See also: Juvenile Justice System

Upon delivery to the probation officer of a minor who has been taken into temporary custody, if the probation officer believes that 24-hour secure detention is not necessary to protect the minor or the community, the juvenile can be released to their parent or guardian on home supervision pending court disposition of their cases, as an alternate to being held in juvenile hall.

A deputy probation officer specifically assigned to this program can supervise up to 15 minors on home supervision when electronic monitoring is used. The duties of the deputy probation officer are to “assure the minor's appearance at probation officer interviews and court hearings and to assure that the minor obeys the conditions of his or her release and commits no public offenses pending final disposition of his or her case.” (ref. W&I Code Sections 840-841)

A minor on Yolo County Probation home supervision shall be entitled to the same legal protections as a minor in secure detention, including a detention hearing in juvenile court.

Yolo County Probation - Juvenile Home Supervision Program

  • Daily contact with deputy probation officer
  • Home visits by deputy probation officer 3 times per week
  • Electronic monitoring (24 hours per day, 7 days per week)