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One of our former local radio stations, KHWD is now called Jack with call letters KQJK.

Commonly called Howard, after their primary feature, being the Sacramento home for Howard Stern. Which they ran live starting at 3 am and then reair immediately afterwards until 10 am.

Their playlist was a combination of modern and classic Alternative rock. Very Similar to KWOD although Howard had been playing this format for at least a year before them.

On Jan. 1, 2006, Howard Sten is jumped to Sirius Satellite Radio. As a result, 93.7 was changed to the Jack FM radio format on October 25, 2005. Its new call letters are KQJK. source


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2005-09-27 19:35:53   This station bills itself as "The Real Alternative" despite the presence of KDVS just down the freeway, kind of like an ad for Coors beer (-flavored water) referring to its "cool, refreshing difference" when anybody who appreciates beer knows that it's the beer for people who don't appreciate beer. If you want to hear the same few dozen songs played over and over, including a nauseating dose of Green Day, listen to KHWD. If you want to hear a real alternative, stick to KDVS and KDRT. —KenjiYamada