $11... particularly considering that I'm quite capable of racking up a $60 bill by myself at certain other restaurants). It is a little small, but I actually liked that. It made it a really nice place to have lunch with the bff and chatter away without feeling like I was yelling across a table. No outstanding negatives here. —KBathory

2010-01-08 15:20:08   Jusco's is my favorite place to get the all you can eat sushi, and I think they have amazing service! I love the man who comes to take your order. The free buffet on your birthday is awesome, and I think they have pretty high quality food for good prices. Plus the candy you get with your bill is really tasty, too! Definitely go here for the buffet. —emmaleanne

2010-01-26 12:39:56   I'm a current second year at Davis and a big fan of sushi. Coming from the Bay Area I am used to good quality sushi. Having tried each all you can eat sushi place in Davis, I feel that for it's price Jusco is worth it. For 15$ on weeknights, you are able to get a variety of good sushi that's freshly made. While people say Fuji's is the best, Fuji's is always crowded, noisy, and their sushi sits out on the boats for periods of time. While Jusco does put a limit to the amount of sashimi, Jusco is obviously a roll oriented place. Their rainbow and dragon rolls are mouth watering fireworks that melt in your mouth with each bite. And for the people that say the staff is bad, in all of my experience, Jusco has the best staff. Jusco seems to be family run, with the main servers being either a young asian male or a older asian male. Though the older asian male is hard to understand, the constant smile on his face is reason enough to pick Jusco over other sushi joints. The young asian male is always hospitable, constantly checking up on us to see how the sushi is and if we'd prefer to order more or if we were done. Ontop of this if we ever were unable to finsh the last few sushi rolls, the staff is more ten happy to box up our remaining rolls for us to take home. On top of all of these things, the calamari is awesome. my review is done, and now i will head to Jusco for dinner. no joke! —kretiveham

2010-01-30 15:36:58   I waited twenty minutes until they brought one of my sushi plates. Ridiculous. I proceeded to wait ten more minutes until my next order. Maybe I was irritated because I was hungry and wanted food, but afterwards they began to speed up with my ordered food and I was okay. One of the servers is an old guy who is nice, however I couldn't really understand him. Inexpensive, but good sushi over all. I would come back if I was really hungry/craving sushi. —strawberry

2010-02-16 19:35:26   Being someone who gives second chances, I came back the following week. The nice old man recognized me, even remembering I liked eel sauce with my meal. He also brought a glass and pitcher of water after taking my order. The food came immediately after... within five minutes or so. It was very tasty and I left satisfied. I will come back here again. —strawberry

2010-03-18 10:14:08   Really really bad. The only redeeming thing about Jusco's is that the old man who works there is really nice. I feel like these good reviews are fake because I've been there twice and both times they put this gross sauce on EVERYTHING. It made me feel really sick. I gave it a second chance but that will never happen again. —Simchild

  • What sauce? I've been here quite a few times and the quality is very good for a buffet and not everything came with a sauce. And they do make everything right there, so I am pretty sure you could ask for things to come without sauce. —hankim
  • Strong accusations from a one-off account without a real name on it, used solely to criticize one restaurant... —JoePomidor

2010-03-22 22:00:23   i came here with a friend once, it was DELICIOUS! and the old man was very friendly! I went to fuji's once and i'm not a huge fan of sushi boats nor a lot of mayo, but Jusco's hit the spot. They also have lots of vegetarian options. My friend was vegan and found a ton of things to eat! The fried tofu was AMAZING!!!!! —Vero

2010-04-04 00:22:51   The only negative about this place is the decor. Other than that, they have delicious food that is individually made to order and friendly service. Also, the staff actually being japanese is somewhat of a plus towards authenticity *ahem davis sushi buffet. —kiddmit3

— I agree with Jusco being the best Sushi Buffet in town, however, the staff is definitely Cantonese and not Japanese. —AlvinTsao

  • Haha, true. I honestly think that it's weird when people make comments about the owners or operators of restaurants with respect to the food. I don't need a British person to sell me fish and chips, or an Italian person to serve me pasta. It's very much possible to get quality food that is not made by a person of the same ethnicity as the food. —JoePomidor
  • That doesn't mean the food won't be good, but I think there's just a homely feel about it if it came from a family where that kind of food is a specialty. Oh and i didnt know they were Cantonese. —kiddmit3
    • Oh, I know what you mean. Coming from an American family myself, I often wish I could specialize in more than just battering and deep-frying the hell out of everything. But let's be honest, the art of sushi is just another one of those unfathomable mysteries of the Orient. —ScottMeehleib

2010-04-04 23:13:25   I've eaten here a few times, so it's probably time for a review. The sushi wasn't bad per se - it just wasn't as good as Fuji's or Davis Sushi. I've experienced *very* long waits for sushi here - up to half an hour or more, even when the restaurant wasn't crowded. Jusco is all you can eat, which is good. But they really restrict *what* you can eat. If you are a sashimi fan, you may be disappointed because you can only order a small amount of sashimi (at least without being charged extra above the all you can eat price). You also have to be very careful about what you order, because they will charge you if you leave over rice but eat the fish! So, you have to guess up to half an hour in advance what you will be hungry for. You'll want to order more because it takes so long to get the sushi. But you won't want to order too much because then they'll charge you for having some left over! Of course, if you do go over, you can overstuff yourself on the rice, but that isn't very healthy. :-( On the plus side, they do have quite a variety of sushi here, so you are pretty likely to find something that appeals to you.

Jusco is a bit on the cramped side too. Two small people can fit on the same bench in their booths. Two larger people may have a lot of trouble doing so.

On the IDoNotExist SushiMeter(TM), Jusco rates a 4/10 for the sushi, and a 3/10 for the service and rules. —IDoNotExist

2010-05-28 13:09:40   I LOVE Jusco! They have great tasting Sushi (although I don't have the most discriminating taste palette, it either taste horrible or taste great to me...) and have EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. Very nice, a pleasure to do business with, I think their service is fantastic and leagues above other Davis Sushi joints. When me and my girlfriend have Sushi cravings, we always try our best to go to Jusco because we know they serve great Sushi and they treat their customers right. Again, excellent service!

Thanks Jusco! —joneric

2010-05-30 22:00:46   After dining at each of the four Davis sushi buffets at least twice, my wife and I decided Jusco is our favorite. The quality of the food has always been good. They have the widest variety of rolls—some other places, it seems like 90% have shrimp tempura, which gets old fast. The Jusco staff has been courteous and friendly—other places have made us feel rushed or ignored, or even made us feel like we're imposing by dining there. —BrianNeal

2010-07-07 20:06:08   My friends and I love coming here to stuff ourselves with sushi. All of it's delicious, and the hot food is great too. —Bobalice

2010-07-21 11:30:39   This place is amazing. My friend and I stumbled upon it one random afternoon in Davis, and only went here because it was the only place left open at the time we went (~2:30 pm). We were slightly put off by the decor of the place, but the old man was extremely friendly, even though he can barely speak English. He was extremely hospitable. Obviously the thing to get here is the AYCE, and for lunch, its like $11 + tax, how can you go wrong? For the price, the sushi isn't the greatest I've ever had, but it is definitely not bad at all and better than all of the other sushi places I've gone to in Davis. My friend, who is a sushi fanatic, was extremely surprised by the quality and liked the place alot. We've come back numerous, numerous time since then, sometimes twice in one day, and have been extremely happy with our experiences there. We will continue to go to Jusco as long as they are open.

The only complaint I would have is that it sometimes takes a long time for the orders to come out of the kitchen, since they make it once you order it instead of having it already made on one of those boats. It sucks because you'll have already ordered once, and you'll be hungry for a little more and order as such, but by the time the second order comes out, you're no longer hungry and if you don't eat the sushi, you're charged for it. Otherwise, I have no other complaints about Jusco.

Miso soup is good, as well as the Red Dragon, 69, and 007 Rolls. Fried wontons are good too.

Love this place. —Alkasquawlik

2010-08-16 14:28:26   I've been going to Jusco since I moved here two years ago, and I've consistently gotten good service and tasty food. I like that I can order off the menu rather than having to pick from the sushi boats. The tobiko (roe) with quail egg is great. It took a second to get used to eating raw egg, but it soaks right into the rice and is really delicious. The mackerel sashimi is much fishier tasting than other types of sashimi, so watch out if that's not your thing. —DanaSullivan

2010-09-29 23:38:34   I did not realize I did not already submit a glowing review of this restaurant, so I shall do so now. I eat at Jusco once a week, every week - and I love it. It's my favorite restaurant in Davis. The quality is very good (not quite as high fish quality as say Zen Toro of course - but the price and amount reflect this). The service is great! All the wait(er/resse)s are very friendly. Also, it's usually not all that full - which is great. The price pretty much can't be beat. For $12 (post-tax), you get a sushi buffet. I mean, all the sushi you can eat - for the price of a standard size lunch dish. How AWESOME is that? In fact, it's such a good price that giving them a 25-30% tip is perfectly reasonable (and fair I believe =)

In short: If you haven't eaten at Jusco's yet - do so! You won't regret it. —Oleg.Lokhvitsky

2010-10-04 16:33:08   I went to Jusco for the first time the other night, and I had mixed feelings. The service was really fabulous, and they were kind and patient even though my friend and I came in pretty late. But, I wasn't too thrilled about the quality. The nigiri was average-sized and not as good in quality as some other places around town. The price was steep for what I got. But, I'd like to give Jusco another chance, perhaps for lunch. Overall, great service but average food. —anna.thoma

2010-10-06 12:20:52   There are many vegetarian/vegan options here, and being a vegan myself i really enjoy their variety of non-meat sushi. It is not the highest quality, but the price is well worth the all you can eat sushi :) —aphrodite

2011-03-02 22:13:35   I would rather go to other sushi buffets. First of all the salmon was not fresh. It was mushy and warm and tasted funky. Tobiko was good and red dragon was good though. I went there little past 9 thinking we would have a lot of time to eat since they close at 10 but they said they stop taking orders at 9:30 and they started running the VACUUM at 9:45 when we were still eating. this was not a very good experience for me and i wouldn't be returning here anymore. The server kept speaking in chinese which i did not understand at all but he was nice. —littlemissbug

2011-04-22 18:13:30   I went here for lunch with my boyfriend. I don't like seafood or sushi, he sorta dragged me here. I liked all the non-seafood items they had, though service was really slow. Also, they didn't have teryaki chicken but didn't tell me, so we sat around for a long time waiting for it to come out. I would have ordered more food in its stead had I been told they were out, but they didn't and I was tired of waiting just to have one or two more plates, so we ended up leaving. —AndrewJacobs

2011-08-03 18:37:56   I guess this place is closed for remodeling now, but I feel like I have to express my gratitude to the older male waiter who served me on my birthday some months ago..better late than never i guess :p I came in for the free birthday buffet with 4 other people, and when more of my friends showed up a bit later, and then again later (there ended up being 10 of us or so), he happily pulled up more chairs and another table so we could all sit. It sounds lame but I humbled at this waiter's amazing service and care for the customer. he was always smiling when he came around to wait on us. The food came out quickly and we were all very satisfied! I hope they open again soon because the free birthday buffet is an excellent idea. —AboveTheClouds

2011-08-05 10:24:05   Not a review. Just history: This and the place next door (Katmandu) used to be a Round Table Pizza. They had the big round table (of course), video games, great place for kids. At that time, it was bigger than Steve's, so it was easier to do a birthday (or other) party at Round Table. —OldDavis73

2011-08-15 20:25:48   OldDavis73, actually just Katmandu was the Round Table. Jusco was the back of the old G Street Pub, which closed the back (the best part of the old pub) and rented it out to Jusco. —AlanMiller

2011-08-25 12:45:18   Never had any complaints about the sushi or the service. I didn't expect top-quality cuts of fish for $10 or $11, and the older gentleman server is among the nicest people on the planet. I sincerely hope the place reopens someday...and if they charged an extra buck or two, they'd _still_ be cheaper than Fuji. —ChrisVincenti

2011-09-08 12:19:27   I talked to Calvin the head of Jusco last night. They are remodeling, have completely wiped down the surfaces and painted, added some mirrors, reupholstered the seats (needed it!), and the door to G Street Pub was moved down to the far end of the wall more out of the way of customers as well the wall is now much thicker which should reduce the noise from the pub. The main sticking point is the shared kitchen, as Jusco is waiting for the new diswasher for the pub to be installed. Calvin doesn't know the exact reopening date, but my best guess is towards the end of September. —AlanMiller

2011-09-09 17:58:45   Oddly, the Davis Enterprise reported on September 9th that Jusco had reopened. When I was there on September 7th, they sure didn't look or talk like they would be open in one day, more like a week or three. Tried calling at 6pm with no answer. I wonder why the Enterprise reported this, they couldn't look across the street and see if the open sign was on? —AlanMiller

2011-09-10 11:40:00   The place and food don't look very appealing. You get what you paid for. They also make you eat up all your food before you can order more. When you order for more food, it tends to take them much longer to prepare. —kkha91

2011-09-20 11:39:00   My favorite sushi place! Food is great, price is slightly lower than other Davis sushi buffets. Sometimes the service can be a little slow but that's ok cause it gives you time to digest so you can eat more! —Brian.Tangney

2011-09-29 17:07:51   I personally think they are the best sushi buffet in Davis and for that price no one can beat it. They have been remolding for over a month and half and I think that is a little ridiculous. I've seen restaurants that are ten times bigger then Juscos get flipped over night. They must own the building because if they didn't I'm sure they would be going out of business. I wish they didnt take their sweet time on remodeling because honestly I've tried every other sushi place located in downtown Davis and elsewhere and they don't even come close. The only con about this place is if you plan on talking while your digesting your food they'll stop helping you and stop picking up your orders. Its like they're saying "you ate enough for the price now get out." You constantly have to wave your menu in the air. —KelseyCondor

2011-09-30 15:32:05   Honestly, if you read a review of this place from a person that felt pressured by the staff in some reason, it is probably because the reviewer has some sort of social disorder where they perceive even the smallest bit of pressure as a slap in the face. The staff as Jusco are some of the nicest in Davis, and the "old man" is always a friendly smile and good service.

Yes, they take a long time to get food out. That is because they make EVERYTHING fresh. And they are a small place, they have to make things in batches, and that takes time.

The remodeling is taking a while because they are being remodeled along with Wunderbar, which has completely gutted the place. Jusco legally cannot open until Wunderbar has met certain conditions, like a working bathroom, fire inspections, etc...

Jusco Sushi is the best in town, and the Hurricane Roll they offer on the weekend nights is absolutely the best roll I have ever eaten. —FergusonMitchell

2011-10-27 20:10:17   Actually dinner weeknights is 15.75 not 15.49 after they reopened...still really really amazing!!! —rosepetal140

2011-10-31 21:26:38   Ate here with boyfriend and his friends who love the place. Sadly I discovered that they are definitely using oilfish and/or escolar fish in their sushi rather than what the menu says they use. I had some uh, unpleasantness, caused only by these specific varieties of fish. You might enjoy the food, it's definitely cheap and tasty to lots of people, but now I am convinced they are so cheap because they aren't using what they advertise. —OliviaY

Aack. Apparently those things are nick named ex-lax fish in the biz. —TomGarberson

2012-05-24 15:03:18   I really want to like this place. I have returned several times hoping that the last time had just been a fluke. The variety is great, compared to the other buffets in town. But over the past few months, it's been consistently bad. I can't shake the feeling that they are trying to be cheap. Little things like a Philly roll that is advertised as Salmon and cream cheese, but shows up with a giant piece of cucumber in it. A lot of the rolls have this sort of filler. Okay, I can deal with that, considering that the price for all you can eat is pretty unbeatable. But what irks me is that they tend forget to make some of the rolls that I order. I try to just order all my rolls at the very beginning, and then I end up not getting many of them. I feel like they look at my order card and assume that I won't eat it all, and to minimize waste, decide not to make some of the rolls. If I try to spread my order out, it becomes increasingly difficult to have my order card picked up. It's like they're gauging how full you should be. It's not like I eat my only meal of the day here! I eat a normal sized meal! lol

Unless you get the older gentleman as your waiter (he's so so sweet!) you will have very cold, unwelcoming service. I won't be going back. —MichellePalmer

2012-07-19 11:12:32   My favorite sushi place!

Cons: Some of the waitstaff don't speak great English, but the majority of them are fluent. You can only order one sashimi per person, additional orders are 50 cents. Nigiri is still all you can eat, though. Seating can be limited (they're a rather small place). Different menu for lunch vs dinner and weekday vs weekend as well. Decor is a little funky, but I kind of like it.

Pros: Good food! Try the calamari, it's delicious. Jusco's has a great variety of food. Sashimi seems higher quality than some other places. Also, while the menu doesn't state this, you can order green tea ice cream and hand rolls. Just let waiters know. All food is made fresh, opposed to sitting on sushi boats for a while. They can order you liquor from the bar next door, as well. I also have never had a real issue with their service - they used to miss some orders sometimes when it got busy, but I haven't ran into this problem since they reopened after renovations. Lots of new staff around, so I hope they remedied this issue. They were always apologetic and made sure to make me happy, though. Also, the younger gentlemen (I think he may be the owner?) is a great guy and always remembers us. He's offered us special off menu items and is always very accommodating. Overall I think their service is great. Prices are fair.

I love the place. :) —Adalwolf

2013-01-11 19:28:56   Love this place. They don't always get my order right, but whatever they do bring, i can't complain. it's always delicious! —Vero

2013-02-10 18:18:15   We went there with our toddler daughter on my birthday on Monday early this year. It is definitely one of my most happiest birthday suppers. Both the food and service are very good. I really enjoyed their delicious food. Sushi is fresh. Before my daughter did not like eating sushi. That was first time my daughter ate lot of sushi and hot food there. My wife enjoyed eating the hot food. I suggest they use fresher pork to make their wonton soup. The manager were so nice treating us with green tea ice cream at the end. We did not get the overwhelming feeling of eating at buffet after our dinner. That is my favorite restaurant in town. We will go back to enjoy their wonderful food and service. Great Job, Jusco Sushi! —kbt

2013-02-10 19:48:06   I don't review places in Davis very often. But I've been going to Jusco for over 4 years now and am confident in saying it's the best Sushi Buffet in Davis. Not only is the price better than its competitors, but the variety is vastly superior as well. No, there are no boats that float around (which should be a plus... you have no idea how long that stuff has been floating there or how many times its been sneezed on). The ordering system here is incredibly efficient. The service is fast and friendly. The food tastes great. And the cooked food variety is superior to competitors. *Note: The lunch buffet has a shorter menu (for sushi and cooked food) than dinner. —RyanMeyerhoff

2014-07-19 16:59:20   The best AYCE (All You Can Eat) Sushi in Davis. It has a really nice price to go with the all you can eat nigiri and sushi. Probably has the best tasting salmon nigiri I've had in Davis and Sacramento. Definitely the only AYCE suchi worth getting in Davis for its quality and selection. Davis sushi and Fuji's doesn't even compare. They have a nice selection of rolls and hot foods. They offer nice hot foods such as calamari and some chicken kebab, cheese wontons, etc...

Setting: The booths are really old, cracking, and cramped. Leaning back on one booth with lean into people on the other side.

However, the biggest problem with Jusco's is the service. Rolls take a LONG time to come out after putting in your order. This is the only thing stopping me from coming here every time I want to eat sushi. The wait can be so terribly long, and I've been in some awkward times for lack of things to talk about while waiting for the sushi.

If you have the patience or bring cards or know how to keep people entertained, I would definitely recommend Jusco's. —DanTran

2016-05-05 18:36:16   My favorite sushi in Davis. There are a few others that are better, but much more expensive. I love that it is all you can eat, but made to order...sushi boats are gross!! They also have bomb garlic jalapeno calamari. I'm not sure its the best quality but it is really tasty...can't get enough of it. —JuliaErsan